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By: Anju A.P

Manage and Maintain Your Equipment with Odoo


Are you working in an equipment-heavy industry? Are your workplace operations revolving around heavy equipment? If so, well you understand the importance of keeping and maintaining your equipment in good shape. 

Managing the assets and equipment used for daily operations are critical for any business organization, no matter how big or small they are. Any fall short in managing these assets and equipment can bring down the business to its low level. Lack of equipment maintenance can hamper the industry production, quality of products, business expenditures and many hidden events. In addition, it can also risk the lives of employees associated to the working of equipment, eventually threatening the efficient functioning of business. Needless to say, a disorganized or chaotic approach in equipment maintenance can costs huge to the business in terms of financial losses. 

However, with a standard equipment management application, one can streamline the entire maintenance procedure. Odoo Maintenance module is one such application that helps to stabilize and organize management of asset and equipment in the business industry. Odoo Maintenance module helps the business in assuring quality product, timely and efficient production, expenditure saving and moreover a culture of safety. Right balance of corrective and preventive maintenance of equipment via Odoo Maintenance module can bring in great amount of savings to the business.

Let’s see how.

When an equipment is bought, it comes under the responsibility of the maintenance department of the organization to guarantee that the equipment is kept appropriate and its quality is never undermined or compromised.   

To deal the above, Odoo has come up with the Maintenance module that helps with maintenance request, storing of equipment and so forth.

In the first place, Odoo Maintenance module enables you to form a team for carrying out different purposes. Once the team is created to look after various purposes, you can include various equipment used for daily workplace operations. In the event that any deformity or any breaking down gets reported in the equipment, they can be accounted quickly via making a maintenance request. Eventually, the maintenance team created earlier for the purpose can take necessary actions and each stage of support can be simultaneously updated in the database. Isn’t it easy and worth useful?

Let’s see in detail.

Maintenance Teams

In order to establish an organized and systematic up keeping of equipment, we need a maintenance team. On the receiving of maintenance requests that are created, the team take necessary actions for the same. One can create maintenance team via adding the following information:

> Team name

> Team members



To add the equipment, you need to add the following information in the create form: 

> Equipment Name 

> Equipment Category 

> Maintenance Team in-charge for the equipment

> Description of the equipment

Also the product information like,

> Vendor Name 

> Warranty Period

> Equipment Model


Maintenance information like,

> Preventive Maintenance Frequency: The frequency can be set via entering the number of days.

> Next Preventive maintenance: The field automatically updates based on preventive maintenance Frequency. For instance, if you have set the preventive maintenance frequency as 30 days, the next preventive maintenance gets updated upon current date.

> Maintenance duration: Can specify time say hours for equipment maintenance.


Odoo enables easy access to the maintenance requests that are created. The requests get displayed at the right corner of the equipment page and the maintenance team can thereby easily scan or check the pending requests. Equipment-wise requests help in easy scanning and quick look out of the issue.

Maintenance Requests

If employees find any defect in the equipment, they can immediately create a Maintenance request. However, while creating the maintenance request, one need to differentiate it whether the request created is for Preventive Maintenance or for Corrective Maintenance.

To your understanding let me clear the difference between. Preventive maintenance as the word describe is the action taken prior to the equipment falling short or meets a failure. It’s moreover like a regular servicing of the equipment to make sure its good run. 

On the other hand, Corrective Maintenance comes post after the equipment meets a fail or breakdown. Therefore, while creating a maintenance request for the equipment you need to clearly ascertain whether the request is seeking for corrective or preventive measure. 

Let’s see how to create a maintenance request in Odoo. To do so, you need to add the following information:

> Team 

> Scheduled date 

> Priority of request

> Internal note if any


Meanwhile, the maintenance team can update the stages of the request such as:

> New Request

> In Progress

> Repaired

> Scrap

The team can manage these support stages in a pipeline.

One need not worry about the closing of maintenance request. When the request reaches the “Repaired Stage “, closed date field automatically gets updated.

Maintenance Calendar

One can easily view or add the new maintenance request from Maintenance Calendar. Calendar Format helps in quick glance of maintenance request created, making sure no requests are pending or unattended. 


Using the Maintenance Calendar, the teams can schedule themselves in prior, also set target say week/month to complete the task.

Maintenance Reports

The created maintenance requests for various equipment is made visible in different report kind in Odoo.

1) Graph view displaying various data. 


2) Pivot view displaying data like equipment category, department, employee.


3) Kanban view displaying pipeline view of the maintenance requests. You can see here the different stages of maintenance request such as New Request, In Progress, Repaired, etc. 


To know more, refer Maintenance management in odoo v12.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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