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By: Anusha

Things to be Remember For ERP Support and Maintenance


    An efficient and robust Odoo ERP system can do amazing things for your business. After the implementation of open source/Odoo ERP, you have to provide proper training for your staff to work adequately with the software. But this is the primary part of the implementation and integration of the software with your business. What about maintenance and support?

Most organizations/companies and business do not even think about the maintenance and support of their ERP systems. Maybe one of the reason is its costs. This Negligence may result in the premature expiration of the software.

To get the most from your software, some points must be kept in mind. Here are some important things to consider for odoo support and Maintenance

1. Improve the ERP with Your Own Advancements

    The time will be changing. You cannot expect the same person every time. Some things have changed. And as we all know “Change is the only constant”. However, it is our duty to make those changes favorable for the business.

You might have gained some new clients, lost some others, which together might have led to your company appealing to a completely new demography. You might have gained some new skills or might have used some new technology. All or any of these growths can be complemented and utilized with minor improvements to your Enterprise Resource Planning. If we Ignore, this might hinder the future growth plans for your organization.

2. Have Your Old Staffs Undergo Training with the New Recruits

    A part of your investment in the implementation of the ERP was in training your staffs. Moreover, it is more than often that the training sessions are neglected mostly during the maintenance program. Again, you being an angry project manager or boss over this matter is not the best solution either.

One thing that can be done is to give your staffs another formal training with the new recruits for whom you had to arrange training sessions anyway.

Most of your existing staffs and workers are bound to have picked up on some bad/time consuming /inefficient habits and practices over the course of time. Again, they might have even forgotten some of the training sessions.

Updated training will help every user remain sharp and well informed on how to utilize the ERP at its peak potential.

3. Check out KPIs to Know Where ERP Maintenance Is Required

    We all know the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.  Your equipment has worn out or is just not powerful enough to keep up with modern day technology/software Or perhaps Your Network System Technologies might have become outdated. All this might result in a fall in your performance and hence efficiency too. ”. So we need to implement new methods to prevent such situations

You should have an efficient team to monitor KPI’s. This will alter you on which place of your ERP is falling and what needs your immediate attention.

Each and Every hour of every day is crucial for your business. Keep it working smoothly

4. Ask Your Employees and Clients

    This is your business, your company. You are the boss. However, your staffs are the people running the entire thing. Ask your staffs for their suggestions or feedback. Listening to them will make their jobs easier; increase their productivity, which will ultimately benefit your company.

Again, listen to your customers and vendors. They are also an important part of your business. And these people might have some connection or perspective that might benefit your pursuit for better maintenance of ERP.

Ask them about their previously faced problems with ERP and consider if you are on the edge of facing a similar difficult situation.                 


5. Keep ERP system up to date

Generally, most organizations do not care about upgrades unless there are some bug fixes or face any issue. Do not do this!

Take enough time to keep your ERP up to date. These updates come in a sequential order. And most ERP vendors issues some upgrades for your ERP on a regular basis. If you keep avoiding them, then you might get too far behind the current software iteration and your vendor might even stop supporting you. In addition to this, these upgrades sometimes have some significant improvements fastened with them, so you get new features free. So keep your ERP systems up to date and you get a major portion of ERP maintenance covered up.

You are already aware of the benefits that a powerful ERP can bring in for your company. That is why you have invested so much money in integrating and implementing the ERP system with your business.

We will be able to understand the result of proper Odoo ERP support and maintenance within the very short span of time.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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