Chapter 15 - Odoo 15 Development Book

Create and update multiple records

If you are a new user in Odoo development, you have to execute multiple queries to write or create multiple records, In this case, we can take a look at how to create and write records.

First check how to Creating multiple records.

Odoo allows you to create records in batches.Simply give a dictionary with the field values if you're generating a single record.Instead of passing a single dictionary, you can pass a collection of these dictionaries to create records in a batch.In a create methode, the following example creates single records.

value = [{'name': "Anu",'age': '10',},
{'name': "Ammu",age: '20'},
{'name': "Appu",age: '18’,}]

Writing multiple records.

If you are working on different versions of Odoo, you should be aware of how to write method works in this case.It uses a delayed approach for updates, which means that it does not write data in the database immediately. Odoo writes the data to the database only when necessary or when flush() is called.

For example:

data1 = {...}
for record in recordset:
data2 = {...}

To produce numerous records in a batch, you must use value dictionaries in the form of a list.This will take care of batch-creating the records for you.

When you produce records in a batch, a query is automatically inserted for each record.This means that batch records are not created in a single query.However, this does not negate the fact that batching records improves performance.Batch-calculating computing fields provide the performance boost.

For the write technique, things are a little different.The framework is responsible for the majority of the effort.For example, if you write the identical data on all records, you can update the database with just one UPDATE query.

Even if you edit the same record multiple times in the same transaction, the framework will handle it: Name' Admin'

Only one query will be run for write in the example code, with the resulting values of name=Admin and values are written in later in a single query, this has no negative impact on performance.



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