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Advantages of Odoo eCommerce Integration

The market space once occupied by the brick and mortar business is slowly being replaced by the e-commerce business. Many industries have already shifted completely to e-commerce business without even running a real shop space. Ecommerce and dropship facilities are the trends of the time and the number of customers who prefer to visit the shops is on the decline. 

What has impacted the spurt in Ecommerce?

- Yes, the Covid 19 pandemic has manifolded the number of e-commerce users across the globe. As the pandemic introduced a set of restrictions on the movement of people and caused panic and created a health emergency in many countries, the majority of the population shifted to online purchases to direct shopping.  

- Discounts and offers introduced by the e-commerce markets prompt many to prefer e-commerce to direct purchase

- We don't have to spend our time and money to travel to places to purchase required products. Instead, the product of your choice knocks at your door in the e-commerce scenario.

- Easy access to products across the globe at reasonable rates. 

- Immense scope for choosing the product from different brands

- Review and rating offered by the e-commerce platforms help the customers to select the products reviewing the quality.

Changing Trends in e-commerce Business

i) Earlier only large-scale business firms used to depend on e-commerce business. But with the increased use of the internet and online facilities and the availability of a large number

ii) quick to use e-commerce platforms, even small retail stores and supermarkets have started focusing on e-commerce.  

iii) Many points of sale businesses are now running e-commerce platforms parallel to cater to the needs of the customers. It helps them to promote different products and introduce offers. 

iv) E-payment facility, as well as cash on delivery support, helps the investors to ensure the participation of different groups of customers

v) Opens up a new stream to generate revenue.

Important facts about E-commerce business

a) Don't go for any of the available e-commerce platforms. Find out the right platform that will benefit your business. 

b) Switch to a platform that will help to generate revenue at minimum investment.

c) Check for the feature and choose the ERP that offers you abundant features and a user-friendly platform.

d) Identify the requirement and consult an ERP implementation company before finalizing the ERP.

Why choose Odoo?

It is always better to go for an ERP solution that can assure you of comprehensive support for the promotion of your business. Odoo's open-source solution offers support for the integration and management of different operations involved in eCommerce implementation. 

Odoo offers seamless integration support so that all your requirements get integrated. Odoo Ecommerce enables the use of an efficient website, the introduction of blogs, and marketing support for the promotion of the business. 

What are the advantages of Odoo eCommerce Integration?

E-commerce integration helps the business to integrate the operation of back-end accounting as well as inventory management with the e-commerce website. It will help to automate many operations including invoice generation.


Catch the attention of the buyers

Are you still using those outdated pages with old designs and layouts? It is time to embrace the change. Long descriptions are no more going to attract buyers. Introduce best quality product pages with improved prices and scope for comparison. Odoo E-Commerce helps you to design your own pages by dragging and dropping the building blocks. 

Odoo also enables you to modify the pages and product layout. It also supports the inclusion of product variants and product prices. Odoo with yearly enhancement will meet the requirements of the website based on changes in the market.


Shipping Integration Made Easy

With Odoo eCommerce, the user can integrate the product sale with shipping activities. It will ease the business to merge shipping invoice generation and tracking activities with ease. Odoo can be integrated with different shipping platforms like FedEx, ISPS, and IPS.


Efficient Product Management with Inventory Integration

In an eCommerce platform, the most important fact is the product display. A customer gets attracted to a product based on the display image, the product price display, and the description. Odoo is sure to help you to manage the products in the most attractive way in the online store. It also helps you to update the product catalog on time. Editing and removing products that are out of stock and mentioning the quantity available can be managed with Odoo. As Odoo eCommerce can be integrated with the inventory, it helps in stock management.


One-step Checkout Process

Are you finding abandoned carts in huge numbers? It is not a positive trend for an online market. It may be the delayed check-out process that may be forcing the customers to stop the purchase midway. Ensure them an easy check-out method using Odoo. The e-payment gateways and quick purchase management and invoice generation of Odoo help the business to reduce abandoned carts. 



Manage Customer Details

Track the search history and purchase history of the customer and manage an efficient customer database with Odoo integration. You can easily trace the details including a wish list, purchase history, and other details with the ERP support. Sending alerts to a customer regarding a product of his / her choice and including the customer segments for marketing campaigns can be managed with Odoo.


Integrate Payment Gateways

It is not possible for every customer to choose a single payment method. Customers should be provided with different payment options. Different countries or localities may require different payment methods. Odoo eCommerce can be integrated efficiently with different payment methods so that the transactions are made easy. Odoo enables the integrations of PayPal, Wallets, Cryptocurrencies, and Credit and debit cards with websites.


Scope for integration

Odoo with modular structure supports the user to integrate different features based on their requirements. Different Odoo modules like Sales, Purchase, accounting, human resources, inventory, live chat, help desk, and CRM can be integrated with the website for improving the efficient operation of the online business.


Integration can improve the performance of the eCommerce site of your business. It can help you attract customers through the internet platform and win the trust of global customers.

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