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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Vitality of Marketing Automation with Odoo

Functional Marketing

Marketing the vital aspects in the context of running a business establishment. Today as the competition in the markets is higher as new establishments are being set up offering the same products and services, they are driving to providing excellent offers, discounts, and the best in class service to keep up. However, there may be similarities in which each and every establishment can be performing. On the contrary, the unique aspect that will make your establishment stand out is the marketing and its reach to the customers. Therefore the need for sophisticated and advanced tools for the marketing operations of the company is vital. 
Today there are various solutions offering automation strategies of functioning to run their promotional aspects. However, a majority of them lack the capabilities and tools to configure the functioning to perform on all levels. Where the Odoo ERP comes into account, one of the new generation and advanced Enterprise and resource planning software solutions Odoo is capable of running automated marketing with ease. Moreover, the user-friendly software is well supported to run in a single platform and has a centralized approach to business management. Today Odoo has been the part and parcel of more than 5 million users and its establishments all across the world.
One of the key aspects of Odoo is the modular approach to operations providing its uses with designated modules for the management of respective aspects in the company. Moreover, the Odoo platform has a designated marketing automation application that you can avail of in the basic version of the platform without any configurations and add-on requirements. In addition, the module is configured to be integrated with other modules of operations in the platform making you have full control in operations based on all aspects of the business.
This blog will provide an insight into the importance of Odoo for marketing automation in your enterprise.
Odoo can be your answer to the marketing automation in your company. Many of the business analysts agree to the fact that marketing automation is the key to successful Customer relationship management operations of the company, therefore the vitality of it cannot be overruled. In this new digitalized era of marketing, you need advanced and updated tools to function within Odoo and will be further developed in the coming years and versions of the platform. Moreover, the latest Odoo version is fully advanced and packed with abundant features of functioning providing you with faster performance and reliability to operations.
Here are the certain aspects of Odoo marketing automation which proves its vitality in a business:
Integration with CRM
The Odoo platform has a modular approach as mentioned earlier therefore, it has designated application-specific modules of operation best suitable for a business environment. Furthermore, Odoo has designated a CRM module to be integrated with all the marketing and lead generation operations of the platform. Moreover, the marketing functionalities res directly interlinked with the Odoo CRM so that the potential customer can be turned to reliable ones.
Email Marketing
E-mails have been one of the vital tools of communication in today's context and ist has revolutionized the passage of information and content with ease and almost free of charge. Nowadays Email has been used to generate various marketing campaigns which can be initiated in Odoo too and can be effectively managed and monitored.
Customizable landing page
Your company will have numerous products and services to offer, which Odoo recognizes and allows you to customize and configure the landing pages of the operations. Moreover, the respective page which a visitor of the website can be set based on the campaign form to which they are redirected to. Moreover, with the help of the odoo website builder, the webpages of operation for the respective marketing campaign can also be configured.
Social media marketing
Today the world revolves around the social media and the contents which are published in it, Moreover with the expertise tools and skill the social media platforms can be well utilized to be one of the best marketing areas of the company. Odoo allows the users to configure various social media operations to the platform and run the marketing campaigns and promotional programs in it.
Now you might have got an idea of why the Odoo marketing automation tool is vital for your business. Therefore, let's now move on to understanding certain key aspects of Odoo marketing automation in the next section. 
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Key aspects of Odoo Marketing Automation

Odoo will provide you with complete marketing automation tools for the functioning of it in your company. Here are certain key aspects of Odoo marketing automation:
Create & Run Campaigns
You can create and run the campaigns all from the platform. Moreover, email marketing, as well as social media and other promotional platforms in operations, can be integrated and be made operational from the single module of operation in Odoo as ist integrated with all others.
Generate leads & Nurture leads
As mentioned earlier the marketing automation model is integrated with CRM operations of the platform therefore, you can send out marketing emails and generate new leads based on the email responses.
Identify potential leads
As the leads are being generated you can follow its ups and nurture it to be a potential customer or business opportunity. Various follow-ups activities and tools are available in Odoo CRM making you pursue any leads to be enriched and made to a reliable customer.
Evaluate campaigns
Reporting and analysis are vital in the case of marketing operations. The Odoo platform allows you to create various analytical as well as quantitative reports on the various marketing campaigns in operations, to evaluate them.

There are some of the key aspects of Odoo marketing automation. 
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