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By: Evin Davis

Unify your Scattered Business Operation with Odoo


Owning a business that is scattered between continents or regions of operation would bring in a larger customer base however, the difficulty arises in the management of it. Today most multinational organizations suffer from these management issues and are not capable of bringing all operations into a single roof without dignified tools. The business management operations in a single company itself will go out of hand if there are no dedicated tools and strategies thus the impact of this on multinational corporations will be huge. Single management or a manager will not be able to manage the operations of all the branches of business operations that are stretching over in different continents. 

Micromanagement is the principle to be used here, as it provides the management with the ability to use each branch to a respective manager and a management team. Further, then all the management operations are unified in operations under a single umbrella and the CEO or the business owner and the central management team is in full control of the operations. Moreover, you will require a dedicated tool where you will be able to define all the branches, have control and understanding of their operations as well as a dedicated management module for the respective branches which is brought under a single platform. Enterprise and resource planning software can do so and have been widely used by multinational businesses and corporations.

Today ERP software solutions are used all over the world as business management models which will be reliable tools in business management. Moreover, ERP Softwares are a category of business management solution and their various software available under the label. Odoo one of the prominent ERP software solutions available is capable of providing complete management for business operations. Today it's one of the prominent and most used ERP software solutions with more than 5 million people using it for the functioning of their establishment. Moreover, the platform can be operated from a single system and the functions can be described based on the hierarchy of the employees in your company providing them with the respective authorization.

So let's understand how the Odoo platform can help you to unify your scattered business operations.

Odoo as we know it is one of the best business management software and has been used by numerous companies, so how did Odoo become active in a short while being developed over 15 years ago. The answer is simply its dedicated design which makes it the one-stop solution for establishments. Moreover, the modular structure provides the uses with dedicated application-specific modules which are crafted to serve dignified purposes in an organization. Additionally, these modules are interconnected in operations making them reliable to function and with advanced capabilities. Considering the aspects of managing business operations that are scattered with Odoo there are various operational possibilities as well as tools that will bring the entire operations unified and functioning in unanimity. Down below are certain functions and configuration tools that will help you to do so with Odoo.

Manage multiple companies or branches

The Odoo platform allows you to run the operations of multiple companies or branches from a single platform as you can define multiple companies of operation in the Odoo with ease. This feature will allow the management to have an overview of the operations of each branch and have one centralized control of its operations. Additionally, you could define a dedicated platform for each branch and micromanage it with the Odoo which will be having centralized control over it. This will ensure that there is effective product movement or inter transfer between the branches or the companies.

A centralized inventory with the ability to define multiple warehouses

Odoo has a centralized inventory management style that allows the product to move between the branches or all your companies to run smoothly and effectively. This also ensures that the operation of retail, wholesales as well as e-commerce are run effectively from one centralized control. In addition, you will be able to define multiple warehouses and locations for the inventory operations and provide separate control for each and unified under central inventory control. The inter transfer between these warehouses can be done with ease in the Odoo platform which will be verified and approved by the managers themselves.

Manage your remote working team

Remote working is one of the newer operational terminologies of business functioning and today most of the organization have adapted to it. The hit of the pandemic in the world in the year 2020 has transformed the way people used to work and made them bound to work from their homes. With Odoo you will be able to manage your remotely working teams from a single platform. Moreover, you can define multiple projects and allocate tasks to the employees on them. You can read the following blog where I have described how the Odoo platform will help you to manage your remote teams effectively:


These are some of the aspects on which the Odoo ERP will be helping you unify the business operations of your company which has scattered business operations. Along with these the various dignified modules available in Odoo will also help to run your business operations, whether it's remote, online, retail, or wholesale to be unanimously functioning for the betterment of the establishment.

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