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By: Sumaiba

What Is the Significance of Odoo 14 Email Marketing Module

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Email is a highly sophisticated method of communication that is meant for the distribution of electronic mails or messages from one device to another with the help of an electronic device using the email address of the recipient.  As long as you have an internet connection, email marketing is not a problem for you. Email marketing is a highly recommended and acceptable medium for sending and receiving lengthier and richer messages. The email platform consists of images and attachments along with the messages. These emails work enormously for great, long, and in-depth customer interaction. Moreover, it is a reliable method of communication. It is a more secure mode of communication than texting and other forms of communication.

Email can be mainly used for professional communications. Some specific messages of business must need the assistance of emails rather than text messages or phone calls or social media. Especially, the appointment orders or important business mails are best delivered through the email platform.

Emails and Email marketing is the suitable platform for quality communication with current and prospective customers. It will give the insight to nourish the client-business relationships. Also, this medium can be used to nurture leads and build more business situations.

This blog will give you an insight into the importance of Odoo Email Marketing application for business organizations.

Odoo Email marketing is considered one of the top digital marketing tools available for managing business communications. This cost-effective strategy can make an immense impact on your business. This application helps you to run and generate mailings and will assist you to handle them efficiently.  Moreover, this application can be commonly suitable for any type of business. Creating and managing emails, and sending them to the mass audience is a tough task and it will take a huge amount of time and effort of your staff authorities. By implementing the Odoo email marketing tool for managing your organization’s mailings is a good decision for making the process easier. Odoo provides you the advanced features and tools such as Mailing campaigns, Email server, Blacklist option, Link Tracker, and many more functionalities that make the Odoo email marketing unique and endearing.

The user-friendly Odoo Email Marketing module allows the users to have a direct view of the success rate of sent emails just by entering into the email marketing dashboard. You can access the window in various formats such as Kanban view, List view, and Graph view. The image of the dashboard window in Kanban view is depicted in the below screenshot.


Odoo email marketing application can act as a powerful marketing tool and using this platform you can conduct direct marketing. It is very essential to send emails on time for any purpose whether it is for the promotion of products, or services regarding email, any official mail.  The highly integrating capability of the module will allow you to integrate the operations of the module with the Marketing Automation application. This functionality will help you to send updated messages instantly The scheduled and up-to-date emails will help you to make your customers updated on your latest items, new brands, offers, and discounts with the assistance of Marketing automation. The Email Marketing automation in Odoo provides the provision to you to get the precise and real-time measures on each message sent.

The Odoo Email Marketing module gives you the insight to track the performance of mailing campaigns. This will be a very supportive feature for improving conversation rates.

When the use of emails grew to the marketing level, it became a more influencing and effective route of communication for not only the official business usings but also for conveying offers and promotional campaigns to the customers.

Odoo Email marketing can bring a high Return On Investment (ROI) for your business. Return On Investment is considered as a measure that can be used to check the effectiveness of an investment. The email marketing ROI is considered as 4200% which means $42 earned for every $1 spent. This measure shows that the significance of Email Marketing is not going down even in the twenty-first century. So as a business entrepreneur, it is very crucial to implement an effective Email marketing module like Odoo for your business empowerment.

Odoo Email Marketing is the highly recommended communication tool that will help you to keep in touch with your customers by regularly sending out emails regarding your products, services, and even personal messages to influence them. If you gain the confidence of your customers, they will be interested to visit your website and make a good deal with your business.

With the devastating impact of the technologies, we are able to receive emails within seconds and this can make unpredictable changes and profits for your business. Moreover, Email marketing is a cost-effective communication tool and marketing strategy. You can send a large number of emails to your mailing list.

At the advanced level of an email marketing application, Odoo assures you complete assistance for scheduling, creating, coordinating, analyzing, and evaluating all the Email marketing activities of your organization.  Moreover, the application may allow you to view the status of the emails that you sent to your customers. The default and customizable searching and customizable options will make the Odoo more user-friendly and convenient platform. You can go through the following blog for further reference: Email marketing & Campaigns in Odoo

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