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By: Faiceena Nasreen

What Makes Odoo Ecommerce the Best Option for Your Online Store in 2023

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When contemplating an eCommerce website builder, Odoo can be just one of many possibilities that come to mind. This is due to the widespread use of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. Odoo, however, is more than that! It is an Odoo e-commerce, CRM, project management, accounting, and other business management software suite. The Odoo ERP can assist you in building an online store.  You can also leverage the other Odoo modules and applications to establish, like Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. So, before you decide on Odoo for e-commerce, let me review everything you need.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a company software package that includes e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting,  inventory management, and more.  Because it is open-source software, it can be altered to suit the particular requirements of every organization. Additionally, Odoo provides various customization tools, like themes, modules, and plugins, that can assist organizations in modifying the program to meet their unique needs. This is crucial for e-commerce businesses, as they frequently have particular needs when running their online store.

What is Odoo E-Commerce?

Odoo software has a number of modules available, including an open-source website builder and e-commerce modules that make it simple and quick for companies to launch an online store. For startups and small firms with tight budgets, this is incredibly beneficial. The software provides free hosting and a domain name for the first year. After that, users can change to their favorite domain name vendor. Other Odoo modules, like, inventory and social marketing, may incur extra fees when integrated. With the help of the well-liked and reliable platform Odoo eCommerce, retailers can build attractive, simple-to-maintain stores. By providing a variety of shipping and payment alternatives, this service enables businesses to establish a more tangible connection with their clients. Because of its solid foundation and various possibilities, Odoo e-Commerce has become one of the most trusted business solutions.
Here are a few reasons to choose Odoo if you want the ideal eCommerce solutions. The Odoo e-commerce functionalities are as follows:
Complete suite: Odoo is a comprehensive set of business tools that contains modules for sales, CRM, inventory, procurement, project management, marketing, financial management, HR management, warehouse management, manufacturing, logistics, and more. More than a thousand modules, both cloud-based and installed on-premises, may communicate with one another and enable third-party business applications, services, and systems. By doing so, you can manage your E-store and every aspect from one place.
Visibility: With the help of Odoo, you can see everything that goes on throughout your processes, making it easy to access all of your data and figure out where you stand. The necessary data, such as shipping information, product information, inventory levels, and customer reviews, are all kept in one place, removing the need for manual data entry or department-wide searching.
Possibilities for flexible payments: Due to its compatibility with various shipping choices and payment gateways, Odoo offers multiple payment alternatives that let you monitor all transactions in real-time.
Increased profitability: Odoo enables users to monitor sales and inventory fast and precisely, assisting businesses in achieving profitability and ROI more quickly through reporting and auto-stock adjustments.
ERP solutions built in the cloud: Since Odoo is a cloud-based solution, you can instantly access your modules from anywhere worldwide and make changes as you go.
Scalable solution: Due to Odoo's high scalability, business owners can customize the platform to meet their unique needs without spending a fortune on a custom solution.
Streamlined workflow: By streamlining an eCommerce company's workflow and minimizing human labor and time spent on activities like order processing, payment processing, and customer support, Odoo enables companies to concentrate on expanding their business.
Cost-effective: With Odoo, businesses can save money on maintenance and custom development expenses while giving their customers a one-of-a-kind and personalized eCommerce experience.
Secure payments: Businesses can handle payments safely and worry-free using Odoo's integrated secure payment gateways incorporated within the platform.
Mobile optimized: To give customers an optimized and seamless experience regardless of their device, Odoo offers an entirely responsive mobile version of your eCommerce website.

Advantages of Odoo eCommerce integration:

Businesses can use Odoo e-commerce integration to connect and sync the Odoo e-commerce platform with other applications and systems. This might happen between Odoo and third-party tools and platforms. The fundamental purpose of integration is to improve the overall customer experience by streamlining company operations. Odoo, with its comprehensive integration features, will be an excellent solution for online businesses in 2023. With ERP, CRM, and inventory management modules, companies can enhance their online store's capabilities beyond e-commerce. One of the primary advantages of Odoo Commerce is its ability to streamline procedures and improve the overall client experience. Let’s examine some of the advantages of the eCommerce Odoo module integration.
1. Integration with Sales and Inventory Management Modules: The Odoo ERP system's sales and inventory management modules can be integrated with e-commerce. Real-time inventory management and order fulfillment are possible for businesses. When a customer puts an order on the e-commerce website, the inventory levels are automatically updated, and the order is sent to the appropriate warehouse for fulfillment.
2. Payment Gateway Integration: The Odoo e-commerce platform allows the integration of several payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net. By enabling businesses to accept payments from clients using several payment options, they enhance the checkout process and boost client happiness.
3. Shipping Carrier Integration: UPS, FedEx, and DHL are shipping carriers that can be integrated with Odoo e-commerce. With the help of this connectivity, businesses can give clients precise shipping quotes and delivery estimates, enhancing the customer experience as a whole.
4. Marketing Automation Integration: Marketo, HubSpot, and Mailchimp are just a few marketing automation solutions that can be combined with Odoo e-commerce, but Odoo itself provides a Marketing Automation module, which can be used alongside or as an alternative to third-party solutions. Organizations may increase customer engagement and conversion rates by automating marketing efforts and personalizing client messages.
5. Client Relationship Management Integration: Businesses can manage client information, keep track of customer interactions, and improve customer service by integrating Odoo e-commerce with the Odoo CRM system. Businesses may now offer a more individualized and effective consumer experience.
6. Reaching the Right Audience: Odoo can help your website rank highly in search engines thanks to its extensive SEO-optimized capabilities. Additionally, thanks to the specialized tracking tool and your Google Analytics account connection, you can comprehend visitor behavior and raise conversion rates. The extensive, built-in dashboard will also allow you to view your best sales and obtain advanced information.
7. Ability to Display Eye-Catching Product Pages and Draw in Customers: The Odoo e-Commerce module can check all the necessary boxes to avoid spending a significant amount of money on hiring a specialized web development team while getting a beautiful website with an excellent design. Using the Odoo Website Builder, where you can easily drag and drop the building blocks, and you can make visually appealing pages. The design of the pages, the themes of your online store, the colors, and many other things may all be changed. Additionally, as your store expands, you can add new features to your website.
8. Numerous Additional Integration Options: Thanks to its modular design, you can quickly add more functionalities to Odoo based on your demands. For instance, you can easily connect the eCommerce module with other modules like the Live Chat, Help Desk, CRM, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, Human Resources, and others to increase the effectiveness of the entire system.

Odooo e-Commerce features and functionality:

Odoo may be a comprehensive open-source business management software with an e-commerce module with various parts and functionalities. A number of the critical elements of Odoo e-commerce include. Let's explore!
Drag and Drop Editor: Creating a web store on Odoo is straightforward. You do not get to skills to code and may create your virtual store with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Conversely, working around the Odoo UI is often time-consuming if this is your first time.
Easy Designing: With the assistance of an Odoo website configurator, you'll create your Odoo online store in four simple stages. You'll also look for and utilize copyright-free photos for the eCommerce sector on your website.
Professional Commerce Themes: You'll choose between various Odoo themes. You'll simply locate free Odoo themes within the app store and use them as is or change them. Choose from top premium Odoo Themes to give your store an appearance and feel. You'll also employ expert Odoo developers to make custom themes.
Multi Website & B2B Store: You'll find out multiple stores on a comparable database and even effortlessly share merchandise. You'll restrict access to your store to specific users. The pricing list option allows you to display multiple prices supported by particular criteria (such as discounts for a given total cart value, bulk purchases, B2B, and B2C).
Configure Product Versions: Numerous versions are available in supported sizes and colors. You'll be ready to configure your products with Odoo eCommerce seamlessly.
Contact Form: Personalize contact forms to your preferences and give them a more distinctive appearance to encourage client interaction. They will be easily incorporated into your system using Odoo.
Live Chat: The streamlined Odoo UI simplifies using live chat from the backend. A moment chat window will appear in your backend whenever a visitor leaves a message.
Upselling and cross-selling: you'll significantly boost your sales by promoting more products throughout your eCommerce store. Like on the merchandise pages, at the checkout, or within the basket.
Promotions and Coupons: Using Odoo eCommerce simplifies fixing promotional campaigns and coupons. It aids in enticing customers to shop for goods from your store.
SEO-friendly: You'll maintain your online business ahead of the competition by utilizing special features like automated mobile device adaptation and other integrated solutions. Your website will rank well and attract more customers to your shop if it's program optimized.
Analytics: As your Google Analytics account is integrated with your Odoo online store, you'll increase your conversion rate. You'll also use the integrated analytics tool to trace visitor intent, page performance, conversion rate, and other statistics.


Odoo Commerce has several options because of its omnichannel architecture and various modules. Managing daily operations for an eCommerce business is simpler by synchronizing multiple Odoo modules. A user-friendly website layout, straightforward navigation, and a current product selection will attract more customers and enhance their experience.
The extensive feature set and affordable solutions offered by Odoo can help you manage your business processes while giving your clients a safe and personalized experience. Your company will be prepared to face the competition and expand with the correct Odoo eCommerce capabilities. Examine the countless opportunities offered by Odoo eCommerce development to maximize the potential of your online store.

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