Inventory Management

Last updated: november 21, 2019

Inventory Management



Odoo can handle various shipping methods, but it is not activated by default. Shipping methods can be used for your sale orders, your deliveries but also on your e-commerce. Shipping methods allow you to manage the transport company, the price and the destination. You can even integrate Odoo with external shippers to compute the real price and the packagings.


To configure your shipping methods, Inventory > Configuration>Delivery > Shipping Methods.

Upon clicking the CREATE button, you will be navigated to a new window with a creation form like below:

Here you can define the name for your shipping method, Select the provider, Margin on Rate ( This percentage will be added to the shipping price) , Selecting the option of Free Shipping, if the order amount is above, Delivery product, Company, Website etc.

Then you'll have to set the pricing. It can be fixed or based on rules.

If the price varies according to rules, tick Based on Rules. Click on add an item to a pricing rule. Choose a condition based on either the weight, the volume, the price or the quantity.

Finally, you can limit the shipping method to a few destinations. The limit can be applied to some countries, states or even zip codes. This feature limits the list of countries on your e-commerce.

Note :You can integrate Odoo with external shippers in order to compute the real price and packagings, and handle the printing the shipping labels.

Integrating a third party shipper

Odoo can handle various shipping methods, including third party shippers. Odoo can be linked with the transportation company tracking system. It will allow you to manage the transport company, the real prices and the destination.


Inventory>Configuration> Settings> Shipping


Using Odoo, one can deliver products under different packages based on its volume or weight.


Go to Inventory> Configurations>Settings and activate Delivery Packages under Operations.

Proceed to a Delivery

Create a planned delivery with certain products inside. There you can create the new packages and assign them to the stock move lines.

Define the package type. After validating the delivery order, you can retrieve which products are included in the package.

Put in Pack

Put in Pack button is yet another mode to put products in a pack. Via clicking the Put in Pack button, Odoo automatically assign a pack to the number of products which is set as Done. Also duplicate the stock move line if necessary.

One can update the different packages created via tapping the PACKAGES button.



Inventory>Configuration>Settings and activate the Email Confirmation feature.

Activating the feature, Odoo automatically creates an email template.

Send email at delivery validation

After validating the product and delivery, an automated email is sent. The information appears in chatter.

If you work with a shipping method, and then have a tracking link, it will be included in the standard email template.



Go to Inventory> Configuration> Settings and activate SMS Confirmation under Shipping.

By default, there exists a SMS template. However, one can create a new template via clicking the arrow button.

Send SMS at delivery validation

Create a delivery order for a specific partner and Validate the delivery.

Now, the automated SMS appears in the chatter.



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