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By: Sumaiba

What are the Important Benefits of Odoo Live Chat


What is a Live Chat?
Live Chat is a useful communication tool that allows your business an advanced way to communicate with their visitors when they visit your organization’s website. This online communication facility will help for the private chat between the operator and the visitor who needs your service. In these private text messages, we can also include pictures, documents, links, and many more aspects. This advanced tool is a very convenient way to make rapport with your customers. It is a good platform for service providing answers to customer queries and clarifies customers’ doubts. Delivering good live chat support will enhance your customer satisfaction and it will help to improve your sales. 
What's the necessity of Live Chat support?
Now in this live world, you can make your business and communication more live with Live chat support like the Odoo Live Chat. Odoo Live Chat is one of the best favored interactive tools by the customers because of the user convenience and its possibility for real-time support. The satisfaction level of the live chat channel is much higher than the emails and phone calls. Through this live chat functionality, the customers get a good platform for clearing contextual doubts and details. So it will help to increase customer satisfaction and it will result in better sales. 
In this blog, we can discuss the important benefits of a Live Chat channel.
First, we will list out the important benefits of a Live chat Channel. 

- Increase customer satisfaction
- Enhance conversations
- Low service cost
- Strength productiveness
- Prevent purchase rejections
- Helps to gain visitors credibility
- Build a good and long relationship with visitors
- Feel free on service
- Personalize your brand and services
- Gain customer confidence
- Collect and store customer details
- Lead mining
- You can make customers engaged
- Help to convert leads to opportunities
- Automate services
- Improve sales
- Live support
- Quick responses
- Easily identify customer issues
- Reduce Expenses
- 24/7 customer support

Instant Access
The Live chat platform provides easy access to the support. You will be able to connect with the support team within seconds when compared with the other communication tools like emails, phone call support. So the support team can easily solve the confusions of your visitors or customers and this instant convenience will make them more confident and credible in your business and this will definitely result in your sales.

Enhance Conversations
When a customer visits your website, he may have so many questions regarding your product, services, and other related doubts. He will not always be ready to find your contact details and make a phone call or email. The Live chat facility will be more convenient for him to contact you. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Live Chat channels are the proper medium for increasing customer satisfaction. Because it is a user-friendly platform and visitors get their answers to the questions in real-time without disconnecting from their system. The supporters can provide links, instructional videos, documents, and other related materials through live chat and it is also possible to share the screen of your visitors with attendees if they need more support. 

Low Service Cost
When compared with other supports like phone calls and others, Live Chat costs much lower. The researchers report that the live chat channels supporting services are 17% cheaper than the phone call.  Also, the live chat channels allow managing multiple customers at the same time. It is also an added advantage.  

Connect Directly With Brands
The Live Chat channels will have the ability to connect customers directly with your brands. You are providing communication through your website page. So you will get more chances to describe your brand and your products. 

Strengthen Productiveness
With the implementation of a Live Chat channel, the customer service support team in your organization will receive more advantages. It will be very helpful for them to improve their productivity. They can manage more customers at the same time and the customer satisfaction level is also very high. 

Prevent Purchase Rejections
The Odoo Live chat facility can be used at any time and if your website visitor is searching your product on your site when they face any trouble with the product or service. They can easily contact operators with just a click. So that they can be made clear on all the information regarding your service and naturally you will get a chance to convince them by provisioning the complete information on the product.

Helps to gain visitors credibility
You can definitely build stronger customer trust between you (your business) and your customers. Adding live chat support to your company website will ensure fast and efficient customer service and you can provide service in real-time. It is the best platform to manage customers on the spot. So you can provide services without many efforts

Increase customer engagement
The Live chat channels are always ready for their service. Because of this accessibility, you will definitely feel an increase in your customer interaction. Most probably all the customers are ready to communicate with this convenient live chat facility. By implementing a live chat facility, the users are more convenient to seek help instead of giving up and make them more engaged with your website. 

Good and longer relationship with your customer
Making a personal relationship with customers is the key to your business. The Live Chat channels will act as a good platform for building a long relationship with your customers. Usually, people want to experience a business and understand their needs before the business forces their products and services on them.  This type of relationship can only be obtained through Live chat support channels.

Feel free on Service
The Live chat channels provide real-time customer support. It is also considered as the main advantage. Because the customers or visitors get an instant response to their queries. So the visitors and customers feel free on the Live Chat service when compared with other customer care services. 

Gain Customer Confidence
By using relevant Live Chat support, you can offer personalized customer services and through this live chat channel, the customers can reach you at the exact moment when they need your assistance. This will help you to gain the confidence of your customer over your product and service. 

Lead Mining
We all know that one of the biggest challenges of a business is to generate leads and convert them into your regular customer. Don’t worry... A live chat channel can help you to boost the lead generation process. In Odoo, for a live chat channel, there is a separate window to mark the details of your visitors.

24/7 customer support
With Live Chat support, you can offer 24/7 customer support. So that you will not miss any of the questions. It also helps you to obtain customers in different time zones. Moreover, the 24/7 service may reveal a positive commitment to your customers. 

We discussed some of the benefits of a Live chat support channel and hope you understand the importance of having Live chat support like the Odoo Live Chat channel for your business. If you want your business to be great and want to keep your customers engaged, the better way is to have a Live Chat channel like Odoo Live Chat.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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