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By: Sree

Importance of SMS Marketing in Odoo 14

Odoo 14 Marketing

The success in introducing innovative and communicative marketing techniques decides the growth of any business. Online marketing is an ever evolving marketing area with new tools and strategies being introduced every year. But with the emergence of new technologies and tools, some of us are more likely to forget some very useful and user-friendly tools. SMS marketing is a tool that has been overpowered by the latest tools. But SMS marketing is one of the most effective SMS marketing tools that can be used in an efficient manner.


SMS marketing is one of the low cost method for campaign and publicity. The cost is less and the effect is more for SMS Marketing. 

Odoo 14 SMS marketing tool is a comprehensive marketing application that can be integrated easily with the contact list.

A business can contact their clients anytime round the year with the cost effective communication tool. The customer can be negotiated inconsiderate of the location. 

As per the figures 95 percent of short messages are read by a mobile phone user within 10 minutes. Besides, more than 98 per cent of the receivers open the SMS messages compared to 20 percent average of email marketing.


SMS helps the user to give a personalized experience to the customer. The target audience can be set with the help of SMS.

The user can also insert external links. This will help the user to add additional information. 

The user can use SMS for last-minute promotions and offers. This can be used to alert the user about offers and promotions and the deadline of the offers. 

SMS Marketing is more economic. It reduces the costs of product marketing or service marketing.


Helps to improve customer loyalty through frequent communication

Helps to increase ROI of other marketing investments

The response rate is high for SMS marketing. Besides, Odoo provides a dashboard that helps the user to get an idea about the number of persons who received the SMS, people who opened it, and other details.


The Odoo SMS module

The SMS module of Odoo 14 is one of the most advanced SMS marketing applications. It helps the user to identify the best strategy for the marketing of a product. The user will only have to prepare the campaigns and schedule them. Then ODoo will help you to take care of all other stages of the marketing activity.


How does it work?

A user can easily create SMS marketing campaigns with the help of Odoo 14 SMS module. A user can import contact from a CSV or Excel document. The user can then segment the subscribers by adding them contact lists. 

The user can also schedule the campaign by setting date and time. Once the campaign is scheduled, the message will be delivered automatically to the receiver. Do you want to ensure that the message is delivered at the right time? Then SMS is the best option. Test message feature also supports this marketing tool




As discussed above, one of the most important advantages of SMS Marketing is its measurability


Odoo 14 SMS module can:

Track the number of undelivered SMS and receive notifications on why the messages failed.


Want to get real-time reports on how your marketing campaign performs? Odoo is here to provide you with delivery rate, click-through rate, and bounce rate. 

Get comprehensive tracker support in the form of a link tracker.


Odoo SMS can be integrated with CRM ERP. This helps to find opportunities. Analyzing the conversion rate also becomes simple. It can also prepare an analysis of the expected income and the income generated following a marketing campaign


Odoo SMS module and its Advantages 


Let us take a look at the benefits of the Odoo 14 SMS module

Easy to grasp messages in minimum words. Scope to insert links helps to provide maximum info in minimum words.


Link trackers help you get quick access to click-through rates 

It also supports the revenue generated from the campaign.


The list target audience for different campaigns. You can make the selection by reviewing the previous orders. The details of abandoned carts can also be taken into account. Besides, it also helps to list subscribers along with event attendees.


Need more insight into the Odoo 14 SMS module? We are here to help you.

You can refer to our previously published blog on how to Send SMS from Odoo Application to Mobile Number

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


Ravi Singh

Odoo 14 looks a great thing to start a campaign of SMS. Thankyou for helping to understand this software.




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