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By: Anju A.P

Product Recommendation in Sales Order - Odoo App

Functional Sales

Business organizations are continually searching for the key to progress. They are into the search of secrets for acquiring more heights and targets. However, one needs to understand that there is no hidden key to business success. For any business, no matter how big or small, their long and successful run solely depend on customer management.

It's how an organization-be it the service provider or a salesperson treats their clients or the customers.

The studies show that 70% of the buying or purchasing choices are made dependent on how customers feel, how they are being dealt with. Better client administration has the power to transform any business organization into an industry juggernaut. 

Therefore, one of the keys to success can be personalization. For example product suggestion or product recommendation. The product recommendation can be an effective tool in personalized client administration. The strategy not only helps in better client service but also help the salesperson or associated member in reducing the cost associated with targeted client marketing. 

Harvard Business Survey reports states that personalization can deliver eight times the return on an initial capital investment made on promotions. In addition, it can also improve deals by 10% or more.

One needs to understand that simply being friendly or benevolent to the customer doesn’t work, one needs to constantly trigger in offering exceptional services to their customers. This is because, the clients are searching for solutions, and if an organization fail to offer those solutions, the client won't stick around. And moreover, many clients don't know precisely what sort of solution- say a product or service, they need. Therefore they depend on the business itself seeking the expertise solutions.

Here in the case, the business organizations can anticipate client needs and offer the desired product or service, offering a personalized touch of service. Thus guarantee that their customer base is always kept happy and satisfied.

Odoo ERP is one such application that helps you in keeping your customers happy and satisfied. From the very well managed inventory -keeping stock levels always right, or improving sales via effective marketing and forecasting, or the better customer management, or precise accounting, or management of human assets, Odoo is known for the flexible and personalized way of management of each sector. 

The open source can be customized to any extend keeping customer satisfaction and ease of use on a prior note. This blog introduces you to an Odoo application: Product Recommendation in Sales Order. The Odoo app is crafted by Cybrosys Technologies, an exponent in Odoo ERP.  

I think I need not help you with the extensive features of Odoo sales as you are well aware of its robust functioning. Right from automated and smart workflows to extensive analytical abilities, Odoo Sales has always been one of the prominent choices of businessmen. 


Cybrosys Technologies have come up with many sales management applications necessitating varied business needs. Cybrosys Odoo apps in Sales are rich in functionality, helping you in keeping your pipeline always full and flowing.

The Odoo app: Product Recommendation in Sales Order is built with the same mission. The module is tested and comes supportive to Odoo Community Edition. Built-in Odoo V11 and Odoo 12, it is a robust application to enhance your sales. The Odoo app helps the salesperson to personalize their approach by recommending the product from the sales order. Thus making the work seamless and perspective. One can enhance customer satisfaction via Product Recommendation App, built Cybrosys under Odoo platform.

Let me now give you a brief on the application.

As simple as it is, the main objective of the Product Recommendation in Sales Order application is to improve the business sales via recommending products to a current customer. The module adds frequent products wizard in the quotation and sale order, helping the sales person to have a quick look at the frequently purchased product by one of their customer.

This, in turn, helps the salesperson to suggest the very same list of products to the customer. The process of sales gets simplified here. It helps the salesperson to concentrate their time and exertion on other critical tasks. 

One of the most pivotal elements of the application is that the user can also set the no. of months and recommendations in settings for being more precise with the sales activity.


    1. Efficient and smart handling of sales via recommending products to each customer.

    2. Setting the limit on the number of recommendations.

    3. Setting the time period (number of months) in order to filter the recommendation period.

    4. Displaying frequently bought products by customers in the partner form.

    5. Displaying the last invoiced amount for each product.

Now let us see how the application works.

product recommendation in sales order-odoo apps

In the Sales -> Configuration -> Settings, you can see the ‘frequent product per customer’. 

There you can set the number of months to get frequently bought products within the given number of months. Set limit, in order to get the number of products to be shown in the frequently bought product list. The frequent products to be shown while selecting a customer will be calculated based on this setting. The products selected will be based on invoiced sale orders.

product recommendation in sales order-odoo apps

When you create a new sale order in Sales -> Order, select a customer and you can see the products that this particular customer frequently bought under the frequent products tab. The products shown in this list will be selected based on invoiced sale orders. You can see how many sale orders have been done for this product by this particular customer under ‘no of sale orders’ tab. The amount for this product in the last invoice created can be seen in the ‘last invoiced amount’ tab. The date of the last sale for this product is shown in the ‘recent sale date’  tab.

product recommendation in sales order-odoo apps

Click on the cart icon to add that product to the current order, and you can see that the product got added to the order line.

product recommendation in sales order-odoo apps

In  Sales -> Orders -> Customers, you can select a customer and click on ‘frequent products’ tab to show the frequently bought products by this customer.

Is it worth???

It’s an obvious fact that customers need to be esteemed, and now, with Odoo sales management applications, the clients can be made happier and esteemed. If you are interested in purchasing this app for your business, kindly go the product recommendation in sales order

If you are looking for Odoo customization for your business, drop a mail to info@cybrosys.com. We get you the best Odoo support at the best price.


If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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