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By: Joisey TJ

Salient Features of Odoo 15 for the Meat Processing Industry

Functional Odoo 15

Meat industry manages the processing, distribution, and packaging of animals, including sheep, poultry, cattle and other livestock. Abundant meat supply in an organization sometimes becomes difficult. The demand for meat processing is increasing nowadays, and there is enormous scope for meat industries. A busy lifestyle leads to buying packed meats from the shops by individuals. On the other hand, many people decide to cook various meat dishes using high-quality products. Odoo 15 assists in the production management of materials and enrich the Purchase/Sales of products. A company can improve the business profitability of meat processing using the Odoo 15 database. 

This blog lets you know about salient features of Odoo 15 for the Meat Processing Industry. 

Meat industries rely on Odoo ERP to keep timeliness and production. Users can ensure the meat quality inside different warehouses within Odoo 15 and achieve sales in the market. Now, let's see the advanced features of Odoo 15 for the Meat Processing Industry. 

Role of Odoo ERP for the Meat Processing Units

The unwanted business expenses are reduced easily with an ERP system, which assists in the organization's productivity. Users can handle the accounting, sales, and purchase of meat production in a company with the Odoo 15. From beginning to end, each aspect of the meat processing stages is managed quickly with various modules in Odoo 15. Business profitability and growth enlarge by using an Odoo ERP system in your firm.

Benefits of Odoo 15 for the Meat Processing Industry

All solutions for your business needs are provided by Odoo ERP and integrated with various modules. Users can track the movement of the product starting from purchase order to delivery within the Odoo 15 Purchase module. Different modules in Odoo 15 control industry operations. You can facilitate your business collaboration and export products to the market with the advanced features of Odoo. The inventory, payroll, sales, maintenance, purchase, and other aspects managed by Odoo modules benefit meat industries.

Purchase Management

We can generate Quotations and Purchase orders for products from the Odoo 15 Purchase module. One of the complex tasks is to create quotations manually. Software support is provided for industries to start orders and quotations using Odoo 15. Users can access and develop products in the meat industry within the Odoo 15 Purchase module. For this purpose, click on the Products tab in the Odoo 15 Purchase dashboard. The list of every product is viewable here. When creating a new product data, you can apply general material information such as Product Type, Sales Price, Customer Taxes, Invoicing Policy, and more, as denoted in the screenshot below.


Users can add vendor lists for a specific product inside the Purchase tab in the Products window. The Extra prices, Bill of Materials, Quality Points, and purchased/sold units of your product in the meat industry are viewable inside the Products screen. We can evaluate the purchase in a company by the Reporting feature. Select the Purchase menu in the Reporting tab to analyse your purchases in the company. Here, you can see the Confirmation Date of orders on the X-axis and Y-axis, which depicts the Untaxed Total.


It is possible to change your meat processing industry by analysing purchase reports. Hence, order management and placing are done quickly with the Odoo 15 Purchase module.

Easy to Run product Life Cycle

Users can share manufacturing data of a product with different departments and sustain quality in the market with the help of the Odoo 15 PLM module. Designing, post-manufacturing, and recycling a product in the meat industry is maintained efficiently with the Odoo 15 Product Lifecycle Management module. A firm can assess the life cycle of a meat product using this module.

Engineering Change Orders (ECO) are processes for adding changes to documents or components. Users can develop an ECO Type, stages, and tag for their meat products in the PLM module. You can apply the Description, Tags, Responsible person, Effective date, Product name and Company when generating a new Engineering Change Order for a meat product, as in the screenshot below.


After that, we can start revision for your product. Users can track a product's routing performance and cost from the Revision sub-menu in the ECO window. Change order and shelf-life management of products become simple with the Odoo 15 PLM.

Bill of Materials

We can access materials and recipe management in the meat processing industry with the Bill of Materials in Odoo 15 Manufacturing module. You can examine the price of each product needed in meat processing units and fix a final product cost. Users can enter the components for your Product, Quantity, Product Variant, and Reference inside the Bill of Materials window, as displayed in the screenshot below.


Three variations of BOM include Subcontracting, Manufacturing this product and kit. You can pick up the essential ones as your need, and the workflow tracking at various work centers is possible through the Bill of Materials.

Secure quality of Meats in Industries

Product quality is the primary task for each food processing industry. We can ensure food safety by evaluating the quality of materials in meat industries and meet the business standards with the support of the Odoo Quality control mechanism. Users can produce Quality Control Points, Alerts, and Stages from the Odoo 15 Quality module. In addition, it is easy to configure Quality Teams, Tags, and Worksheet Templates from here. Using the Odoo 15 Quality module, you can check out the quality of the meat products. For that, click on the Quality Checks menu in the Quality Control tab and click on CREATE icon.


In the new window, select your meat product in the Product field, Type, Picking, Control per Product/Operation, and Company, as described in the screenshot below.


Users can include additional notes regarding the quality check of the product inside the Notes tab and choose the SAVE option. You can put the product stage as PASS or FAIL based on Quality Checks.

Sales Management

We can enrich sales activities by improving the Odoo 15 database supply chain management, and the purchase to delivery of completed goods covers a supply chain. Users can create Sales orders for meat products and apply shipping methods using the Odoo 15 Sales module. You can apply shipping methods for a Sales Order from the Configuration tab. In the Shipping methods window, we can add the mode of the delivery method inside the Shipping Method field and choose the Provider. Next, select your Delivery Product and enter the Fixed Price below the Pricing tab, denoted in the screenshot below.


Click on the SAVE icon to produce your new Shipping Method for a meat product. Moreover, you can add the Sales Teams, Customer details, and Quotations for your Orders. It is easy to analyse Sales Order reports from the Reporting feature of the Odoo 15 Sales module.

Easy to develop Maintenance Requests for Equipment in a Meat Industry

Machinery support and storage facilities are essential for meat processing industries. Maintaining tools and equipment in a meat processing industry sometimes becomes difficult. Odoo 15 Maintenance module is beneficial for these industries to ensure checking and repairing machines. Users can generate maintenance requests for a product from the Maintenance tab of the Odoo 15 Maintenance module. A new window opens before selecting the CREATE icon on the Maintenance Request page. In the new screen, add the Request name, Equipment, Responsible person, and Team. Users can also select the Maintenance Type, Company, and Description of request, as displayed in the screenshot below.


Users can configure maintenance teams, activity types, and stages from the Odoo 15 Maintenance module.

Facilitate the Tracking of Products Quickly

Users can track the lot and batch number of a product with the assistance of Odoo 15. We can trace the displacement of raw meat, livestock, and processed one. The meat processing begins from the work center to inventory in an industry easily accessible with the Odoo database. You can trace a product until it's delivered to the customer.

The meat processing industry acquires great profit when using an Odoo ERP system. Some of the features include Purchase/Sales management, Bill of Material, Product lifestyle, and tracking. All these benefits you to raise the workflow within less time, and Odoo 15 is the right solution. Refer to the following blogs to understand the role of Odoo ERP in the Meat Processing Industry : Odoo ERP for Meat Processing Units

ERP Software for Meat Industry

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