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Odoo Subscription Model for Health Industry

2020 has played an important role in redefining the lifestyle and health habits of people. The year, with the spread of COVID 19 restricted the movement of people and thus made everybody more conscious about the need for healthy habits. Health and wellness sector is gaining more and more importance with the changing society.

Health and wellness

While health is a state of being in itself wellness can be assured only if the person enjoys good health. Wellness should cover both physical health as well as mental health. 

Health and wellness are two important factors that assure proper nutrition intake and help to prevent different types of diseases. 

Health and wellness centers are coming up in different localities as the number of individuals suffering from lifestyle diseases is very high these days. 

The health and wellness sector has taken the shape of an industry with an increased demand for wellness training. Wellness training includes physical exercises, meditation, and nutritional guidance. 

In modern times, many small and medium investors have started health and wellness training centers. The centers cater to the needs of senior citizens, youngsters, and even children. As it has become a competitive sector, many centers are now trying out different options for improving customer satisfaction. 

Subscription and Health and Wellness

Subscription is a marketing model that is well suited for the health and wellness industry. This model can help the industry to attract more customers. Apart from increasing the number of customers, the subscription model helps to assure a long-term relationship with the existing customers. 

What is a Subscription?

We can define subscription as a business marketing model that will help the business to improve its customer base. As every customer likes to enjoy cash discounts and added offers, a well-planned subscription offer can attract a number of customers. A well-designed and campaigned subscription scheme will certainly attract a large number of customers who are looking for health and wellness services. It will also support the investor to make sure that their customers engage in long-term bonding with them.

Why Choose Odoo Subscription?

Odoo, a modular software solution has a module for managing subscription business. This model can be customized to suit different types of businesses. Odoo 14 enables the user to choose, prepare and manage subscription plans for the customers. The health and wellness business can introduce paid subscriptions as well as free subscription trials. It can also manage the renewal and cancellation of subscriptions. Odoo can assist investor to market their business in an effective way.

Here are a few reasons why we should choose Odoo for subscription management

Enables the quick creation of a subscription

Don't worry about the procedures for the creation of a subscription if you are using Odoo. It supports you to complete the subscription creation within a few seconds. The details will have to be filled in for starting the subscription creation process. 

Your health and wellness industry can deploy one of your employees to manage subscriptions. The marketing wing can take up the task. Just list out the names of the customers along with subscription price and other details. 

Odoo also supports you to select a suitable template for the subscription. It is easy for you to manage the subscription and introduce changes in the subscription as the user can also access the customers' view.


Quick Management of Subscription Variants

Subscription is a product and it will have different variants. But don't worry. You can manage it without any difficulty. Common subscription varieties are short term subscription and long term subscription. The user can also create a paid subscription and free subscription. IT can also be categorized as a premium subscription or regular subscription. 

Be it a premium subscription or a split subscription, you can create and manage it with ease with Odoo. A health and wellness center can introduce a premium subscription for those who choose a complete wellness package including exercise, meditation, and other health care support. At the same time, a customer choosing only one service can go for split service.


Subscription Renewal Made Easy

Subscription creation and management become effortless if you are using Odoo as the tool. This ERP platform helps the business to set the subscription period during the generation of the subscription. Once the subscription period is over the user as well as the customer gets alert messages for the renewal of the subscription. If you are planning a subscription that does not need renewal that also can be set. A user can renew the subscription by completing the procedures required for subscription creation.



Manage Subscriptions with Ease

Planning to use Odoo for subscription management? Then it is easier for you to get a clear pic of all subscription stages with a click. The dashboard of the module will give you a clear view of the process. The user-friendly subscription dashboard can assist you to view the status of the existing subscription plans. The health and wellness firm can manage the stages by reviewing the status as we can view whether the subscription is in the draft stage, processing, or has already been closed, it is easier to manage the status.


You can also get the Kanban view or list view of the dashboard. It will also give you a set of details including invoice date, customer details and the name and details of the sales person. 


Easy to Create and Manage Subscription Product

If you are finding it difficult to create and manage subscription products Odoo would be a perfect choice. It can offer you total support for easy product creation. It is the best support tool for creating and managing subscription products. 

Just choose the create option and enter the required details. Then your subscription product can be completed. You can also prepare a price list for the health and wellness subscription package with this feature.


Quick to Generate Reports

The same way health and wellness businesses can review the progress of the business using the report generation facility offered by Odoo


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