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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Highlights of Odoo Manufacturing Integration

Functional Odoo 14 Manufacturing

Odoo's team always focuses on the user-friendliness and effectiveness of their applications. The same is the highlight of the manufacturing application, the tool that has been helping a large number of ODoo users to get complete control over their manufacturing process.

Odoo allows the easy integration of many other Odoo modules with the Manufacturing Module. Any user who is using Odoo can benefit by integrating the MRP with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality, and Maintenance modules. Besides, the successful operation of a manufacturing business certainly needs the support of tools that help them to manage raw material purchase, product sale, product inventory management, etc. 

That means an efficient manufacturing tool should be able to manage all these operations. It is in such situations that we need the support of integration. This integration will certainly help the business to coordinate different departments and manage interdepartmental activities efficiently without using different software tools for different departments. 

With Odoo, the manufacturing tool has become an integrated and comprehensive software support system. The tool will help your business to plan, schedule, and manage all operations efficiently.


Odoo Quality module is an efficient module that helps any business to check and control the quality of the product or service. Odoo Quality offers support to set up a quality control team, complete quality checks, and set up quality control points. These quality-related features help the business to issue quality alerts to the officials. 

Such support will help you to ensure that the business produces products meeting all quality parameters. IT can help you identify the lapse in quality and the quality control team can take necessary actions to manage the crisis. 

IF  a product fails to meet any of the quality control points the system will automatically generate an alert. The measures taken to correct the quality issue can also be traced with the help of this app. The quality feature also helps to maintain the team members and mark the person responsible to check the quality. Besides, integration also helps you to trace the reason for the quality lapse and review the status of correction.



Maintenance Integration

An industry depending on a large number of machines, the manufacturing industry requires proper maintenance management for machines. This is a routine process that requires the support of internal or external maintenance teams. Internal maintenance teams will always remain alert about the machine's repair and maintenance work. External teams have to be alerted whenever any machine experiences technical failure.


We know there are two types of maintenance activities and they are corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Corrective maintenance helps us to carry out maintenance work when the machine experiences any technical error. At the same time, we use preventive maintenance on a regular basis to avoid mechanical failure. 


We can also review the status of the maintenance request.

As Odoo manufacturing can be integrated with Maintenance all these operations can be coordinated and managed easily. This feature offers support to manage maintenance teams. The teams can be external or internal. The integration also helps to review the maintenance works and manage maintenance teams.

Maintenance requests can be raised at the manufacturing order stage itself.


PLM Integration

Product Lifecycle Management can be termed as the act of controlling all the stages of life of a product. This includes the inception, design, production, sale, and repair of the product. As Odoo Manufacturing can be integrated with the Odoo PLM module, we can manage every stage of the product without much struggle.

IT is the PLM integration that helps the manufacturing module to efficiently manage the Bill of Materials. We can also make use of this feature to carry out discussions regarding engineering changes and manage Engineering change orders.


PLM integration helps the business to manage Engineering Change orders. This feature can be managed and monitored while managing the Bill of Materials. 

Purchase integration

Similar to Sales operations, any manufacturing industry operates based on the purchases they perform. For the smooth operation of the manufacturing sector, we need to purchase different raw materials, machines, other equipment, and semi-assembled components. All these activities can be managed only with the help of an efficient purchase management app. 

If you are using Odoo for managing to manufacture, you can easily integrate the purchase operations as well. Odoo offers us support to check the availability of the raw materials while preparing manufacturing orders.



Once the availability is checked the software tool also allows us to replenish our inventory.


Project integration

Odoo has a project module, which is very useful for different industries to create and manage projects or tasks. One of the highlights of the manufacturing industry is that we can integrate Projects with manufacturing. This will help the manufacturing sector to plan different projects for the manufacturing sector. This enables us to manage work orders in an efficient manner.


Planning Integration

Planning can ensure the success of a business. Odoo Planning module is integrated with the Odoo manufacturing module to help the business to ensure proper planning and management. We can also plan the activities based on the work center and based on production.


This helps the business to complete the tasks in an efficient way.

Sales Integration

With Odoo, the Sales application is integrated with the Inventory as well as the manufacturing. This helps the manufacturing section to plan and schedule manufacturing operations based on the availability of the product on sale. As every manufacturing industry needs to ensure the good sale of their products this integration feature is essential to ensure the financial viability of the business. 

Inventory support

Proper storage of raw materials and products is essential to ensure the uninterrupted operation of a manufacturing business. Odoo Manufacturing operates in integration with Odoo inventory and supports transportation and storage-related activities. This integration enables the business to manage the lot/serial number and traceability of the product.


Odoo Manufacturing ensures flexibility to all operations with a wide range of features to benefit the users. Odoo offers master production schedule, run scheduler, lot and serial number, bill of materials, product and variant management support, planning, and work center support to the clients.

The integrations strengthen this application and we can use this tool for managing all manufacturing-related operations. For details visit www.cybrosys.com

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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