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Odoo ERP for Restaurant Management


Embrace our Odoo Restaurant Management ERP to get away with all worries related to the running of a restaurant. We offer you a perfect solution for all the food business-related hassles and lets you manage your food enterprise in a professional way.

The timely delivery of delicious food is sure to win the heart of a customer. With the best one-click solution for the prompt delivery of quality food and effective managing food business, the customers are sure to visit your eatery again and again.

From taking orders to delivering food and from purchasing essentials to servicing the lip-smacking dish can be monitored with a single click with our Odoo Restaurant Management ERP. Now, let us check the key features of the Restaurant Management ERP and its benefits of the ERP.

1. Smooth management of Restaurant

Don’t force your customer to wait so long for his/her favorite food. Point of Sale (POS) management is made easy by setting priorities and serve on a first come first serve basis with proper planning and effective management.


Our Odoo ERP Restaurant Management helps you sort the orders in order and send the orders to the kitchen without wasting time. E-generation of orders helps the employees of the restaurant to manage the business without much difficulty.

Perfect invoices without technical glitches, timely generation of bills, and accurate calculation of cost become simpler with Odoo Restaurant management ERP.


2. Reserve and manage tables the professional way

Reserving tables for the customers also is easy with Odoo ERP. The number of expected seats, tables required, and other requirements of the customer could be recorded and addressed without error with the Odoo ERP.

Besides, the arrangement of tables for different functions and get-togethers can also be managed with the help of our tailor-made ERP.

3. Floor Management

Floor management is the managing and arrangement of different floors of a multi-story restaurant building. The management of seating arrangement, sale of edibles, and account management can be planned with the floor management feature of Odoo.


The feature helps to organize working patterns on different floors to suit the needs of the floor. Allocation of the floor for different types of restaurant setting and allocation of staff members for effective management is made possible with the system.

4. Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT)

The moment a customer gives an order for food, the kitchen order ticket is generated automatically. The e-generated KOT helps to speed up the food delivery. 

With KOT generation, the attendees need not have to move to and fro the kitchen to place their orders. Instead, they can send the orders with a click and specify the priority.

KOT also enables hotel management to quickly generate the bill for the items. The Odoo ERP will also avoid the wastage of time in checking the availability of the ordered delicacy.

Delay in giving the KOT will not be a problem once Odoo ERP starts operation in a restaurant. Wastage of food due to delayed cancellation of order could also be addressed with specially designed Odoo software.

5. Order Line Notes

Order line note is a feature in Odoo ERP that helps to send special notes to the kitchen for reference while preparing a dish for a customer. Note button on the sale menu can be used to send notes to the kitchen. The note can mention the quantity of sugar required for tea or if the customer wants sugar free tea or juice. Other specifications regarding the flavor and quantity can also be mentioned using the system.

Special mention to give quick delivery of prepared food can also be given with the help of order line notes.


6. Price list and Order collection

The price of different products can be listed in an easy-to-understand manner with the price listing facility of Odoo POS. The price for a single unit or portion and the price calculation for multiple units can be done quickly with the feature.


Point of Sale ERP of Odoo also offers the best options for product listing and order collection. Timely delivery of food by ensuring quick order collection is sure to win the hearts of the customers.


7. Real-time inventory management for purchasing of essential items the smooth way

Need not worry about managing sufficient stock of essential items required for the operation of a restaurant. With our Odoo ERP application, you can continuously monitor the stock of vegetables, meat, milk, and other items required for the operation of a restaurant. The durability of the essential commodities and other items can also be checked frequently to avoid wastage. 

The list of wholesale shops from where the hotel management can purchase goods at a reduced rate can also be managed with the Odoo ERP. A comparison of the price of the items on different days makes finance management an easier task.
8. Sale Detail Report

As all sales are entered in the Odoo ERP, it becomes easy to track the daily sale at the restaurant. Home delivery, sale at the cash wrap, table service, and other services can be reviewed separately to analyze the working pattern of the restaurant.


The pattern of sale on different days of a week could also be checked with the Odoo ERP. The review report would help the entrepreneur plan better for the next week.

The demand of the customers and items which are of the least demand can be identified easily with the ERP. The preparation of food for the next day can be managed based on the review and analysis.

9. Plan better for the next day

Planning helps any entrepreneur to improve his business and climb ladders of success. With simple tricks and planning with the help of Odoo Restaurant management ERP, an entrepreneur can plan his business.

Sale reports and other aspects of the POS module of Restaurant management ERP helps to manage sale patterns. Our ERP tool will suit all your needs to ensure a successful future for your business.

10. Customer Relation Management

Another highlight is that one can assure a cordial relationship with the customers by streamlining the service at restaurants. The fast e-based order collection actually helps the quick delivery of the desired food items. It minimizes the chances of having an argument with the suppliers over delayed delivery. Speedy delivery also makes it possible to have a good flow of customers without forcing them to wait outside subsequent to the unnecessary lagging in order collection, delivery, or table clearing.


Interaction with customers is the key to the success of any business. Apart from taking orders and delivering food, all customer inputs should be monitored and managed to improve business. Odoo Restaurant management ERP helps the entrepreneur to ensure the best customer relationship management system

Customers are the kings in any business. IF the customer turnout is high, the business is sure to pick up quickly or gradually. The management of CRM will surely ensure the growth of the business.

Reviewing customer turn-out patterns becomes simple with our Odoo ERP Application. Identifying the customer turn out pattern is the best way to prepare for business.

If the customer turnout is high for lunch, then the entrepreneur gives more focus to lunch and if the customer turnout is highest at night, dinner varieties can be focused. 

11. Identify customers’ favorite dishes 

There would be a successful ‘dish’ for every restaurant. For some it may be the lip-smacking biriyani, for some others, it may be the evening snack. 

The skill of a food business entrepreneur lies in his ability to identify the most sort after food served at his restaurant. Our Odoo ERP can help you list out the best dishes as every sale at your restaurant is entered into the ERP.

12. Perfect billing is a key to success

Any mistake in billing could dissatisfy a customer. Odoo ERP offers perfect billing with clear documentation of taxes and other details.

Duplication of food items in the bill, the inclusion of items not purchased by the customer, and other errors could be erased completely with the best ERP solution. Our Odoo tool, which coordinates all activities from the collection of orders to KOT generation and from there to billing, ensures error-free bills.

13. Point of Sale

A simplified point of sale is the key feature of our Odoo ERP. With all details including cash flow, inventory details and other aspects of the business Odoo assisted point of sale guarantees error-free documentation.

14. Bill printing before payment

The demand for home delivery and parcel service is gaining momentum every day. With an increase in the number of employed couples, senior citizens, and others who prefer to get their food delivered at their doorstep, every restaurant is embracing the best methods to develop home delivery systems.

Odoo Restaurant Management ERP helps to coordinate home delivery systems the best way by ensuring bill printing before the payment. Sorting the orders based on the required time of delivery and booking time, the Odoo ERP helps to deliver food to the doorsteps in a fast manner.

15.  Cash Control and payment gateways

The cash control option helps to monitor cash flow and helps to manage the cash limit. The cash control mechanism also prevents a cashier from closing the counter. The Odoo ERP for POS enables the restaurant management to improve the cash control mechanism.

Access to different payment gateways and the ability access to credit and debit cards and to use other payment gateways help customers.


Direct invoicing method, price monitoring system, checking of delivery status, multiple payment terms also make Odoo ERP more user-friendly for restaurants.

16. Offline operation

Cash counter can operate even when offline while using Odoo ERP. IT helps to avoid difficulties when internet connectivity is interrupted. For an Odoo ERP, the internet is mandatory only at the beginning operation and at the closing time. At the beginning, the system gathers all updated data and in the end the data of the day is merged with the data in the server. 

17. Bill Splitting

Bill splitting feature of the module helps the customers who reach a restaurant in groups. The bill splitting feature helps the customers to share expenses for their food. The bill splitting feature helps the restaurant to list the items consumed by one customer from the total bill amount. It is always better to avoid confusion regarding bill amount sharing the perfect way with bill splitting feature.

18. Manage to finance the effective way

Cash wrap management is a key part of restaurant management. From purchase to delivery of food and from the appointment of employees to the payment of their salaries can be done with the support of Odoo ERP.

Tax management at the point of sale and invoicing with specific details on taxes can be managed at a click with Odoo ERP. Calculating the tax amount, which would otherwise be a difficult task becomes easy with Odoo support. Auditing of revenue and review of the operations to becomes simple when you are using an Odoo Assisted ERP Application.

19. The move of the time

With the food-based industries staging a huge comeback, professional management of the available resources, labor force, and finance sums up the success of any such initiatives. Be it a restaurant, hotel, or food joint, the e-based operation can reduce the manual interventions to a great extent and the same strength can be diverted for other productive purposes.  

The recent development in the software industry has ushered in unpredictable changes in re-shaping the look, operations, and management of food-based ventures. To those who are keen on adopting the newest developments, business is going to be a pleasurable experience with lesser headaches

Even the tracking of orders placed by customers can be a trouble-free experience with the optimum use of software solutions like Odoo. Keeping an accurate record of what is happening is the biggest merit of e-based functioning. A view at the track record of successful restaurant ventures will make it clear that software-based functioning can largely improve the output of employees, ensure flawless monitoring and accurate planning for the future.

20. Ease of modern management

Point of Sale restaurant management is a highly popular business idea where lakhs of entrepreneurs are making their entry to feel its bliss. It was in the past that the restaurant managers were actually panicked by the unexpected turn of customers in large numbers. Such a situation in these modern times is easily manageable when the operation side is largely handled by the software.

One of the biggest advantages of these software-based operations is that the entrepreneur can just list out the details of products or services in a catchy and appealing manner. The customers will be able to make their choices with just a glance through the list. It will also help the staff members to have an accurate idea of what is there in their store and accordingly manage their clients.

21. Trust-worthy client repository

Above all, the biggest advantage is that you can have a trustworthy database of your customers. Someone who is keen on improving it by adding additional details of customers for special offers and reductions too can be possible with the Odoo restaurant ERP. As such measures are vital for improving the goodwill of any firm, wise entrepreneurs always prefer the best software solution to the unprofessional ones. Those equipped with the Odoo application for the purpose can just relax and feel the pleasure of e-management right in front of their eyes. Success stories and testimonials have come up from different parts of the world describing the effect of this software in realizing their business dreams for prosperity. 

22. A must solution for food-based start-ups

Odoo ERP is a must solution for all food-based startups. Not only bigwigs, but small enterprises can also benefit from the Odoo ERP. 

Coordination of labor force, customer relationship management, purchase and inventory management, and all other tasks can be done single-handedly with Odoo ERP, the best ERP for any PoS activity. The management of the PoS along with online booking makes it the best. What is more significant is that the ERP solution comes in handy and is adaptable for any.

Proper training and support from the software developing team and the necessary changes in the ERP could ensure you the best application suited for your business. Start small and grow big with our Odoo Restaurant management application.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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