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By: Evin Davis

Why should you prefer Odoo over other ERP software?

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With the widespread usage of electronic technology along with the advancements in telecommunications and connectivity, the world has taken a steady turn onto software solutions to help with their routine tasks which are both personal as well as professional. Today the businesses all across the world are running their operations on software solutions to run the various aspects as well as their complete business in them. Moreover, today there are various choices for you to choose from to find the best sustainable solutions. However, the costing and pricing aspects of these business solutions are on the higher side therefore, you should always put through research and case study each software before choosing the one that you should run the business.
There are various classifications and types of software solutions for you to choose from to run the business operations. Among them, Enterprise and Resource Planning software solutions stand out with complete management functionality for the business operations. The methodology of functioning of ERP software was used long before its development but with the implementation of software technology, it was molded onto reliable business management software solutions. The ERP software is available for sector-specific operations, management, or certain aspects of the business as well as for the complete management of the business operations in an establishment.
Odoo is one of the ERP software which is available today and it's one of the prominent ones operating from a single platform and providing you with complete control of the business operations of your establishment. Initially developed as TinyERP software the Odoo platform was further improved to be on the complete business management solutions. By 2014 the company had released version 8 of the platform with two editions of Odoo one being the community edition and the second being the enterprise edition. Today we have Odoo version 14 with advanced capabilities and operational performance. And the next version of Odoo the Odoo 15 will be released this year during the Odoo experience meet. 
Here I am about to explain why you should prefer Odoo over other ERP software which is available in the market.
You may have now learned about the history of Odoo, let me now move on to destring certain facts on the software before describing why you should prefer Odoo ERP over others. Today Odoo is being used by a variety of business establishments varying in the sector, scale, region, and operational functionality all across the world. Moreover, the platform has over 5 million users and subscribers making the platform have one of the largest clientele considering other ERP software solutions. Here are certain aspects and features in the Odoo platform which will describe to you why you should choose it as your ERP solution for the business management operations of your company.
One-stop solution
Odoo is a complete business management solution with the capability of running all the operations with the dedicated modules available due to its modular structure design and development. These modules are interconnected in operations with advanced functional options and capabilities to run each operation of the respective sector. You will have dedicated modules such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, HR management, Planning, Project, Recruitment, Attendance management, Reports, Field services, Fleet management, Documents, Notes, and many more modules to run the respective operations.
Odoo is a customizable software solution
As Odoo is a full company management software and among the ones that do so the need for customizability is inevitable in one such ERP. The platform can be developed and defined as per your operational need of business with all the advanced options as well as with add ons which are required in operation. With an expert Odoo developer, you will be able to configure the Odoo platform as per your operational needs.
A user-friendly interface
Odoo is one among the vast list of ERP software that has a user-friendly interface that helps in the aspect of the easy running of the business. Moreover, you can make a majority of options that can be configured using the functional aspects of the platform rather than indulging in the programming aspects. This makes Odoo configurable to a large extent by anyone with any programming knowledge.
Support of a dedicated Odoo community
The Odoo community is the backbone of the platform as they are responsible for bringing in the necessary updates, modifications, and releasing new versions of the platform. The community consists of Odoo developers, partners, consultants, and all the other supporting staff of the platform. Once the platform is implemented you will be supported by the members of this community upon your needs. Moreover, while choosing an Odoo service provider for your Odoo related needs, always ensure that the company or the person is a registered Odoo partner or developer with the community.
Moreover, the community is responsible for providing you with all the add ons that are required while developing the platform. All the applications in the Odoo app store are developed and designed by the members of this community. Additionally, they will support you with the development of any required customizable applications that are required for your business to be run on Odoo.
There are certain aspects on why you should consider the Odoo platform for your business operations rather than considering other ERP solutions. If you need to further understand the capabilities of Odoo you can read the following blog where the benefits of using Odoo is over the other ERP software's are described:

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