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By: Evin Davis

Effective Vendor Lead Time Management in 2022 with Odoo

Functional Odoo 15 Warehouse

In regards to the functioning of a business, the management should be capable of planning and managing the aspects of the product procurement and the movement of the products. As the operations of the significant business depend on the inflow and outflow of the products, there should be a definite plan and methodology of operations on product procurement and product movement. Today there are dedicated tools of operations available that will support effective product procurement. Moreover, choosing the right tool to manage the product purchase and inventory management is essential. Odoo, a dedicated and complete business management tool, will support these operations.

The dedicated purchase management module and the interconnected inventory management module will provide the complete capability of the operations on effective product management and its storage. The ability to define the Lead Time on the specific product based on the real-time operational scenarios will be an exceptional service tool that the Odoo platform brings in. In the Odoo platform, the Lead time can effectively manage customers and vendors, and Manufacturing. Each list can be configured in the distinctive menus of operation in the Odoo platform defined in the specific functioning modules.

This blog will define the operations of the Vendor Lead time management in the Odoo platform, which will be suitable for the business.

Let's initial understand what is Lead time and how its operations are helpful for the business to function in real-time scenario operations of the company.

What is Lead Time?

Lead time can be defined as the predicted time prescribed for an operation to be completed. In the case of the operation of the product, the lead can be defined as the time taken by the concerned party to complete a respective action on the product. This can be for operation on the product or any service related to it. In the Odoo platform as its understands the need for an effective tool for the business operation in the real world, the developers gave inculcated the Lead Time management operation for the business in various aspects of functioning such as Vendor Lead Time, Manufacturing Lead Time, Customer, Lead Time and many more. Let's now move to understand the Vendor Lead time management elements in the Odoo platform in the next section.

What is Vendor Lead Time Management?

In the case of product procurement, the business will approach vendors to supply the product; these vendors may be intermediate partners, wholesale dealers, or the manufacturing company itself. Moreover, the business will be procuring the products from multiple vendors at a time to obtain the products, which will be helpful for the industry as they will always obtain the product in tire time of need from one source or the other. While doing so, there are various constraints compared to the business should consider. The cost of the product, quality, how the payments can be made, quantities that can be supplied, and any hidden charges. Another critical element to be considered by the business is the time taken for delivery which might differ from one vendor to another. 

As the Vendors will take up a certain amount of time for the product to be delivered, the business should plan how much time it will take them to make sure that the product reaches the customer. In this operation, the calculations and setting of the lead time are essential, which will allow the business to define the time of the product delivery to the customers on the day mentioned. In the company's functioning, when the product is delivered right on time and before the scheduled date, the customers will appreciate it. However, in case of any mishaps, if the product delivery is not conducted within the scheduled time, it will upset the customers and affect the company's reputation. So the Lead Time defining and operations will ensure that the business is provided ample time to send the product over to the customer after all the background operations such as obtaining from the Vendors and processing it.

Let's now move on to the next section, where the Vendor Lead Time Mmgamnt in Odoo will be defined.

Vendor Lead Time Management in Odoo.

In the Odoo platform, you will be able to define the lead time aspects for the entire functional elements based on the respective options which are available. The lead times can be set in Odoo for the Manufacturing, Sales, as well as for the Purchase operations which have been conducted. Regarding the configuration of Purchase Lead Times, the Security Lead Time for the Purchases can be defined under the Settings menu of the Inventory module. After enabling the Security Lead Time for Purchases option, the number of Days to be moded forward can be defined. This will ensure that all the requested dates for the purchase product delivery are moved forward by the days defined over here.


Defining the Vendor Lead Time on each product can be done under the Purchase tab of the product description, just as depicted on the following screenshot. As the Lead Time, operations of the Purchase operations have been enabled just as shown in the previous screenshot; the Delivery Lead Times can be defined here. The Lead Time specified over here is for the respective product described.


Once the Delivery Lead Time is set for a specific, the product delivery upon creation of the purchase order will be delivered to the business within the specified date.

The definition of the Vendor Lead Times will provide the business with the capability to plan the aspects of the product sales to the customers and how it can be coordinated to achieve the smooth delivery of the products and the functioning of the supply chain operations.

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