Last updated: November 26, 2019

Odoo E commerce

Product Management

Add new Product

To add new product, go to

Website Admin > Products > Create

Fill all necessary fields by switching to ‘inventory’, ‘sales’, ‘variants’, ‘invoicing’, tabs and the product. It will automatically get added to your website.

Edit Product Details

One can Update/Edit a product details just by clicking on the product image from Website Admin > Products

Click "Edit" button to edit product info "Update Quantity in Hand" to update quantity manually. One can also configure product variants via clicking CONFIGURE VARIANTS.

Or else one can configure the product variants via going to the Website Admin > Configuration> Settings>Products

If you click on the attributes button, you are navigated to a new window like below:

Here you can see the already created attributes. However, to create a new attribute, click CREATE button.

Here you can give off the Attribute name, category( to regroup similar attributes under the same section in the comparison page of eCommerce), DisplayType( the display type used in the product configurator)

Variants Creation Mode:

Instantly- All possible variants are created as soon as the attribute and its values are added to a product.

Dynamically- Each variant is created only when its corresponding attributes and values are added to a sales order.

Never- Variants are never created for the attribute.


Odoo embeds with powerful pricelist feature to support the pricing strategy needed for your E-commerce business. A pricelist is a list of prices or price rules that Odoo searches to determine the suggested price. One can seamlessly create a specific pricelist or a price rate for a specific customer. The pricelist or price rate can be for a specific product or for a group of products.

One can set several criteria’s in Odoo to use a specific price: It can be: Periods, Quantity, Quality, Service, Economic environment, Competition, Product demand. By using Odoo pricelist, one can easily manage the product pricing depending on the company needs. As pricelists only suggest prices, they can be overridden by users completing sales orders. One can choose the pricing strategy from Sales ‣ Settings.

One can choose the pricing strategy from E commerce settings.

Go to the Website Admin>Configurations>Settings>Pricing, enable the option Multiple Sales Prices per product via ticking the checkbox. Save changes.

There are 2 types of sales pricelist in Odoo.

1) Multiple prices per product (e.g. customer segments, currencies)

The option can be used for creating pricelists for your customer segments or to set different pricelists with different currencies.

2) Advance price rules (discounts, formulas)

The option allows to set price change rules. Changes can be relative to the public price, product cost price, or to another pricelist. Calculation of changes is made upon the surcharges and discounts making it fit the minimum and maximum margin set by the user. Further, Odoo enables the rounding of prices to the nearest cent or dollar or even the multiple of both.

In order to choose your option that you desire, or to know the working of both options, one need to first select multiple prices per product (e.g. customer segments, currencies) and later go to Products tab and choose Pricelist. There you can see the available list of pricelists.

Via going to Products tab, one can see the different Pricelists created.

Also one can create a new pricelist via clicking on the CREATE button.

Here you can define the name, select the Currency (also can create a new currency), Country groups. Via clicking add a line, you can mark where to apply on the pricelists, minimum quantity (for the rule to apply, bought/sold quantity must be greater than or equal to the minimum quantity specified in this field.), starting date for the pricelist item validation and end date for the pricelist item validation. One can also select here the price computation mode whether it is fixed price, percentage or formula.

Promotion & Coupon programs

In order to ensure the business profit, there should always be a backup or an alternative plan to hold and attract the customers at large. Odoo E-commerce allow you to manage your sales in the most efficient manner. Odoo enables “Promotion and Coupon Programs” which helps the end user to create the promotion for their products as per the current needs. Promotional programs can be used as a marketing tool where you can target the specific audience and can implement the loyalty program.

To enable the Promotion and Coupon Programs, go to Website Admin>Configuration>Settings> Pricing.

Tick the option Coupons and Promotions. Click SAVE to mark the changes.

Upon clicking the promotion programs and coupon programs, one can create new loyalty programs to attract the customer.

Coming to promotion programs, there are different fields in Odoo

- Program Name

  • The name for the promotion program

- Conditions

  • Based on customers
    • This coupon program will be applied to the selected customers only.
    • One can filter the customers according to the need.
    • By default, all the customer records will be taken
  • Based on Products
  • On purchase of this selected products rewards will be given.
  • We can filter products according to our need.
  • By default, all products records that can be sold will be taken.
  • Quantity
    • Minimum required product quantity to get rewarded
  • Minimum purchase Of
    • Minimum required the amount to get rewarded
  • Promo code Usage
    • Automatically Applied: No code is required. If the rule is met, the reward is applied (Except global discount)
    • Use code: If the program rule is met the valid code needs to add the reward.

- Rewards

  • Applicability
    • Apply on current order: A reward will be applied on current order.
    • Apply on next order: Generate a coupon for a next order.
  • Reward
    • Discount: The reward will be given as a discount
      • Apply discount: give the discount in two methods Percentage
        Amount : Fixed amount discount will be provided
      • Discount Apply on
        On order
        Discount will be given on the whole order
        On cheapest product
        Discount on the cheapest product on the order
        On specific Product
      • Discount will be given to selected specific product
      • Max Discount amount: A maximum amount of discount that should be provided.
    • Free product: The reward will be given as the product

- Validity

  • Apply On: Maximum number of sales orders in which reward can be applied
  • Start date & End date: Coupon program start date and end date

Coming to coupon programs, you have the following fields.

Coupons are used to generate limited discounts. A coupon is a one-time use code that will generate the discount for the customers.



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