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By: Anju A.P

Why E-Commerce Websites Should Go for Blogging?

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If you are running an online business say the E-commerce store, you can nowhere escape from adding blogs to your E-commerce website. Today, blogging has become an inevitable part of any business, be it a software development company or an E-commerce store. Blogs play a crucial role in making your online presence stronger and competing. 

If you intend to sell your products digitally, you need to persuade the buying decision of your website visitors and this can be only achieved via providing relevant information about your products. 

With increased consciousness of individual well-being, people now go in search of every minute details of a product, be it the feature or its pricing. Therefore, when it comes to an E-commerce website, the product page should be filled with all the necessary attributes. However, in case, if the buyer isn’t satisfied with the presentation of the product page, the next lookout shall be the articles related to products. And if the article is that well-written, no doubt that it triggers a buying decision. 

Let’s see in detail how beneficial blogging can be for E-commerce websites.

1. Adding a blog means increasing the amount of content in your website. With more amount of content, more the website gets indexed. This eventually leads way to the prospective clients to enter your website. In addition, infusing trending keywords and sharing blogs on social media will yield better results. 

2. If you want to brand yourself as an industry specialist, blogs can be a good means to do it. Your blog posts can contain tips and tricks that your intended/targeted group is scanning for. Also, the posts can include tutorials, sales information, breaking news of the industry and many others. This simply engages your customers on the website and later trigger for buying something.

3. Regardless of whether you use select in email advertising for your declarations, or have a territory on your E-commerce website where you share declarations—your new blog will be an incredible spot for your clients to become familiar with your most recent news and updates. This could be anything from new products, answer to your most frequently asked questions, regular advancements, or anything new about your organization you might want to share.

4. Your E-commerce business blog won't just drive more traffic to your site—however, it will build your changes as well. Your blog will make you feel progressively trustworthy and relatable, which will give new customers a more prominent feeling of trust in their buys.

5. The more the blogs get listed on your website, the more the sense of seriousness is created. Customers get a feeling from your regular updates that you are serious about the business and is a trustworthy partner. 

6. The potential to go viral is more in a blog rather the product page. People can quickly read an article and instantly share them with millions using various social media platforms. Thus your product will reach across millions in no time. 

The above list is only a few among the benefits of blogging in an E-commerce website. However, if you take this blogging seriously at your business end, you yourself can see its boundless benefits.

The benefits of Odoo E-commerce is no new to the public. There are many articles, videos, and slides already listed on the internet discussing its unlimited benefits to the E-commerce community. To list a few, Odoo E-commerce comes with advantages of Product Inline Page Builder, Drag and Drop Page Builder, Inline SEO Suggestion, Buy Without Sign Up, Link tracker, Integrated A/B testing, Multi-Store Support, Advanced Taxes, etc. One can seamlessly create a stunning modern website will all necessary feature. Also adding products is made simpler in Odoo. Coming integrated with other management modules like Inventory and Accounting, the backend remains strong in Odoo comparing to other E-commerce applications. 

Along with the above lists, Odoo blogs is yet another great feature provided by Odoo. Which is really using the cms idea of Odoo and giving lovely user interfaces? The blogs can be effectively shared through various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. One can efficiently manage blog and blog posts on Odoo backend and can be designed utilizing Odoo cms editor. Relocating the content is made simpler with Odoo as you are provided with designing snippets of Odoo cms.

The easy-to-use drag & drop feature gets your website with an attractive blog design that is mobile-friendly. Being responsive, the content is readable on any device be it mobile, PCs or laptops, taking you closer to your audience.


Stunning templates simply add style to your website look, giving it classier and modern surface. You are ready to go online, soon you select the template and add contents in it. 

Ready to use themes in Odoo E-commerce simply lifts your website to the next level. 

Do you know how to create a blog in Odoo? All you need to do is install the module from the Odoo apps tore. Soon installing it, you will find all those features in the backend menu required for managing a blog. One can create an unlimited number of blogs and publish them in ease. Created blogs can be seen in the “Blog” section of the website.

Interested in setting up an E-commerce website? Drop your request to info@cybrosys.com.Cybrosys has 11+ years of experience in Odoo Implementation and Odoocustomization. The company offer all kinds of Odoo support no matter which industry you belong to. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


Sander Touw

Thanks for this well written article. I agree wholeheartedly, having a blog is crucial for your eCommerce business as it will help attract clients, position yourself as an industry specialist and give better rankings in Google.




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