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Odoo Maintenance: Effective Maintenance Management Of Your Company Equipment

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The equipment in use, as well as the machinery that your companies operate with, should be well maintained and this falls under the main priority and necessity of operations. Today almost all the establishments have a maintenance department or a technical support team for the operations who will run the scheduled maintenance as well as the required maintenance operations of the equipment, machinery, and other tools that you use in running the company. Moreover, the maintenance is not just run for the equipment and machinery the computers, laptops, gadgets and all the electronic devices will also fall into this category as they are the primary tools of functioning and disruption in thor operations will bring a halt in certain aspects of the company operation.
Nowadays as we are functioning in a digitalized world and the business operations are maintained and run on a digital platform the same aspects can be seen in the Maintenance operations of a company. You will have sophisticated and dedicated tools to run, control and manage the maintenance operations in the institutions. These tools will bring in the effectiveness of an operation along with a full-fledged operation capability to the maintenance departments. Today there are dedicated tools to manage the maintenance operations as well as the business management tools which has a dedicated section for the maintenance management operations thus providing you complete control of the business.
Enterprise and resource planning solutions have always been used to run business management operations and a majority of software under this classification are used all over the world in business. Moreover, certain ERP solutions offer dedicated maintenance department control tools which will be much helpful in running the operation. Odoo is one such ERP software solution with a dedicated maintenance management module helping you with complete control of the maintenance operations of the company. Moreover, this module is in direct integration with all other functional modules of Odoo such as Manufacturing, Repairs, Projects, Timesheet, Filed services, and many more, thus helping in the unanimous functioning for the company. You can define both preventive and instance maintenance operations of the company and can be executed with higher efficiency of operations.
This blog provides insight on How the Odoo maintenance module will bring effectiveness to your companies maintenance operations.
The maintenance modules available in Odoo will be a helpful tool in running all the maintenance operations of the company with high effectiveness and reliability in operations. Today as Odoo stands tall as one of the primary ERP solutions which is being used by businesses all over the world, the maintenance module of the Odoo platform plays a crucial part in its operations in the company. Moreover, with more than 5 million users all across the world, the Odoo ERP has brought reliability to business operations along with providing full-fledged controllability in functioning. Let's now move on to understand certain aspects of the maintenance module of the Odoo ERP making it one of the effective tools of management.
Maintenance teams
You can create your custom maintenance teams for the operations in the company. Moreover, you can have more than one maintenance team in operations at an instance this can be beneficial in describing the teams for each department such as Mechanical, Electrical, Civil works, IT, and many more based on their operational areas of maintenance in the company. You can allocate any number of employees working in your company under each of the maintenance teams. In addition, an employee can also be present in multiple maintenance teams but always ensure that their tasks do not collide with each other.
Preventive and corrective maintenance
You can effectively define preventive and corrective maintenance for equipment of a company's machine or device. In the case of preventive maintenance, ist can be defined as the time when ist being brought or installed in the company. The preventative maintenance duration and date of repentance can be mentioned along with the assigned maintenance team or person. The corrective maintenance on equipment can be done when they have become faculty in operations for this the various employees or departments can generate maintenance requests to the maintenance departments or the respective teams. Then the maintenance is scheduled and the repair is done with the prescribed time.
Dedicated maintenance calendar
With the Odoo maintenance module, you will be having a dedicated maintenance calendar that will help you with the maintenance scheduling operations. The maintenance calendar is available in direct sync with the calendar module. In the calendar, you can schedule maintenance, assign the responsible person as well as the required tools and spare parts in the descriptions.
Analytical reports
The best and one of the features which Odoo is famous for is the reporting capabilities it brings into your company operations. You will be able to generate reports both quantitative as well as analytical reports. In the maintenance module of Odoo, you will be able to view the reports on the maintenance operations that are ongoing as well as the ones that are completed. Moreover, the reports can be viewed in Kanban view, Pie chart, and List view.
These are the certain aspects of how the Odoo maintenance module will be helpful in the effective maintenance management operations of your company. Moreover, with the integration with Odoo modules that are available, you will be having adaptable tools as well as functional ones to have effective maintenance management for your company operations. 

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