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How to Run a Service Provider Company in Odoo

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Service provider companies have been well established from the beginning of the industrialization era. With the lack of specialized equipment which is expensive and technical skills to perform certain tasks companies and people have always been dependent on the service provisioning companies. These companies range from hospitality services providers, assistance service providers, equipment repair and installation, construction works and specified infrastructure building, and many more. The service industry has been booming and has seen major developments in the field. This rooted for the expansion of the industry as new and new providers came into the business and the management operations of each firm started to become tiresome.

This is where the investors and managers started to look out for automated management options that could simplify the process. Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) are an efficient automated management tool that could be applied in running the operations of a company. As ERPs operated from a single platform and the affordability and the reliability of the software is much higher than the others available in the market this software from their earlier development in the late 90s started to have an impact on every industry. Odoo is one of the best ERPs available which could perform the management operations of a service provider company with ease. 

This blog will provide insight on the merits of using Odoo ERP and how it will be beneficial in running a service provider company at various aspects of operation in Odoo such as:

Field services,

Employee management,

Subscription services,

Sale of spare parts and

Invoicing for the services.

Merits of using Odoo ERP

Odoo with its integration abilities to manage the operation of the whole company business is mentioned as the one-stop solution to all business needs and comes with various advantages for the user such as:

Single platform terminology of Odoo software helps the users to control and monitor all aspects of company operation from a single system.

As the system operates on a single platform the software users a single central database for the storage of information and data. Therefore making the information sharing and exchange between various departments easier and providing reliability on the information.

The customizability feature of the Odoo platform allows the user to adapt the software to any specifications and operating methodologies therefore it can be implemented in any form of business.

The Odoo platform also provides users with provision to integrate any third-party applications and equipment with the system and function along with them.

In addition, the main advantage of the Odoo platform is that the software is affordable and has a reliable operating methodology with a user-friendly approach.

Field services

Field services are an inevitable part of any service provider company and managing the various aspects of the operations comes up as a heavy burden for the managers and the employees. The Odoo platform provides users with the field service module to manage the operations of the field services. The employees in the field can access the platform via an electronic gadget that has access to the platform. From this the working time, spare parts and service charges could be invoiced to the customer straight from the field. The home screen window of the field service module of the Odoo platform is depicted below where all the tasks are being defined and the user can add tasks to be done by the field service employees. 


Employee management

Another aspect while functioning a service provider company is the employee and staff management. The Odoo platform allows the users with an effective HR management module which will allow the managers to manage the operations of the field staff as well as the inhouse employees. The task and shift allocation of each employee can be done through the module and the operations, performance, and productivity can also be managed and measured.

Subscription services

The subscription services of accompanying can be ranging from magazines, newspapers, hospitality services, security services, and many more. The management of these services can be effectively done in the Odoo platform as it provides the users with an efficient subscription management tool. The company can manage the subscription services, along with the operation, employee, and pricing management in the Odoo platform.

Sale of spare parts

While performing a service in the field there may be instances where certain spare parts should be replaced for equipment. In various situations, the employee in the field cannot charge the customers for the parts directly from the field. The Odoo platform resolves this issue by enabling the employee to add the products or spares used directly to the invoice. The products can be directly selected from the inventory upon heading to a customer location and additionally on using them it can be directly added to the customer invoice.

Invoicing for the services

Billing the customers for the services done is a hectic process as many companies would only allow the invoices from the company office only. However, the Odoo platform allows the employees in the field to generate and hand over the invoices directly to the customer from the field. These invoices can be sent out via email or can be handed over to the customer in hard copy if the employee has access to a printer. The invoices will include servicing charges, time duration, and hourly charges and in addition, the spare parts being used can also be added to the same invoice or a different one can be generated. The field service module also allows the user to attach the servicing time in the invoicing aspects of the customer along with the spare parts used.


Running a service provided company in Odoo will be advantageous to the users as it is one of the best management platforms available which allows the users to obtain complete control of the business. Odoo being an effective, efficient, reliable, and affordable software for business management will be an apt tool to manage the business operations of a company.

If you are interested in Odoo Implementation for your service provider company, drop your message to info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your company business to attain better heights with Odoo Support.

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