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By: Lijin AJ

Managing the Cost of Odoo ERP During the Stagflation Earlier in 2023

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With the arousal of inflation, in each business sector, an economic downturn is getting happening. With the emergence of the high prices of all commodities fuel to fertilizers, all individuals are moving tediously. Moreover, most countries are facing stagflation, which is an appraisal of the Russo-Ukraine conflict that deteriorates the stability of the country's economic growth. The studies put forward by the experts state that prolonged inflation and slower financial growth deal with high supply-chain risk approvals from Russia, and China’s pandemic lockdown toughens the labor market in general. This global inflation is highly marked for middle-class and low-class economies.

All business entrepreneurs are getting into more struggle to find a solution against the exhaustion caused by inflation emerging after the covid aftereffects. However, the solopreneurs are staking more income for their enterprises, and with a better software strategy and business planning, all pursue success. Odoo ERP, the most advanced and latest technology, implants your business with a software strategy and appropriate business planning at your budget. Every business leader thinks that the emergence of the latest open source ERP, which comprises the suite of tools for business management software, is hard to afford.

Based on your business stream and the purpose, Odoo partners can customize and develop your Odoo on any of your devices where it is applicable to work anywhere where you are in the world and easy to control and manage the work. Odoo can be managed and controlled on your laptops, mobiles, and tablets, and it is user-friendly with its intuitive interface. Odoo ERP can be scaled up based on your budget, where you can use a free version, and later you can upgrade it based on your business purpose. People are really confused to cope with the stagflation, especially business entrepreneurs are discussing finding a solution to this huge crisis coming up. Most of them are having insufficient knowledge of ERP that boosts their business under any circumstances. It can be said that Odoo ERP is the advanced form of ERP that promotes stable growth in your business sector to a certain extent.

This blog gives insight into managing the cost of Odoo ERP, how it is classified, and how Odoo can boost your business in stagflation caused earlier in 2023.

Now let us discuss how and based on what categories the pricing classification is maintained with Odoo. In this blog, you will be finding the limitations of using Odoo Community over Odoo Enterprise and how it depends based on the classification of Odoo pricing.


Based on the mode of working and the users managed, the Odoo can be structured, and depending upon the business stream, it can be patterned. Depending on the country-wise, the Odoo implementation cost varies. Odoo pricing is based on the six categories, which can be displayed as follows:-

Odoo License

Odoo is divided into two editions Enterprise and Community. Community is used free of cost with limited functionalities, whereas the Enterprise is used with numerous functionalities and can be customized with the license price. A multinational company or companies with multiple functionalities can use the enterprise edition and grant access to all users in the company. In the enterprise edition, the price is tapped based on the users used in the Odoo platform and the modules used. But the company won't charge for the portal user since they have some limitations in using but accessing the specific data in it. Additionally, the cost may add on based on the Apps required from the Odoo apps store for each company. However, the cost of Odoo Enterprise varies from country to country and based on their company functionalities. 

Odoo into action (Implementation charging for Odoo)

Odoo to put into action or implementation should be considered an infinite business management software with 30000+ modules and leading and supporting ones. And it is configured based on your company operations. To get implemented by Odoo, the companies must approach the Odoo partners who have got recognized to get accurate and organized operations to run their company. Odoo is possible to implement in companies running their operations. But while implementing Odoo in a running company, it is always best to choose the gold partners to avoid tricky solutions. For example, while migrating to Odoo in some companies, the master data compiled with the chart of accounts, vendor descriptions, etc., shows some errors which make it trickier, and the user may not have apt knowledge of its usability. Therefore, it is always good to choose the Gold partner of Odoo to get configured with your existing data without any loss.

Odoo Hosting

The other category which is based on the Odoo pricing is Odoo hosting. It is basically maintained with the three aspects .ie cloud hosting, On-premise, dedicated cloud, or Odoo .sh. Odoo cloud hosting is based on Odoo online where the user shall not possess many headaches and all is under control with the server and Odoo migration with the Odoo itself. But the pricing should be maintained. This service is more applicable for small-scale enterprises where they can use the default features of the enterprise but not the customizations. In On-premise hosting, it is worked with local server operation or a third-party external server. Here it can be used when the former is used globally and the latter is accessed for localized functions. In this case, both the server maintenance and operational charges are fulfilled by the user. Lastly, the Odoo.sh which means here Odoo itself acts as a server for the users. Here the server providers are dealt with two forms one is a shared form and the other dedicated form. Here in the shared server, the user can be used in small-scale industries if the workers or users are constricted to 50 it can be used. In this case, the Odoo pricing can be reduced based on the workers, storage, staging environment, hosting type, and certain service features like backup, Odoo apps integration, etc, and many more advanced features.

For more understanding, you can refer to the link given below:- A Complete Guide to Odoo Hosting

Odoo Support & Maintenance

Frequent consultation with the Odoo developers and consultants is a bit difficult task and it cannot be maintained while implementing ERP. But it has to be considered while at the time when the users make continuous errors and mistakes while working on it. In such cases, they have to seek guidance from the technicians and developers for support and maintenance. Thus an Odoo gold partner always approaches your desperate times and finds solutions better. So while approaching the partners you have to provide a fee for their service.

Odoo Customization Features

Odoo customization is based on the company operations and we integrate the apps based on it. By implying each module and app we provide pricing which is varied from country to country. If the company is not built with financial stability the company can go for a community edition and later can upgrade with an enterprise edition and provide the customization feature. But if the company is facing a struggle like a recession it is always better to promote the enterprise edition where the remote work strategy and other benefits like accounting, human resource management, customer relationship management, sales, expenses, inventory, etc, are all under a single flagship. However, Odoo gold partners can easily and can place better performance in the configuration of Odoo customization and implementation.


Odoo Migration

Odoo Migration is a process of updating the latest version of Odoo which gets updated every year. It gets updated since it is a business management software as people get advanced in their business activities and operations the Odoo also runs one distance farther.


By concluding this blog, it is quite familiar to you that Odoo is the best solution in this huge stagflation which has been entered in the mid of 2022 and can be lasted for several years as disclosed by the experts. Based on the accurate price details to implement Odoo connects with our experts.

For more details refer to the video given below: Odoo 15 Enterprise Edition Vs Community | Odoo 15 Community Version Vs Enterprise Version - 2022

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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