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By: Antony Francis

Odoo 13 ERP for Manufacturing

Functional Odoo 13 Manufacturing

A full ERP program composed of various modules and incorporating all aspects of the enterprise. And that each module is well expert in managing specific business processes such as payroll, revenue, acquisition, distribution, human resources, and production, etc. And that any data and operation on a single database is generated.

A production firm has to manage the production process and, on the one hand, additional has to manage other systems such as billing, procurement, ordering, Human resources. Odoo is among the best alternatives that you actually have available on the market. Odoo is value-effective, time-efficient and very user-friendly. The main benefit is that this ERP is open source software, with no licensing charge for the community version of the Odoo software.

Throughout this section, We discuss, usage of the MRP platform in local business as well as its advantages. Here you can find an overview of MRP programs or modules, its functions, and processes, and understand how well the MRP platform helps your manufacturing.

Watch this video to learn more about Odoo 13 Manufacturing 

Once Odoo ERP has been successfully installed, we may easily install the MRP module in the new database, now that the company is able to manage the production processes.


This is the Manufacturing Module.



The fundamental features of manufacturing are planning, costing and processing. An organization that is in the manufacturing industry if they need to be successful and be more effective, efficient and productive they must have the best planning and costing methods. Only then the production will be profitable and economical.

Before commencing the real production we do the planning for production. It includes preparation and scheduling strategies, ensuring the supply of raw materials, machinery and facilities, and the last but not least is the provision of human resources to fulfill the scheduled manufacturing needs.

It also provides a comprehensive plan of how the production unit can meet the production target and prepare the right timeline for a productive and cost-effective or economic manufacturing operation. We may also forecast the production-ready period to produce, which would be helpful for us to estimate how long it takes for the consumer to meet their orders.

Good service to customers

  • Effective planning allows us to provide excellent service at fair rates to companies or consumers with higher quality.

Provide the commodity within the dates promised.

  • Good service and high consistency always help you enhance client relations.
  • Increase their loyalty and credibility. It enables repetitive profitable orders.
  • Our clients may send us fresh leads, too. Or they propose to us.

Manage Rush Orders

  • Rush Order can be managed by good and efficient planning.
  • Can be handled cost-efficiently.

  • Inventory and stock management
  • Management of raw materials.
  • Management of finished goods.
  • Minimal stock and full inventory control.
  • Active stock movements follow.

Efficient usage of work centers and equipment

  • Use the equipment most efficiently.
  • Work center management.
  • Schedule the usage of equipment.
  • Effectively manage the works.
  • Idle time of the machine is decreased.

  • Idle time of production is decreased
  • Good planning reduces idle time.
  • Time wastage of production can be reduced.
  • Wastage of resources can be reduced.

Raw material wastage is lessened

  • Efficient planning can lessen the wastage of materials.
  • Allows using the maximum resources.

Odoo Manufacturing ERP platform simplifies and combines the planning, costing, scheduling, resources, job order, and work center operations. It provides our system with insight, delivers reliable data and knowledge in real-time. And a successful ERP by helping us manage dynamic workflows improves profitability, performance and consistency for the economy. Render the method and the enterprise convenient to use and manage. omit replication and reentering. Upgrade the areas of manufacturing, transport, selling and distribution and purchase(raw materials).

We can plan and build MRP orders in Odoo MRP. We would also verify the supply of raw materials, we will start production if it is available. We can add it into stock after finishing the production. We will produce appropriate reports from such documents. Certain modules such as Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory provide full support to the MRP platform. Provide also to unbuild the order, to scrap the items, etc.

There is no individual existence for the MRP module, it requires inventory assistance to do all the stock assessment, product transfer, etc. The simple Purchasing module helps regulate the procurement of raw materials, sales modules and CRM modules to handle the customer and sales. The HR module manages the workers and their presence, leave, payroll/payslip, and appraiser process, and so on.


  • ERP platform or application is more versatile and customizable.
  • Consumers can take action more quickly.
  • Easier to change business strategies and expand companies..

Production schedules are updated

  • Time efficiency in interior sales, procurement, planning, and costing Increased costing and planning of capacity.
  • Cost recovery from the whole plant, administration of the operation center.

Now improve your possibilities of choosing a successful ERP program in your manufacturing sector which will support you deliver success in your company on a broad scale.

So this is all about ‘Manufacturing ERP with Odoo 13’.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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