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By: Anju A.P

Enhance Your Business with Odoo Integration


Today integrating the business software with third party application is not just a pattern, however, has become the necessity of the business organization to meet the rising demand of the market.

Being a tremendous ERP stage, Odoo ascertains the flexibility and adaptability to integrate with different payment modes, shipping applications, e-commerce, POS, and stores. Odoo has foreseen the necessities of its clients thus renders the facility of Odoo integration services with various platforms that offer API backing.

For instance, Odoo E-commerce is a powerful module of Odoo. It helps in seamless management of products, let the public access the website without much strain and comes integrated with other modules such as CRM, Sales, Inventory. These features of Odoo E-commerce simply enhance your business efficiency. However, if you want to get the most out of the Odoo E-commerce module, you need to integrate them with further value-adding tools that enhance its performance level. For example, payment gateway integration, social media integration, shipping/delivery integration helps in further enhancing the performance of e-commerce module comparing to default. To count a single benefit, it maximizes the value of your marketing solutions. 

Alongside growing and expanding your client’s business, automating all their business processes with different Odoo integrations, the third-party integration platform also helps the business in saving large expenditures. One need not go for constructing their own integrations as these integration platforms are already designed by the technical experts in the field. 

Thus it benefits your business in large forms like better placing your information, improved lead qualities, automation of tasks and so on. Odoo ERP integration facilitates the way to modernize, combine, and execute operations in your business. Cybrosys Technologies have coined different solutions in Odoo ERP integration. The Odoo service provider envisions in extending the viability of the open source ERP by integrating Open ERP with third-party applications. To play out Odoo integration, the rich API library and the web administrations in Odoo is utilized. Cybrosys also offers Odoo ERP integration with third-party devices using SDK. 

Here are some Odoo integrations, Cybrosys have expertise with. 

Payment Gateway Integration
Payment integrations enable you to acknowledge transactions from credit/debit cards, check, or money from clients around the globe. Integrating payment gateways with your different business instruments, you can convey much progressively great outcomes for your business.
Upon making the integrations, you may end up wondering how on earth you got along without these tools or administrations in the past.  Cybrosys provides with different payment gateway integrations running from We Pay, CIMB, Payment Sagepay, Redsys, Ipay88, Peach Payment, Paytrek, My bank, PayPal helping business accept payments from customers in a large way.

Cybrosys make sure that the client acquaints with the convenience of paying in the currency they know and let enjoy the localized buying experience.

Social Media Integration
These days, business with no web-based social networking integrations appears like a cake without any icing. The integration of social media websites to your business companies can gain endless benefits. Apart from serving general hangouts, the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter also opens a platform for spreading your message as a business, to better associate with your intended or targeted audience group, become acquainted with your kindred entrepreneurs all the more personal. With no constraints of time, social media enables you to associate with people whenever from anyplace. Odoo Integration with social media platforms opens the doors of referrals, where one satisfied customer talks about your product/ service, eventually generating interest in another person. This chain of referrals thus automatically pave the way to more business via growing clientele. Also, the business organization can put in place inexpensive advertising replacing traditional. Using Odoo - social media integration, business organizations can expand their reach with minimal costs. 

Cybrosys Odoo integrations with social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, Google+, Twilio is to assuredly assure social intelligence to your sales processes. It helps in speeding the entire processes of sales executives like the finding of right prospects, automatically loading the contact data to address book and triggering communication in real-time. 

SMS Gateway Integration 
No doubt that print, web and social media are rewarding, however comparing to them the bulk SMS informing or messaging is the most instant platform that does not have to cross several barriers to getting your data over to your crowd. Taking into account that by 2020, seven in 10 individuals will have a smartphone, for any innovation-based answer. In the event,  the business organizations need to stay aware of this developing network, they should continue searching for approaches to make their business increasingly portable and mobile-friendly.

If your business has a requirement upon making an SMS passage for your task inside Odoo, call on Cybrosys Technologies for your SMS gateway integration in Odoo. We have performed Odoo integration with different SMS door like Msg91, Mobily SMS, Twilio SMS, Way2SMS, Bulk SMS and so on. Learn how to send SMS from Odoo application to mobile number from our medium.

Apart from the above listed, the Odoo official partner has also effective carried out Docparser Integration, for document analysis and Biometric Integration for automating attendance in Odoo. Our Biometric Integration comes compatible with ZK devices performing thumb and face detection.

With Cybrosys Odoo Integration service, you can modernize, combine, and execute operations in your business in a professional way. Also, you can go beyond the zenith of Odoo ERP and align your business requirements with your desired set of platforms. 

To know more about the possibilities of Odoo integration, write to our team at odoo@cybrosys.com.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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