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By: Cirin C Baby

How to Create Maintenance Team Using Odoo 14?

Functional Odoo 14

A maintenance team is a group of employees who work in close coordination to carry out different maintenance work. They may be entrusted to provide different types of maintenance work based on the nature of their employment. In an office, the maintenance team may be responsible to carry out corrective and preventive maintenance to computer systems and other equipment.

Why is maintenance team management important?

Maintenance team management becomes crucial as maintenance can help to improve the productivity of the business. It can improve the efficiency of the machines as well as reduce the operational cost. It can help you to address different issues related to the malfunctioning of machines. Proper and timely maintenance can protect the machines from permanent damages.

How to improve the productivity of the maintenance team?

> Make team members accountable

> Entrust different responsibilities to different persons

> Maintain organizational hierarchy and roles

> Systematic monitoring of operations

> Management of maintenance calendar

How does the Odoo Maintenance Module help to manage maintenance teams?

Odoo's Maintenance module can be integrated easily with other Odoo Modules. This helps the users to connect maintenance operations for manufacturing, fleet management, repair management, and all other areas of operation assigning the special tasks to the maintenance team.

Odoo Maintenance Module has different features including 

> Maintenance team management

> Equipment management

> Work center management

> Machines and tools management

> Maintenance request generation 

> Equipment category management

All these operations depend on the formation and management of maintenance teams,

In this blog, we can check how to create a maintenance team using Odoo 14 and how to manage the operations of maintenance team.

Making use of Odoo 14 we can create a maintenance team. Suppose Cybrosys Technologies wants to create a maintenance team. For this we have to install the Odoo maintenance module first.


Here, we have installed the maintenance module. We have to enter the dashboard and go to configuration to carry out the remaining procedures. 


Here, on the top, we can see the Configuration menu. Click on it and you will get to options, maintenance teams and equipment categories.


Now we can choose the Maintenance Team. 


Here we can see the window that was opened on clicking Maintenance Team.

Look at the above-given image and we can find a CREATE button. IT is the option that we have to form a new maintenance team. To create a new team we can click on the CREATE button.


We will then get a page as given above. At the new line we can add the name of the team and select the team members. 


By completing this process we have completed the team formation task. But our work does not end here. To assign tasks to different team members we have to configure equipment also. 

This can be done with ease by going to Configuration Menu

Click on Equipment categories to get the below-given page.


In the above-given image, we can find the details of the equipment and the persons or maintenance team members who are responsible to handle each piece of equipment.

Now, let us check how to create an equipment category or assign a task to a team member. 

For this use the CREATE button


In the above window, we can find that Cybrosys Technologies has entrusted Laurie Poiret to manage the internal backup system.

If you want to add equipment to the category, click on the equipment icon on the top.


This will help you to see a new window.


The CREATE button here can be used to create new equipment


When we get the window as given above we can add details like the equipment name and the maintenance team. 

The name of the equipment, equipment category, the employee or department using the equipment, and the maintenance team details can be added here. The location or the work center details also can be included to track the equipment and its maintenance activities. 


Technician means the person who is responsible to take care of the equipment.

Used in location is the place where the equipment is used.

We can also add a work center to indicate the Work Center where the machine is used. 

Here we can find two tabs as well. They are the Product Information Tab and Maintenance Tab.

What is the Product information tab?

This is the tab where the user can provide details related to the equipment.


Here we can see that the product or equipment has been purchased from Amanda Marti. The effective date is February 16, 2021, and the warranty expiration date of the product is January 24, 2023.

We can also provide a product model and serial number under the tab.

What is the Maintenance tab?

This is the place where we can provide all information related to maintenance operations of the particular equipment


Let us see what these mean.

Preventive Maintenance Frequency options help us to set the frequency, that the regularity of preventive maintenance activity. It will be given in a number of days.

The next Preventive Maintenance option can support us to set the date for the next preventive maintenance action. This date will be automatically set. This will be done based on the preventive maintenance frequency. 

Another tab Maintenance duration gives us the duration of maintenance

Now let us see what Expected Mean Time Between Failure is? It can be termed as the average time between failures. IT will be given in days.

In the same way, Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF) Can be described as the period calculated based on the corrective maintenance done already.

Another tab Estimated Next Failure means Latest Failure Date+ MTBF.

Now we can check Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). It is the average time spent between maintenance and repair. This time also will be given in days. For example, the work started on February 16 and completed on February 17 the MTTR can be calculated as 1 day.

This way we can create and manage an efficient maintenance team and maintenance network for an organization. It will ensure the productivity of the equipment and increased life of machines. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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