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By: Evin Davis

What are the Best Accounting Apps in Odoo 13

Functional Odoo 13 Odoo Apps

Odoo 13 Full Accounting Kit

With the new accounting dashboard and asset management, the full Accounting Kit by Cybrosys Technologies comes as a handy tool for all accounting functions in the Odoo platform. The application came to the surface since the accounting module in the community version of Odoo lacked certain features that were not adaptable for effective financial management. The full accounting kit comes with built-in features such as asset management, PDC management, customer credit limit, manage recurring payments, and customer follow-ups. Along with the ability to generate various customizable financial reports such as  Trial balance report, Journal audit report, General ledger report, Partner ledger report, Aged partner balance, Tax reports comes as additional features. The accounting dashboard helps the user to view all the stages of accounting operation along with the cash flow information of the company. The application is available in Odoo versions v13.0 only.

Download Link: Odoo 13 Full Accounting Kit

Stock Picking From Invoice

Stock picking can be trickier for business and could run into mishaps if not done through a proper and designated channel. Usually, the process is done via the purchase or the sales module but with the new application Stock picking from the invoice by Cybrosys Techno Solutions helps the user to create a separate and much efficient track for the purpose. The application allows the users to pick stock directly from the customer and the vendor invoices. Thus providing the user with an effective manner for stock picking. The invoices generated or provided can be stored and modified accordingly to the user's needs. The application is available in Odoo versions v13.0, v12.0, v11.0 and  v10.0.

Download Link: Stock Picking From Invoice

Recurring Payments in Accounts

Managing repetitive payments in any business organization can be a tedious job since it varies from electricity charges to vendor bills. Everything associated with the running of an organization has due payments monthly quarterly or yearly. This has to be managed and the due payments have to be settled without any delay. This is where the new application Recurring payments in accounts by Cybrosys Techno Solutions comes in handy in the Odoo platform. With this application, the user can create multiple recurring journal entries and the payments can be scheduled based on week, month or year to be done automatically. The user can set multiple journal templates for various payments. The user is also provided with the provision to edit and delete the templates if needed. The application is available in Odoo versions v13.0, v12.0, and v11.0.

Download Link: Recurring Payments in Accounts

Odoo 13 Budget Management

Effective management of a company's budget is much important as that of obtaining a well funded one. In a business environment, you could see the project managers and accountants struggling to allocate the provided budget to various proportions and use them effectively. The new Odoo 13 budget management application by Cybrosys Techno Solutions helps the employees of a business organization to plan and manage your budget effectively and efficiently. With this application it allows project managers to allocate designated amounts to analytical accounts. The accountants of the firm can have an overlook of the total amount and deduce whether the amount goes over the set limit or lower and by how much. Budget planning, generation of reports, and the graphical view of the dashboard come in handy for the user. The application is available in Odoo versions v13.0 only.

Download Link: Odoo 13 Budget Management 

Manual Bank Reconciliation

Balancing the company's cash account details along with the manual record of the company can be helpful in maintaining a steady record and tracking the cash flow details. The employees of the company should be at most care while doing so since a slight error can shatter all the details and the process should be done again. The new Manual bank reconciliation application by Cybrosys Techno Solutions simplifies the task for the employees. The application provides a steady track on invoices both received and sent allowing the user to balance the cash account in the bank with the references available at the company. Since all the operations can be traced back to the origin there is a lesser chance of misplacing a record in Odoo. The application is available in Odoo versions v13.0, v12.0, and v11

Download Link: Manual Bank Reconciliation

Odoo Finance & Accounting is considered as the #1 open-source software of its kind. From basic journal entry creation to budget management, analytic accounting to advanced business intelligence reports; Odoo accounting turns out to be the highly productive solution

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