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By: Manu menonn

Lead Generation and Management in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14 CRM

Customer relations is probably one of the major functions of a business firm. Maintaining a proper and efficient management system for customers will lead to rapid business growth. But this is not an easy procedure, at least in its traditional sense. With the introduction of the CRM application, it is now easy for firms to manage customer relations. Most of the modern business firms are run by advanced ERP systems and most of them are equipped with CRM applications but other than this there are dedicated CRM software available, but not as reliable as the ERPs. Odoo is equipped with an advanced CRM application and is integrated with the other applications of the Odoo for providing more efficiency.

This blog will give you a short insight into ‘Leads’ in CRM

Odoo CRM is an efficient management tool that offers an easy working environment for you. With this advanced system effective and efficient customer care is not a rare steak anymore. With advanced features of the CRM application, generating and maintaining leads till the final stage is extremely easy. Customer management is more efficient with Odoo’s CRM and will actually give a sense of professionalism to the customers.

Leads and CRM in Odoo

Leads can be considered as potential customers who have an interest in your business. Leads are generated in many ways; through advertisements, through public shows, websites, and many more ways and anyone who is interested in your product or service will contact you by the contact details you have given in the advertisement and one of the most commonly noted way is contacting the company directly through emailing, calling or a website visit and any contact form the public is considered as a possible lead and any message sent to a specific mail address of the company is considered as a possible lead by the CRM system automatically.

One of the efficient ways to preserve a lead is to provide contact details on the website of the company. It is easy to have direct contact with the company for the customers and also increase the chances of the customer sticking on with the decision of buying the company's product or services. And with this approach, the leads actually provide some of their contact details and you can use this for even more communication with the leads so that the salesperson can convert them into customers in the near future itself. Another effective way for the customers to reach you is through live chat. Live chats are fast and highly responsive at the same time the company can contact the customer directly and more efficiently and also gives the space to the companies to talk about their services in depth.  Real-time communication through chats generates more chances for the leads to become possible customers as immediate answers to the customer questions can be provided. This is an advanced marketing tool that lets you and your company motivate the leads to contact again.

So let's check how you can achieve all of this from your Odoo CRM application.

The CRM application in Odoo is equipped and filled with useful tools to increase the efficiency of your company. One Of the major and the most advanced features in the CRM of Odoo is that you can set a mail address in product advertisement for the possible leads to contact and the message received in that ID will be sent to Odoo CRM and the application immediately considers them as leads. This allows the sales team to save time and focus on improving the leads. This is possible because of the highly integrated nature of Odoo applications. Follow the images shown below to access this feature in Odoo CRM.


For this, the first thing that you have to do is open the configuration tab and select Sales teams from the drop-down options. This option allows you to access your sales teams around the world and then the email address provided will act as the mail for the CRM of your Odoo system. The Website of your company will automatically update your mail ID at the contact section of your website. So anyone who tries to contact you through this mail will be reviewed by Odoo CRM and will be considered as lead and you will be immediately notified of the lead. And you can add the same Email address to your social media page and if someone accesses or contacts you Odoo CRM application will automatically consider them as leads too.

This advanced and efficient system of Odoo CRM allows you to have much more chances of creating effective leads but at the same time, it gives a sense to the customers about your professionalism which will force them to stick on with your product and thereby creating a possible opportunity from a single lead. This feature also allows the sales team to have effective contact with the leads and with constantly improved and improvised information keeping the leads attached to a product, will help you get successful in generating an actual opportunity. And as the Odoo applications are highly integrated with each other all of the procedures regarding customer management can be done easily through the CRM itself including the sales and other aspects of the business-customer relationship and communications. With the Filter, you can categorize the leads in any way you want and will totally depend on your convenience.

The features of CRM in Odoo are basically advanced tools that can help you follow up on your leads efficiently, effectively, and fast. The features like direct chat or live chat allow the customers and salesperson to have direct contact. The salesperson at this space can clarify the doubts and queries of the leads and has total control over the process. You can easily verify the result and the up-to-date information of the customer relations from your dashboard itself. It is an effective and highly advanced management system that can help you preserve and nurture important customer relations.

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