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By: Evin Davis

Sales and CRM in Odoo 14

Odoo 14 CRM Sales

Client relationship management and sales management are the important aspects of operation in a company that must be dealt with at most care and control over the operations. The successful operation of accompaniment not only depends on the effective conduction of sales but also on the factors such as customer satisfaction, shopping experience, and the support provided to the customers. The Odoo ERP software has the provision to manage these two aspects of the company operation. The Odoo platform along with its interrelated management operations of each aspect of company business provides an excellent customer relationship tool.

Odoo CRM

The Odoo 14 CRM ie. Customer Relationship Management with it we can manage the customer via leads that generally represent the potential customers with whom we have not yet established a relationship yet or those who show interest in what you are selling. In Odoo there are different lead generating techniques like website form, incoming mail, and so on. Besides different techniques for lead generation, Leads can be also created manually as shown below image.


CRM is the most advanced and automated customer relationship management software which could provide you with aspects such as ultimate customer satisfaction and lead generation which in turn leads to larger business opportunities and profits for the firm. In Odoo once the lead is qualified that can be further proceeded to increase the company’s enhancement by taking it to the different stages of the processes within the company. The below image depicts the CRM dashboard where the various customer relationship operations can be conducted.

In the CRM dashboard, the pipeline indicates the opportunities and leads of customers which the company could do business with. The stages of each lead are notified on top of each one and various custom-made statuses could be created by the user. The status of each lead could be changed as per the user’s needs. In addition, a winning percentage could be provided to each opportunity which would be indicated in color coordination which would increase the user-friendliness of the platform.

Once the lead is converted to Opportunity one will most likely need to send them a quotation so as soon as we click the option to convert into opportunity we will receive an option to create a quotation from that.


And when we create a new quotation from that it will automatically take you to the sales module with different stages in it.

The CRM module of Odoo 14 also has the provision to view the pipeline of the platform on various viewing formats such as kanban view, pivot view, graph view, list view, calendar view, cohort view, and dashboard view. These viewing forms of the platform would allow the users to demonstrate the reports and pipeline actions in a descriptive manner.

The user has the provision to create contact form the customer relationship management module itself which could be potential clients and could operate on them to achieve them to be regular customers. To create a customer from the sales window select the custom option available and from the customer, the window selects the create option available. The below image depicts the customer creation window where the user can provide the details of the customer and save it.

Sales module
Sales in an important aspect of any company's operations. Effective management of the sales operations would bring in good profits and drive in customers to your companies. The new sales module of Odoo 14 is the ultimate management solution for all the aspects of sales operations in your company.
The Odoo platform provides the provision to the users to create sales quotations as per the customer request and demands which could be sent over to them respectively via mail. The quotation template feature available in Odoo allows users to save the various sales quotation templates for future use. Each sales quotation can define the payment methods and the taxes allocated with the sale to the customer. The below image depicts the new sales quotation creation window. To create a sales quotation the user can select the quotations window in the sales module and the user will be depicted with the window as shown below.
The sales team is another aspect of vital importance associated with the operation of the sales aspects of the company. The Odoo platform provides the provision to its users to create and manage the operation of the various sales teams. The sales teams can be viewed under the sales and in the sales team tab. The below image depicts the sales team information associated with the company. The user can view all the aspects of sales operations conducted by each such as the number of quotations, invoices generated, revenue, and commodities sold.
The reporting in the sales module of the Odoo platform is another aspect where the platform shows its advantages over its competitors. The Odoo allows users to generate various analytical reports in the form of graphs, charts, and pie diagrams. These reports can be derived from the available data in the platform and filter, sorting, and grouping them based on various parameters which are available by default and custom-made ones. In addition, the various measurement parameters are listed out in the platform from which the user can choose from to generate the various financial as well as general reports on the sales.
The Odoo CRM and the sales modules are the ultimate operational module available in the operation of the Odoo platform and with its new Odoo 14 version it brings in the advancements of operation and automation into your business.

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