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By: Evin Davis

Are you a Building Contractor: Grow your Business with Odoo

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New buildings all over the world are starting to be built daily and the construction of certain them will take more than years to complete. Considering the largest buildings in the world they undergo a construction process that is everlasting and will take up to even more than 10 years to complete. The contracting business on the construction of buildings is common and it's one of the proven methodologies for faster construction. Today you can see that the construction of buildings both public as well as private is constructed with the contractors. Moreover, to say the contract business in building construction is booming is considered as one of the profitable business markets in the aspects of the construction business. 
If you own contract business and you need to run the functioning of it in an effective platform designed to manage the operations you can read this blog, where the use of Odoo in the construction contracting business will be explained in detail.
The management of the business, as well as the functioning operations in the contractor's firms, are always in a fast-paced environment and there are various constraints as well as aspects to be considered for smoother operations. The use of dedicated software tools will help you with the management operation. Enterprise and resource planning software can be used for the management of such business. The Odoo is one such software solution falling into the category of enterprise and resource planning solutions and will be able to provide complete business management operations for the functioning of the company. Let's move on to understand how the Odoo ERP will be beneficial for the operations in a building contractual firm.
Odoo in a building contractor business establishment
Odoo is one of the prominent business management software's available in the market today, with the capability to manage all the operations of the company from the top management level to the execution of the tasks. Its dedicated modular approach which provides the users of the platform with application-specific modules is the main reason for it. Moreover, the platform provides reliability to the operation management along with the capability to improve the profits as well as the productivity aspects of the company. Let's have look at the aspects that Odoo puts forward for the management of a construction contract business operation business;
Plan your projects with the dedicated planning module.
The planning module will help you to define your construction plans for the various projects for which your company has taken up the contract. Moreover, you will be able to compute the cost and duration of the project completion based on the in-hand data available to you. Furthermore, the module is in direct integration with all other functional modules to help you with the information exchange, data-driven approach, and functioning with unanimity for the betterment of the project. The planning module is in direct implementation with the project module to help you to go directly from planning to execution.
Project module to execute your contracts
The planned projects can be executed with the help of the project module. Here you can create new projects, further create tasks and subtasks on the projects and move forward with it. These tasks and subtasks can be assigned to the managers or the engineers in operation and making them in charge of completing it in the provided time. Further to say you have prediction tools on the completion of the projects, use of materials, and the equipment needed based on the analysis of the task and the project's progress rates. In addition, you will be able to track the projects analytically as well as quantitatively on the status as well as the use of raw materials.
Procurement of raw materials
In a construction project, the main raw materials required are cement, iron, steel, sand, and all the hardware required for it. In a contractual firm, these are purchased in bulk which is either stored in a warehouse or is directly brought to the construction site. With Odoo you can define various product procurement terms with the vendors. Additionally, advanced purchase operations such as the cross-docking feature can be executed which will allow the raw materials to be directly shipped to the construction site saving you the shipping charges.
Warehouse management
The chance for a building contractor to own a warehouse for the operations is really low as they will be focusing on the cross-docking operations where the raw materials are directly shipped to the construction site from the vendor location. In the case of it, there is a warehouse to store the raw materials as procurement in bulk quantities will be financially beneficial for the establishment. The Odoo has an inventory module that will help you not to manage single but multiple warehouses for the operation.
Website management
For a construction company, a website will be a beneficial tool. The Odoo has a dedicated website builder tool that will help you with creating attractive websites with a no-code approach. With the block tools available you can easily drag and drop the required blocks available in the platform to design an attractive website. Furthermore, the lead acquisition feature is also intervened with the website operation allowing you to create business leads based on the visitor operations.
Finance management
The Odoo platform has a dedicated accounting management module that will help you with the financial management aspects of the company. Moreover, you can define the project's operations individually as it will be helpful in the contract management of the respective projects. Furthermore, there are advanced options such as automated reconciliation along with adding and managing taxes based on the region of operation.
In conclusion, the Odoo platform is one of the best management solutions for the operations in the contractual construction business as it provides you with dedicated tools for the management of respective operations.

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