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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Odoo - The Best ERP Software in 2021


Nothing is static in this world. So is the business world. Everything is changing including the mode of business operation, means of transportation, purchase methods, payment gateways, and technological advances. The growth of local area business operations to multinational business ventures is a major highlight of the changing time. Apart from large-scale businesses small units and home-based businesses are also engaging in international transactions and sale operations with the support of online platforms and payment gateways. This makes it necessary for us to embrace technologies and adapt to the trends for ensuring the best business.  

The pace with which the business operations are taking new turns and changing the style of operation makes it mandatory for the business ventures to embrace software applications to carry out their business operation. An ERP tool or Enterprise Resource Planning tool is a software platform that can help you manage all your business-related tasks in an easy way. The ERP tools can manage the operations the best way by interconnecting the departments and tasks.  

Why is Odoo the best?

ERP market offers you a wide range of ERP products. The cost, type, and modules available in all these ERP tools may vary. Your task is to identify the best ERP tool that fits your business operation. Confused? Don't let yourself pick the wrong tool from a bunch of ERPs. Select the best that suits your business types. There are some ERP solutions which are affordable only to large scale business due to its cost and complicated implementation process. So, before hasting to get an ERP to learn the cost, operation, implementation, customization, and training support available. 

Odoo is the best choice for small and medium business ventures. This ERP platform can also benefit large businesses. Odoo tool can assure complete support for taking care of complicated operations. Odoo can help the business climb new heights by improving resource management and sales aspects. 

Odoo is an open-source solution with a number of modules that are dedicatedly designed to support various business operations like raw material procurement, HR management, inventory management, customer relationship management, sales management, project and planning, fleet management, and accounting. Being a complete ERP solution Odoo can also help your business to automate business activities. This ERP solution is also capable of minimizing errors and improving accounting operations. We can also depend on Odoo for budget preparation and finance management. It can also guarantee you support for customer relationship management. 

Here, we can check the key industries which can benefit from Odoo ERP. 

- Manufacturing

- Service Sector

- Restaurant management

- Trading 

- Healthcare management

- E-commerce and website


- Education

The manufacturing and service sectors are dominating the business world. Odoo which is an efficient tool for managing invoicing accounts management, sales, purchase, drop-shipping, and other operations can benefit all major industries across the globe

Reasons to choose Odoo?

- Odoo can help manufacturing by work center and worker management

- Odoo provides you with a platform that can promise transparent transactions

- Odoo is the best tool for accounting and financial management

- Efficiency in preparing the bill of material

- Open Source tool with frequent updates Odoo offers a secure platform

Odoo is considered the best ERP software system in the world because of some of the key highlights of this ERP tool.

Once you examine the features of all ERP solutions that are available you can easily find out that the Odoo tool is capable of offering you the best solutions for all your business-related tasks. Let us check the major highlights enjoyed by an Odoo user on implementing this ERP platform:

- Improved employee performance

- Efficient cost management

- Optimized use of time

- Accurate forecast management

- Effective management of supply chain

- Accurate and transparent accounts management

- Manage vendors with ease

- Improved marketing strategies

- Manage multi-currency operations

- Ease of integrating payment gateways

Odoo is the best solution that boosts your business and helps it meet international standards. We can dive into the detailed benefits of Odoo and check why is it the best ERP support

Cost-Effective ERP Tool

Odoo is one of the most cost-effective ERP software that is available in the market these days. Team Odoo has developed two different editions- Enterprise and Community to meet different requirements. The community edition is a completely free edition that can be used by all types of business ventures. The Enterprise version has been designed with some additional features and is a paid edition. But still, the payment fee is minimal compared to other proprietary ERP solutions. The cost-effectiveness of Odoo can be of great help to small and medium business organizations which are not able to invest much in ERP implementation. Apart from ERP implementation, we can also go for Odoo customization and integration also with minimum priority. Odoo partners, who are experts in Odoo implementation, customization, integration, 

Even those choosing the community edition can have a software upgrade with a basic fee. Upgrading the community version to the enterprise version can also be done with the help of an efficient team.


Odoo ERP is a user-friendly tool that can be used by any employee or client without any training program. This ERP delivers you a friendly user interface and quick-to grasp views. An employee or a worker without any formal education can also make use of this tool after some guidance. Unlike a complicated system, it will not land the user in trouble forcing them to follow the manual method for document and task management. 

Odoo ERP can bring you the best result as you can guarantee the support of your employees with this tool. Anyone can easily configure new features and manage settings without any hiccups.

Best Integration Support

Odoo provides you with a modular ERP platform that can be used independently or by combining different modules. All these modules have been designed in a way to manage all tasks efficiently. We can use these Odoo modules independently. Besides, we can also integrate the modules and use them. 

Major Odoo Modules are Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, Fleet, CRM, Payroll, Time-sheet, PoS, Website, etc. If you are running a wholesale business we can integrate a sales module with marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, social marketing, or live chat. This will ensure help for managing different operations effectively.


Odoo is an ERP platform that can be linked with other ERP solutions as well. IT offers personalization support and this can be done with the help of an efficient Odoo partner like Cybrosys Technologies. Odoo helps you to gather your requirements and carry out a GAP analysis. Then we can carry out a feasibility study and prepare an estimate for the customization. Odoo partners can lend hands to develop your personalized tool.

Effective Localization Support

Odoo is the best ERP solution to manage a business in different countries and business with clients and vendors of different countries. The fiscal localization feature available in Odoo supports the operation of this tool based on the requirements of different countries and tax regimes. It can certainly improve the business in the international market. With localization support, Odoo is suitable for use in different countries across the globe.

On-cloud and On-premise Versions

Odoo is an ERP tool that is available in different forms. Odoo has on-cloud and on-premise versions. This can be decided based on your requirements. On a cloud, versions do not need any extra investment. The On-premise version needs a separate backup facility and staff to maintain the activities. Cloud-based Odoo can also assist you in operating the tool remotely.

Odoo in Brief

Odoo is a tool that gives you immense opportunity to handle all types of operations. This ERP platform can help the business to manage customers, supply chain, accounting, resource management, and other activities. Interdepartmental coordination and quick completion of tasks can be achieved with the help of Odoo ERP. 

1. Reduced cost of operations

2. Improved profitability

3. Best machinery management

4. Efficient system to manage delivery

5. Stock management and tracking made easy

6. Efficient payroll management

7. Marketing support with email, SMS, and social marketing tools

8. Attendance and work time management

9. Shift management for employees

10. Work center utilization

11. Employee management including recruitment and payroll support

Want to know more about the Odoo ERP?

Cybrosys Technologies, the gold partner of Odoo is the best solution for all your Odoo related queries. With an efficient team that is capable of studying your needs and implementing the ERP tool, Cybrosys can guarantee you the best of services related to all ERP-related needs. 

Apart from Odoo customization and implementation, we also offer ERP training to our clients. We help you win the confidence of your employees and partners with the introduction of the most efficient ERP tool. This cost-effective solution can find a perfect solution for your needs related to manufacturing, sales, purchase, point of sale, and other requirements. More details can be availed from www.cybrosys.com

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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