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By: Linto

Odoo 11 Magento 2.2 Connector

Functional Odoo 11

As we know Odoo is a well known open source ERP solution which can comprehensively cover almost every area of an enterprise or business. In this blog,  I’ll be discussing a connector which can be used to synchronize the data between Odoo and Magento(another open source e-commerce system). 
This connector covers some of the important areas. 

Main features of Odoo and Magento connector are listed below,
1. Import products
a) Simple products
b) Configurable products
c) Product attributes
d) Product attribute values
e) Product categories
2. Export products
3. Import stock status & update price
4. Export stock status & price
5. Import customers
6. Import orders


Import products:
This feature involves importing the products from Magento to Odoo ERP. With a single button click, the products in Magento will be copied to Odoo. This connector mainly handles two types of products in Magento, ‘Simple type’ products and ‘Configurable type’. In simple type, when we perform the import, the products along with their id, name, stock keeping unit(SKU), price, categories, type etc will be fetched whereas, in the case of configurable products, the product attributes and attribute values will also get copied in addition to other details.
The product variants will be created and linked to the main product. The categories associated with each product in Magento will be imported and saved in a separate field in Odoo.

Note:  During the import process, we will be creating products along with their category, attributes, attribute values, etc. So based on the number of products we need to import, this process may take some time. 

Export products:
Just like we have copied products from Magento to Odoo, we can also initiate the reverse action i.e. from Odoo to Magento. The products which are created locally in Odoo can be easily transferred or copied to Magento. This operation involves copying the name, price, internal reference, etc to Magento.

Note: The products without internal reference will not be exported.


Update Stock Status:
This connector allows the user to update the stock status in both the directions. When we import the products from Magento to Odoo, the stock status of the products are not imported. In that case, we may have to update it separately. This operation can be performed on a single product or a group of products together. When we import stock status, the quantity available for the product(s) and unit price will be updated.
In the case of exporting the products, the procedure is the same as importing. Here the quantity available and a price will be updated from Odoo to Magento.

Note: Exporting stock status will work only for those products which are already linked with Magento.


We can import the customers separately or during the order importing process, if the order involves a new customer, his record will be automatically added to Odoo. That is the customer will be created on the go. There in case, it is not compulsory to import the customer before importing the orders. 

Note: The order will be created in the ‘draft’ stage. The status of the order in Magento at the time of importing will be kept separately. 

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