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By: Evin Davis

Upgrade from Odoo Community to Enterprise

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Odoo is the complete business management software solution that provides you with the full-fledged functionality of running and operating your business operations of the company with the help of dedicated and advanced tools. The advanced operating business management software functions from one single platform providing you with the full controllability of operations to run the entire business. Today, Odoo has become one of the prominent ERP software solutions with more than 5 million users all across the world. Moreover, as Odoo is a fully customizable software solution it can be flexed and be useful in any form of business operation. 
This blog focuses on aspects of upgrading the Odoo community software to the enterprise edition.
Before moving on to the up-gradation aspect let me provide insight on what is Odoo and the editions in it?
What is Odoo?
Odoo is the one-stop solution for your complete business management operations. Defined in the early 2000s Odoo was initially established as Tiny ERP and later developed into the Odoo that we know today. In the year 2014 Odoo version 8 was released in two editions, the community and enterprise edition with the advanced capabilities of business management. From then on Odoo has been releasing new versions every year and has been bringing up regularised updates. The new version will always be better than the previous one in performance, operational capabilities and adds up with the functional options and tools as per the standard of the year in which it is released.
Operating from a single platform Odoo has a modular structure of operations that provides its users with different distinctive modules for running the business operations. Modules in Odoo such as Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Repairs, Marketing, Recruitment, and many more. Furthermore, as Odoo operates from a single platform it has a centralized methodology of functioning with one central inventory management system allowing you to run wholesale, retail, and online business operations without any interference from the inventory aspects with the Odoo platform. Additionally, the Odoo platform has only one database for the storage of information from all the distinctive modules which have been described adding to the aspects of effective communication and information exchange.
Let's now move onto understanding the two editions of Odoo, the enterprise edition, and the community edition.
Community edition
The community edition of the Odoo is one of the base versions of the Odoo with the capability of managing the entire business operations of your company. However, the operational tools and capabilities are not as advanced as that of the Enterprise edition. Moreover, it's best suitable for the operations of the business with a low number of platform users. 
Enterprise edition
The enterprise edition of Odoo is coined as the advanced edition with all the capable functional tools of operations. Moreover, there is a subscription fee for operating your business. You can bring in additional add ons from the Odoo apps store which will help you with certain of the application-specific operations.
Why should you upgrade from the community edition of Odoo to the Enterprise edition?
This is one of the important questions that you might ask on hearing about the upgrading aspects. The answer is simple, as mentioned earlier the community edition of Odoo is only equipped with limited features and functionality to run a business. You cannot run advanced functional operations with it. Moreover, you would not get a dedicated software tool for your company's operations. Furthermore, the list of add ons and applications available in Odoo for the community edition are low therefore you will not be able to run advanced operations and capable functions with it.
Additionally, the number of users who can be enrolled into the Odoo community edition for running business operations will be on the lower side which will act as an obstacle in the aspects of company expansion and growth in employee sizes and their functionality. Now let's move on to understand how we can upgrade your community edition Odoo to the enterprise edition of the platform.
How to upgrade from Odoo community to Odoo enterprise edition?
The up-gradation of the Odoo community to the enterprise edition can be done with ease. Moreover, you can follow the following steps by which you can upgrade from community to enterprise edition of Odoo:
Initially, you have to purchase an Enterprise edition key which can be brought from the Odoo website. Here, you need to specify certain details regarding your company and provide the address for the invoice to be billed to.
Further, then download the files for the enterprise edition and mention the enterprise module path for the operation in the configuration file and menu of the Odoo.
Once the file path is configured and enabled restart your Odoo community edition which is with you and upon getting the operations back enable the developer mode from the settings module. The option will be available at the bottom of the settings menu as ‘Activate Developer Mode.
Further, then you need to update the modules to be compatible with the enterprise edition, for that, you can select the Apps menu and select the option ‘Update Apps List Menu’
As the update of the Apps list is finished you need to select the web_enterprise and install it by double-clicking on it which will be installed to the upgraded version of the Odoo community edition.
Now the when you start the platform you will experience the updated features
Finally provide the Activation key for the enterprise edition and update the software.
Now you're free to use the platform with the enterprise edition capabilities for business
Purchase or renew the activation key upon expiry which will be notified to you via email to the registered email address.
In this manner, you can easily upgrade from Odoo community to enterprise edition. You can read the following blog to understand how to upgrade your database from community to enterprise edition:

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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