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By: Aswani

How to config Fiscal positions in POS Odoo10?

Odoo 10 Pos

Business operations will always involve people from different locations, where they will be dealing with different tax structure and different currency. So managing such diverse customers is a mandatory feature for any ERP.  The 'Fiscal Position' is a handy option in Odoo which can map taxes of different types and simplify the complexity of dealing with different types of tax structures and currencies.  In this blog, I will be explaining about configuring and utilizing fiscal position in Odoo POS.  

Odoo user can create fiscal positions from 
Accounting ->Configurations ->Fiscal positions


In Odoo, the default tax of a product/service is set on the product form as customer taxes/vendor taxes.


But, some customers may have specific tax rates because of their status (In some countries, construction companies are VAT exempt) or their location (customers in a different country, state and/or city may be subjected to another tax rate). In order to select the right tax to apply according to the customer or product, Odoo uses the concept of fiscal positions. If a customer has a specific fiscal position, the default tax may be replaced by another one. The fiscal position can be configured in the Accounting tab of customer form.


for more details about fiscal position its usages and configuration.
Now let us see how to use fiscal positions in Odoo POS.
In Odoo POS session configuration there are some fields related to fiscal positions. 
   1. Fiscal positions- Add fiscal positions used for that session
   2. Default fiscal position- Default fiscal position for that POS session

If the fiscal position is configured in POS, we can see an extra button 'Taxes' in POS.


If we set a default fiscal position then the system will take the default fiscal position values. for example,  if we choose ‘Belgium’ as the default fiscal position.

The taxes button will be like bellow.


On clicking the Taxes button, a popup containing the list of fiscal positions added for that pos will be displayed. We can select fiscal positions from the list or select ‘None’ if tax mapping is not needed.


The button name will be changed according to the fiscal position we select. 


So now let's see how the tax rate will change according to the fiscal position. 
Customer taxes for the product ‘granny smith apples’ is 15 %, But Belgium has a tax mapping 15% -> 10%.
See the below figures which depict the difference.


Normal tax - @ 15%


When the fiscal position is changed to Belgium. Tax is @10%.
Hope you have got the concept. Stay updated with our blogs for more about Odoo.

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