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By: Evin Davis

How to Become a Paperless Company with Odoo

In recent years the pollution levels of the globe have risen up to catastrophic levels mainly due to the environmental degradation, overburdening of resources, high emission levels, deforestation, and many more aspects which are caused by humans. Functioning in this manner would be the end of the world like described in movies that we are meant to leave the planet looking for an alternate world with promising potentials of survivability rather than saving it.

It's not the burden of every citizen of the world to care for nature but should be the duty of them to preserve it from contamination and pollution. It is the small beginnings in your life which can add up to the collective change in the society as mentioned by various philosophers with long and credential names. As a matter of fact, the saying is true as the change in everyday life can bring out the largest changes in the environment that you live in. Practicing judicious use of resources, using public transport, practicing walking and cycling for shorter distances. AS mentioned these small aspects can help you to reduce the carbon footprint caused by you in the world.

Now back to the topic, the advancements and development of computers have provided us with various advantages for our day to day life one among them is the fact that you could go paperless in your company operation and personal life. Odoo is one of the best enterprise and resource planning software available in the market which can automate the management operations of your company. As Odoo software helps the users to manage the entire operations of the company from a single platform its mentioned as the one-stop solution for business needs. Considering the last aspect in mind let me describe one of the major advantages of the Odoo platform. It's the ability to operate paperless in your company, as Odoo is controlling all the aspects of the business the paperless methodology can be implemented with ease throughout the company.

This blog will elucidate how the Odoo platform will help the companies to go paperless and bring out a paperless environment.

Documents Module of the Odoo platform

The documentation application in Odoo enables the users to save all the data and documents related to the various aspects of business operation. The application is one of the most effective paperless operations which a company can operate on in the same ways they were working with the hard copy functionality. The platform allows the users to save the various documents such as invoices, sales orders, purchases ores, quotations, license certificates, policies, payslip, etc. in the module which can be much more helpful in the company operation. In addition, the documents of various departments can be organized and stored in a single database which is reliable and efficient on the security protocols established as the Odoo platform provides security login for an employee and user. Down below is the home screen window of the documents module where the user can create and define various business as well as operational documents in the platform. There are advanced filtering and grouping functions available by default and customizable as per the user needs.


Sigh Module of the Odoo platform

In a company another aspect of the important operation is the signature functionality, for this, the documents are being made in hard copy to be signed by the respective executive, manager, or investor. Documents using the sign mode are sent to the respective officers who can use the electronic signature terminology. This would eradicate the use of hardcopy in the company office. The signature can be drawn or can be electronically generated.

In need of further information on the sign module and how it helps in the documentation approvals read the following blog: Sign Module in Odoo 13

Accounting module in Odoo

The invoice generation functionality in the Odoo platform allows the users to send out the invoices via customer emails. The function also provides the option to generate a print out of the invoices at desperate times. In addition, the accounting module provides the provision to the users to send out the sales and purchase quotations on various products electronically via email. Considering a business this option is much more helpful on going paperless since quotations on sales and purchase aresend out in larger numbers.

In need of further information on the accounting documents application in the accounting, module read the following blog: Accounting Documents in Odoo 13

The Odoo software is an apt solution to run your business and as an added advantage to your concern on the destruction of serenity and pollution of the environment the platform can provide you with a paperless operational methodology.

Do you want your company to function paperless? Migrate to Odoo with us, Interested in Odoo Implementation for your company, drop your message to info@cybrosys.com

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