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Online Ticketing System: A Digital Platform For Customer Support

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Ticketing is nothing but the creation of service requests. An online ticketing system helps the business to manage all ticket-related tasks through an online platform. As the digital platform is a universal one and the customer, as well as the vendor, can make use of the same platform from anywhere in the world addressing the complaints and service requests and ensuring timely communication with the customers becomes a systematic process. You do not need a complicated system to communicate with the customers if you are using an online platform for the same. Instead, you can create a ticket management team, ticket stages, and ticket tracking system to ensure the timely redressal of the complaints. 
A digital ticketing platform will be a streamlined version of the service requests raised through phone calls, social media communications, and emails. All service requests get diverted to the digital platform where a ticket will be created and a person will be assigned to track the ticket and ensure necessary support. This digital ticketing facility is sure to assure efficient support from the team.
The ticketing system is the key feature that is part of the help desk facility of an organization. Helpdesk can work online or offline and manage the complaints and service requests by the customer. With online helpdesk support, we can create digital tickets using the Helpdesk tool to manage all tickets.
In this blog, let us check the reasons for introducing a digital ticketing system for your business. 
Availability of a multi-channel system for ticket management
The success of a digital platform for ticket management depends on which helpdesk tool have you selected. If you choose any of the best helpdesk tools available in the market, the tool will surely help you to manage all types of interactions with the customers with the help of this platform. This will help you integrate telephonic conversations, email communications, and social media communications using the ticketing system. Another ERP highlight Live Chat feature can also be integrated with the digital helpdesk support system. With the helpdesk-assisted ticketing system, all these different types of customer interactions can be managed simultaneously using a single platform. That means we get a multi-channel facility for managing communications.
Effective tracking of service requests/ tickets
A ticket management system or helpdesk tool will help the company to create and manage helpdesk teams. The Helpdesk team will be a group of people who are responsible to manage all customer queries. With the help of a helpdesk facility, the company will be able to create help desk teams who will be responsible to manage different types of customer queries. 
The managers can track the progress of the tickets and issue directions for ensuring the satisfaction of the customers. This tool will assist a helpdesk team to initiate the required steps to help the customers. This can also help the managers to identify the performance levels or service standards of different teams. This will also help us to improve the way a helpdesk team carries out their task.
Improved help desk efficiency
The helpdesk is not a standalone entity. Instead, it is a tool that has to work in collaboration with all other customer management tools. That means, in the ERP and CRM world, the helpdesk has to work with the CRM. AS we have discussed the multi-channel support system introduced by the helpdesk, all these different channels have to be linked or integrated with the ERP tool. 
Suppose you are running a business and you have a helpdesk, a live chat facility, email marketing facility, and telephonic customer support system. In this case, your email marketing tool and live chat will have to be integrated with the helpdesk for the efficient use of the tools. In the same way, online ticketing or help desk facilities as such can be integrated with Customer Relationship Management tools. 
Quick completion of your tasks
Online ticketing systems offered by Helpdesk software tools are sure to speed up your activities. IT will help your helpdesk teams to receive the tickets and track the ticket. As the system would already have created ticketing teams and policies, all these processes can be completed by setting priority. Besides, an online system will also help to manage ticket types and generate tags. 
A ticket will be assigned to a team member and this person will be responsible to resolve the tickets. The team will also be able to manage the queries from the customers and ensure timely responses to the queries. The efficiency of a helpdesk team depends on the speed. 
Assured Customer Loyalty
If a company is depending on an online ticketing system, the company is sure to address the customer grievances on a fast track basis. The members of the helpdesk team will be able to manage customer service in an efficient manner. The success of a business certainly depends on the loyalty of the customer. It is not just attracting a new customer that matters. Instead, what matters more is the customer retention rate. A customer who once approached your company should approach you again and again if you have to consider your business a success. This means your customer is loyal to your service. With an improved ticket management system and help desk support, a company can assure increased customer loyalty.
ERP based ticketing system helps customers
A customer is more likely to support you if the person finds it comfortable to deal with you. An ERP-based ticketing system is something that is sure to give a user-friendly experience to any of the customers. Helpdesk supports the customer to get the details of the product. As it is an online support system, the customer need not visit your store or office to know more details.
These are the major highlights of ERP-based ticketing systems. In the next blog, we can discuss the major highlights of the Odoo Helpdesk and its ticketing system. We can help you learn more about Helpdesk or applications in specific or about the ERP tools in a generation. You can mail your queries to odoo@cybrosys.com or share your queries on +918606827707.

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