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By: Evin Davis

How to Automate your Business with Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14

Automation the inevitable part of any operation in our day-to-day lives. With the uses of new gadgets and time-saving instruments which automate most of our operations in our life, we are much more dependent on machines to do our task. In the present world, we cannot imagine a day without the internet, connectivity, gadgets, and automation. From our daily chores to industrial manufacturing automation has taken the role of simplifying various operations. Automation is seen in aspects of manufacturing, accounting, employee management, and even in running the entire company with artificial intelligence. 

Considering Odoo automation is an inevitable aspect as the modern enterprise and resource planning software (ERP) is designed to provide automated management solutions for the various aspects of a company operation. With the customization ability of the Odoo Software the operations can be automated as per your company needs. As the Odoo platform provides provision on various options where the user can enable and disable various options which could automate the operations.

In addition, Odoo supports third-party source applications and devices to be integrated with the platform which helps the users to use existing applications, devices, and operational terminologies while still operating in Odoo. Moreover, with the IoT integration ability of the Odoo platform with the help of the IoT module and additional setup boxes available the various IoT and biometric devices can be integrated with the Odoo platform thus helping in the operations.

This blog will provide insight into how the Odoo platform will help users to automate the management operations of the company at various aspects of company functioning.


The automation in the aspects of planning various attributes and functions of the company operations the Odoo provides the users with adequate tools of automation on each aspect of the operation. Auto notification aspects, deadline notifications, and effective communication abilities, the Odoo planning module will be helping the operation of the functioning of a company. In addition, the Odoo project management tool and Odoo appointments functionality allow the user to manage the project operations and the appointments function with proper information exchange and notification which are auto-generated in various aspects.


Matching the company transaction list with that of the bank transaction details in every bank account associated with the company is termed as the explanation for reconciliation in terms of business. The Odoo platform accounting module allows the users to configure the advanced option of reconciliation which can be manually initialized or can be set to be automated in the operation.

In house Communication

Effective in house communication is a vital aspect of the operation of a company. The Odoo platform with a chatbox functionality and discussion module available at the user's disposal could be a handy tool for in-house communication between the employees and as well as with the managers. The Odoo discussion is an efficient tool that will help with the communicative discussions on the projects and various aspects of the company operations with the employees.


The main aspect of notification is an important information exchange for the viewer. The Odoo platform allows users to generate auto notifications as pop-up messages in the company website and eCommerce platform which can be designed customer-specific. The notification services in the platform can also be used to send alerts to the user and employees on the deadline and an upcoming event. These are automated upon creation of the alerts and could be defined to provide reminders as notifications in the respective intervals until the task is done or to set date and time.


Another aspect of a company which they should focus on is the marketing operations as it can bring in more business opportunities to the firm. Odoo with effective email marketing functionality could automate the process. As the emails in Odoo are sent over with the help of a group list which is created based on the customers and clients. The automated email marketing functionality of the platform allows its users to provide information on their products, services and act as a promotion on offers, discounts, and new arrivals.

Customer Relations

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers and the potential clients would always help to bring in new business and prosper with the existing one. The customer relations management module of the Odoo platform is an effective management application that can be automated in certain aspects such as lead enrichment and lead conversion. Lead enrichment is the aspect in which the Odoo platform searches the contact information on external applications via the internet to retrieve the contact information of potential customers. This automated functionality in Odoo does the task with ease and provides the user with the contact details of the client

The automation aspects in Odoo are to simplify the workload on each employee and the manager which would increase the productivity and efficiency of operation therefore improving the profitability of the organization.

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