Chapter 7 - Odoo 15 Development Book


In Odoo, the user is the one who has access to the database. We can add as many users as we want, and we can decide which type of information the user can access by giving access rights to them.

Apart from utilizing custom code to limit access, Odoo has two main data-driven approaches for regulating or restricting data access. Both mechanisms are linked to specific users via groups: a user can be a member of any number of groups, and security mechanisms are associated with groups, allowing security mechanisms to be applied to specific users.

This is accomplished through the use of security groups. The administrator has both a security group and a salesperson. Based on the security groups, we can design record rules. In Odoo, we can also assign security groups to menus or fields, which will display the menu or field for that security group.


All security-related files are under the security folder, we can create a new file on the security for adding the group and also that will added on to the

'data': ['security/ir.model.access.csv', 'security/security.xml'],

XML code for adding the security group

<record id="school_management_student" model="res.groups">
   <field name="name">Student</field>
   <field name="category_id" ref="school_management.school_management_accesss"/>

id: id of the record that is unique for each record and also that will stored on the res_group table.

name: name of the record. It is a human readable name, and this name is seen on the user interface.

When creating the user’s group, we only mention the name of the security group and the category_id to which they belong. We have to create the category to give the id of the category.

<record model="ir.module.category" id="school_management_accesss">
   <field name="name">School Management</field>

The id of the category will be mentioned on the group's category_id. Under this category, the security groups are visible.

We can see the security group on the UI

Go to Settings > Users & Companies > Groups


Also that we can see on the Settings > Users & Companies > Users > Access Rights


Hide/View menu based on Groups

In Odoo, menus and buttons play an important role in user experience. It is possible to hide and show menu and buttons based on user groups. Let’s see this with an example.

We all are familiar with header tag in a form. Most of the buttons will be defined inside this header tag. It is possible to add groups for a header tag or for single buttons.

Consider a user group group_education_organisation_user which is used for a module education_organisation. Hence the group can be referred as education_organisation.group_education_organisation_user. Below is the code to show the whole header section for a specific user.

<header groups="education_organisation.group_education_organisation_user">
   //add button here

Below is the example to show button only for specified user group.

<button groups="education_organisation.group_education_organisation_user" name="get_top_score_students"
       string="Get Top Score Students" class="oe_highlight" type="object"/>

Now let’s see the case of menu items. The normal definition of a menuitem is as follows.

<menuitem id="res_config_settings_menu"
    name="Settings" sequence="10"

In most cases the Settings menu will be only shown for some user groups. Same groups attribute can be used to achieve this. Specify the user group for the groups attribute.

<menuitem id="res_config_settings_menu"
    name="Settings" sequence="10"

It is also possible to specify more than one user group. Add all user groups category for the groups attribute separated by commas.

<menuitem id="res_config_settings_menu"
    name="Settings" sequence="10"


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