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By: Evin Davis

Odoo Customization Vs Odoo Configuration

Functional Odoo 15

Odoo tops the market as the best business management solution suitable for any form of business. The Odoo platform is used by more than 7 million users worldwide using it for effective business operations management. Created as a TinyERP solution earlier in the 2000s, Odoo has now elevated into the advanced business management solution that we know today. Today we have the newest and the fastest Odoo ever, the Odoo 15, which is the most advanced and the latest version of the Odoo. Early from 2014 onwards, a new version of Odoo was released each year, starting with Odoo 8, making it one of the earlier models of the Odoo platform that we know of today.

With 7 million users spread worldwide and counting, the Odoo platform is a definitive solution that businesses need to improve their functionality aspects. Odoo is used by enterprises irrespective of the sector of operation they function in and the scale of operations which shows the credibility and the flexibility of the Odoo platform, making it suitable for any type of business. In addition, with the localization elements available in the Odoo platform, companies from all parts of the world can function to make effective business management operations. The region-specific localization is one of the essential elements of the Odoo, making it put forward to businesses worldwide. 

Ideology with Odoo is that today Odoo is the best, meaning the version of Odoo, which is 

available today, is the best and the most advanced one—making the Odoo 15 the best solution for the business with its performance productivity aspects which are in favor of the company to be modified. The advancement, and capability to keep up with modernization with the help of regular updates make it stand tall among the business management solutions available today. Odoo is a business management solution that falls under the category of Enterprise Resource Planning solution that is capable the business; however, a majority of the solution falling under this category is not capable of undergoing any level of customization, making the Odoo platform stand out due to the flexibility and to craft is based on the business needs.

The capability to undergo any level of customization based on the functional requirements of the business is one of the best, and the able highlight features of the Odoo platform make it stand out among other ERP solutions. However, often, people get confused with the customization and configuration aspects of the Odoo platform. One of the terms and what they mean is due to the similarity of the terms. In Odoo and platform development, both the customization and configuration aspects are different.

This blog will provide insight into the differences between Odoo customization and Odoo configuration aspects.

Although Odoo customization and configuration may seem similar terms that provide the same insight into the platform and its development, they are different in how they function and add value to the platform being crafted for a business. However, both the Customization and the configuration aspects of the Odoo platform are required to prepare an efficient Odoo platform and for successful; implementation. There will be Odoo platforms developed without any levels of customization rather than using it the same way the standardised version is created. But there won't be any Odoo platform that has never undergone configuration aspects that are being done for the platform's deployment as is necessary during the implementation aspects of the platform. Let's now understand Odoo's customization and configuration in detail.

Odoo Customization: 

Custom development means crafting something out of the constraints of being standard and developing something unique to meet a specific need. Moreover, the chances that the second copy of customized solutions exists is minor. Regarding the Odoo a solution undergoing any customization making it a unique business management solution. The capability of Odoo ensures that the platform is developed based on the functional and operational needs of the business in which it's being implemented.

Odoo Configuration,

The configuration of software solutions is to adjust the setting and operational parameters for using the proper workflow. The user is modifying the only available options, parameters, and operational aspects without changing the platform's functional aspects. In regards to the configuration of the Odoo platform, the available options and modification elements in the menus are configured to bring the required operational insight. Expert users can only do the configuration of the Odoo platform's developers of the Odoo platform as unnecessary modifications will affect the functioning of the Odoo platform. Moreover, a person without proper knowledge of the Odoo platform will unknowingly go for customization instead of using the functional configuration tools available on the forum.

So which is better, Odoo Customization or Odoo Configuration?

The Odoo Customization and Odoo Configuration are vital aspects of the platform upon development to implement the best business management solution. The Odoo Configuration aspects are the solutional tools available in the Odoo platform and can be modified and configured. This can be done with the proper knowledge of the Odoo platform. However, customization will be needed when a business requirement is not available on the Odoo platform. This will ensure that the Odoo platform, which is to be implemented for the business operation, has functional capabilities which can be defined. The customization provides the business with the Odoo platform to be flexible, reliable, comprehensive, cost-effective, and advanced business management capability.

In conclusion, the Odoo platform requires both the configuration aspects, which will provide the business with the appropriate operational solution for the business management, which will bring the best solution needed based on the functional requirement of the business.

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