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By: Sruthi Sreenivasan

Odoo 15 Live Chat & Helpdesk for a Comprehensive Business Growth

Functional Odoo 15 Odoo Enterprises Helpdesk

If you run or own a business, you are most likely concerned about its prospects pertaining to the current social setup. The effortless sustenance of a corporate enterprise is contingent on its functional evaluation of consumer feedback. But how does a well-functioning customer support system become the gold standard for business growth? In short, a firm’s profit margin is generally evaluated based on how effectively its products sell, of which consumer sentiment is the direct determinant. Nevertheless, more often than not, this aspect of businesses lacks due emphasis, and the growth factor hits a wall.

This blog provides insights on the relevance and functionalities of the Odoo 15 Helpdesk and Live Chat modules for sustainably boosting your business growth.

How do you Offer a Flexible Customer Support Experience with Odoo 15?

The revamped Odoo 15 version puts forth a user-friendly interface for uninterrupted customer support. The integrated output of the two modules – Live Chat and Helpdesk – eases out risk management and consumer retention. Even though they are two separate modules with marginally different protocols, their collective effect benefits the regulation of Customer Relationship Management.

Let us analyze some of the critical features of Live Chat and Helpdesk modules,

Live Chat and Instant Assistance:

The Live Chat module is one of the most sought-after modes of communication between the firm and its website visitors. Not only does it help to build a strong foundation for the corporate-consumer relationship, but it also generates leads to further the business prospects. The bottom-right positioning of the Odoo Chat widget makes it easier for site visitors to spot it. Apart from clarifying consumer queries, Live Chat provides a platform for instant feedback and assistance.

Setting aside the technical jargon, the following is an overview of what you need to know about the Live Chat module: 

To avail of the Live Chat module, it must be installed from the Odoo applications. Its home dashboard window projects the progression of every live chat channel created. This window is shown below for reference.


The Live Chat channels can be either edited or deleted as preferred. If need be, new media can also be created at your ease. The feature to change the color of the chat widget in order to match the website font is an added advantage of this module. 

The Visitors tab shown below collects information on consumer traffic to the website.


This space can be efficiently micromanaged for generating leads through email, SMS, or chat. The preconfigured messages, activated under Canned Responses, are best to minimize lags in chat assistance. Operator activity history and customer reviews can be subjected to a detailed analysis.

Help Desk and Handy Customer Support:

The Helpdesk is of significant assistance to operators and customers by leveling out the complaint influx. The queries/ complaints/ requests are converted into support tickets and assigned to the respective departments. The state-of-the-art user interface makes it convenient for the operator to evaluate all tickets in a single window. The designated department or operator, customer reviews, etc., can be viewed in the same window as shown below.


The Configuration tab allows the user to manage the Helpdesk module by allocating the tickets to experts from various departments. The options Helpdesk Teams, Tags, Types, Stages, SLA Policies, Activity Types, and Canned Responses can be found under this tab. The options under the Configuration tab are highlighted in the image below.


Helpdesk Teams, as shown below, is where you assign the tickets to the team members concerned with that department.


The Stages option equips the employee to enhance the ease of Helpdesk management. Here, the closing stage can be marked for the tickets, and an automated email can be sent to the customer when the ticket’s progress reaches this stage. The following is a sample of this window.


Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies state the company’s policies on general management as well as its services. The admin has provisions to create, delete or alter these policies and mark the priority level on tickets as per the rules and regulations. The SLA Policies window is displayed below.


System-generated messages can be sent using Canned Responses, factoring in the frequently asked questions (FAQ). A graphical overview of the Helpdesk workflow can be seen under the Ticket Analysis option of the Reporting tab to evaluate the overall efficacy of the Helpdesk. Let us have a peek at the Ticket Analysis window.


The collaborative functioning of the Live Chat and Helpdesk modules ensures hassle-free consumer relations management. Live Chat can be frequently moderated to gauge the business prospects and potential leads. Even though the primary goal of Live Chat is to increase the traffic to a website while familiarizing the consumers with the firm's products and services, certain queries could help multiply the monetary value. 

The Helpdesk is known for its productive calibration of consumer sentiment. The ticket allocation and rectification have been explicitly designed for bridging the time lag between the registration of a query/ suggestion/ complaint and its respective follow-up.  

This is your cue to integrate Helpdesk and Live Chat into your business planning. Hurry up and install these modules to solidify a comprehensive growth strategy!

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