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By: Abdul Azeez

Marketing Management Program in Odoo

Functional Odoo 13 Marketing

The system like OpenERP - Odoo is an incredible Marketing Management software - program to take your business to the next level, business success. Create successful Email Marketing campaigns and use your Odoo database to send mass emails to customers.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Design, delivery, and also the management of your email marketing campaigns. The Odoo mass mailing system allows in this way to send emails to initiatives, opportunities, and clients. Therefore, follow the email marketing campaigns to increase the conversion ratio - ROI. Design professional emails quickly. Furthermore, Odoo offers you a complete solution for all this important marketing work.

Send Emails Professionally 

Importing a database with leads or filtering leads, and customer lists is instant. Create email templates and reuse existing ones creating new content and a specific design for your newsletter. You can configure multiple email servers with their own IP / domains to optimize and increase the number of open emails - open rate.

Organize Email Marketing Campaigns 

You will have all the statistics in real-time on the performance of the campaigns to improve the conversion rate. You will be able to know at all times the emails sent, received, opened, and answered. You will easily manage your email marketing campaigns, discussion groups, leads, and opportunities from a software - friendly and powerful program, always focused on the user. You will manage all your marketing campaigns from one place. In addition to being fully integrated with all the other wonderful features of an ERP system like OpenERP - Odoo.

Integration with all Odoo Apps

You will improve the way users communicate and have access to the mass mailing functions for email marketing as well from each Odoo application. Create and send emails from the opportunities created in the CRM - Sales; how to select marketing segments; submit job offers and automate responses to requests; reuse email templates in marketing campaigns and also automate tasks. Responses to all email messages automatically appear in the history of all documents thanks to the Odoo Apps social network module.

Clean the Database 

Manage bounce and conversion rates. Also manage to clean your database, which will also improve your times using the performance tools of your email marketing campaigns. Manage email bounce efficiently, create alerts about erroneous initiatives, and get statistics about the quality of your potential customers.

Send emails in One Click 

Share your information with everyone. Therefore, your Marketing department will fall in love with Odoo. You can send email marketing campaigns with a single mouse click to the user with their own prospects or documents. Select a few documents (opportunities, technical support tickets, suppliers, customer lists ...) and thus send the emails to the contacts with a simple click. You can use the email templates already created and also the sample ones.

Follow-up of Answers 

Effective communication with prospects. In addition, the conversation feature allows you to communicate with your customers more quickly and efficiently. Thus the documents are automatically created (initiatives, opportunities, tasks ...) based on the responses to your email marketing campaigns. Therefore follow the communication in your business documents within Odoo or directly via email. All negotiations and discussions are attached in this way to the correct document and managers are notified of relevant and important events that occur in them. None of your ideas will be lost. Marketing management program.

Dashboard - Control Panel for Email Marketing Campaigns

Analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns. Get to have the vision you need to make your campaigns smarter and more effective. In this way, keep track of statistics by an email marketing campaign, bounce rate, emails sent, as the most relevant content. A clean and direct control panel structure to know the performance of your email marketing campaigns at all times and in real-time. Therefore a great marketing management program.

Steps to Setup Email Marketing in Odoo

Install the Module Email Marketing from Odoo App list.


After the installation, one can see the App icon in the Odoo home.


And when you go to the Email Marketing Application, this is the UI you are encountered with.


To create a new mailing click on the Create button.


* Subject: Name of the mailing 

* Recipients:

We have a different choice for this. 

- Mailing List 

- Quotation

- Lead/Opportunity 

- Attendee etc.

* We can choose the template.

After saving, send the emails or can schedule for a later date if you want. 


After that, one can review the status of their mail. Every detail like the count of Emails sent, how many emails opened, or how many reviewed or replied are featured.


* We can also create the mailing list for mass mailing. Go to Email Marketing -> Mailing Lists -> Create a New Mailing List


The public- mailing list is accessible by the recipient on the unsubscription page.

* We can add recipients to that mailing list


Opt-Out- Suppose a contact in the mailing list need not want to receive any type of mail we can set it in the recipient form. 

Apart from that, you can blacklist contact. go to Email marketing -> Configuration -> Blacklist. Add an email address in the blacklist. Blacklisted- where the recipient does not receive any more mass mailing.


You can also see reports in different Aspects. Go to Email Marketing -> Configuration -> Settings


Create successful Email Marketing campaigns and use your Odoo database to send mass emails to customers.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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