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By: Anju A.P

Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Business

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Hurray!!! The festive season is nearby and E-commerce sites are flooding with tempting and attractive offerings. Also, there is mushrooming of new E-commerce sites as there is large dependency of people to buy things online. 

So as to keep themselves ahead in the competition race, each website is experimenting with attractive designs and other promotional techniques. However, no matter how hard one worked on their E-commerce site, the song of success may not ring for all.

At one place, the freshly started websites find it hard to survive alongside the established, because of the gimmicking marketing strategies, the other place, the established, who has long run tradition in E-commerce business, finds it hard to make sufficient earnings they anticipated. 

Those listed with high profit-making last year is recorded with great loss this year. In short, giving an image of inconsistent success rates in E-commerce business. 

Have you ever thought about it? Why those E-commerce businesses those ruled the market is failing in the eyes of their customers now? Why only few are making it big as envisioned?

Yes! There are few scary mistakes that these E-commerce businesses make while they outline their E-commerce websites. If you have a business plan of setting up an E-commerce store, consider these things before you lay the foundation stone for it. 

Mistakes in E-Commerce Business:

1. Poor Design

First Impression is the last impression. This quote is the success mantra for any E-commerce website. Good, attractive design makes your guest feel better and your business great. 

If you stick on with a website that you got to build in 2006 or 2005, surely you are not going to make a big deal out of it.  There is constant revolution taking place in the website architecture and material design, and in that space, if you adore your old fashioned website, it is no way to get good cheers, but may drag you to more disasters. 

Therefore, to stand apart from your counterparts, you need a remarkable website architecture with an advanced touch. A website design that your intended targeted group would love and which will lure them to look at your website each day. 

Making it mobile-friendly can be a great plan. Also, you additionally need to check the ease of using it, whether the website is easy to understand very much like its good look. To put it plainly, the website should be kept very light, informative and appealing. Bombarding with heavy pictures and videos may take time to load, prompting visitors to leave the site.

With the Odoo website builder, the businessmen can create stunning websites without much of a stretch.  The pre-made fully customizable fully building blocks make it easy for the layman to create websites that are attractive, inviting, and responsive. With SEO integration, Odoo website builder all more becomes rich to attract a targeted group of audience and giving away visitors the information they seek for.


2. Wrong Checkout process

The checkout procedure is one of the KPI of your E-commerce business success. Nobody has time, everyone wishes to accomplish things in a flick. People love to finish their buying in single touch rather sitting long around the checkout procedure. Therefore, keep it minimal the checkout procedures via collecting minimal information. Make use of social sign-ups at every possible occasion to help your customers purchase goods in a click. 

3. Insufficient Shipping methods

The shipping method is yet another factor that determines your customer retention and obtaining new customers. Shipping method is one of the pivotal focuses which establishes a label of trust in the minds of customers. The shipping mistakes that often seen in the E-commerce websites are:

> Insufficient delivery options

> Wrong packaging

> Poor product return management

> Lack of integration between website and inventory

Giving a vast amount of delivery choices can attract customers and help them in large. In addition, the right packaging and easy product return ascertain the customers from getting cheated. Proper yet right shipping methods can likewise help in expanding the Average Order Value of the purchase.

Odoo E-commerce can deal with a variety of delivery choices. Odoo delivery integration is made accessible for DHL, FedEx, Temando, UPS, USPS, and many others. Also, Odoo frees you from the strains of dealing with the transportation company, the cost, and the destination. Even integration with outside shippers to compute the genuine cost and packaging is made accessible with Odoo E-commerce. 


4. Single Payment method

You can’t assume every customer of yours to follow the same payment method. The customers may have different payment choices and preferences based on their knowledge and experience. And those websites, who insists to follow a single payment method say Paypal, is likely to lose customers who are loyal to other payment gateways. Even there can be customers who prefer Cash on Delivery options in their shopping. In this case, the absence of different payment options can be a bad note to the website losing large number of customers. 

Odoo comes fully integrated with different payment acquirers. Odoo E-commerce allows customers to pay with Paypal, Ogone, Adyen, Buckaroo, Authorize.net, SIPS Wordline and many others. Apart from the default options, one can also create new payment methods in Odoo, offering great feasibility to the customers. 


5. Faulty Product Pricing 

Product cost is yet another key factor influencing the interest in a product. Your product pricing should stand out from your rivals and each penny ought to be responsible. Always go for a market study prior to the setting of your product prices. A competitive pricing analysis always will always help your website to fix the rate right and legible. Sometimes rising the price of goods without looking at their current market demand, simply draws you to lose clients. 

If your prices rate is very low comparing to other websites, no matter the limited shipping options or payment gateways, customers will dig out some or the other way to avail the attractive price offer in the particular product. 

6. Poor Quality of Product Image

Will you purchase an item which has a poor picture and limited description? NO! because product image reflects what the item really is; it is the element that makes the item and website look appealing. The image is ought to mirror every single aspect of the product with details covered from every angle. The product image in your website should look proficient enough, conceivably with a white background detailing them much clearer. 


Remember if your image is bombarded with poor pictures lacking clarity, you are nowhere to succeed in selling the product or attracting the customers. 

7. Poor Description

A product description is as significant as the product image.  Some E-commerce store utilizes a similar description for every item or a portrayal that is too short to describe the highlights of what item truly is. The websites that give enough product description, i.e. describing enough the key highlights of the product can exceptionally rank well on Search Engines and land customers to your website. Ineffectively composed descriptions, on the other hand, resemble like ghosts, haunting your site for bad.

8. Lack of promotions and marketing 

Promotions are an inevitable part of any E-commerce store. They are the gimmicks that lure customers to the store. If you don’t have sufficient marketing strategies or promotional tactics to lure customers, the site is likely to remain dull over the year. Therefore, always make your website live and active, ready for the next festive season assuring great sales. 

Lack of attractive promotions and marketing may remain an obstacle to the branding of your image, giving you no hope of making a fortune. If you lack social media marketing managers, social engine optimizers at your end, hire the professionals, and set it right. Today is the era of branding. A strong online presence is equal to setting a hundred stores in different promising locations.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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