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By: Lijin AJ

How Can Inflation in the FMCG Industry Be Wiped Out With Odoo ERP?

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By the Indian Survey, the fourth largest economy is the FMCG sector. There are three major segments in the sector which comprise food and beverages 19%, healthcare 31% of the share, and household and personal care which includes 50% share. The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry (FMCG) is facing absolute definite starving rates during the time of inflation that arose in mid-2022. By implementing an effective ERP like Odoo, you can showcase the marketing trends, especially in these altered periods like inflation. To optimize your business stably, you can integrate the best ERP to manage the trends in this competitive era of business.

With the invasion of Ukraine and Russia, all goods prices are increasing in the market. Daily buying and consumable goods like edible products, cooking oils, and electronic products have crossed the limits and are rigidly exponentially high. You need to notice that consumable products are finished goods as listed. As the prices of crude oil is being high it affects all commodities prices exponentially.

Consumption of products faces many competitions and complexities daily, so they must change their business strategies accordingly. They feel competition with these products instead marketing with many other similar products in the market. They must follow new business strategies that reduce operational costs to gain profit. By implementing a perfect Odoo ERP, you can configure the business marketing strategies and integrate them with sales marketing, accounting, supply chain management, and CRM.

With the Odoo ERP, you can boost more profitability of your business. In all countries like the USA and other European countries, Africa and the Middle East are maintaining momentum in the FMCG business operations and finding a solution to takeover. The only solution the FMCG industry can tackle is the Odoo ERP which can make your business move comfortably. The Odoo ERP moves your FMCG business with production standards and ensures quality checks with its features. For example, to know how Odoo ERP can be configured in the Bakery IndustryAlso, you can refer to the blog on how Odoo ERP is useful in the Food Manufacturing Industry,

The most important part is to check what are the Benefits of Implementing the Best ERP in the Food Industry.

This blog gives you a clear idea about implementing the Odoo ERP and maintaining the sustainability of your FMCG business during the stagflation.

With the help of implementing Odoo ERP, you can convert your business into a fully capable of maximizing sales, fulfilling customer expectations, and boosting profitability in the business. Regardless of your FMCG business size, you can utilize the benefits of Odoo ERP.

Odoo ERP can play a vital role in the FMCG sector with its end-to-end distribution management software that enhances beyond the usual resources to planning that provides budget planning from Sales to Purchase to Finance, Financial Management, Product Management, CRM Management, and Inventory Management and much more. With Odoo ERP, you can build an unorganized data-driven into a systematic and proactive organization by reactivating all the information-driven with a proper database.

The Odoo ERP gives a unified solution that is purpose-built in the FMCG sector. In this blog, you will learn how different departments in an FMCG sector sustain progress in their workflow during the upcoming stagflation in mid-2022.


Odoo ERP ensures the FMCG companies move their production business on a very potential basis and enhances with accurate quality checks and enrolls the business. Odoo is the unified and modernized solution for FMCG Businesses. Meanwhile, it enables you to comply with the traceability of the food and uses effectively the product without showing any negligence.

With the regulation protocols and other agendas, it makes to consume in a safe a protective way. It increases the visibility of the products and ensures the quality of products, warehouse management, and sales management. It enables considering the other consumer goods industries like forecasting consumer demand, as per the POS data or sales history.

By moving the entire blog you can refer to the link given below and study the Advantages of using Odoo ERP in the FMCG Trading Business

By implementing Odoo ERP to know how to Improve your Customer Satisfaction during the stagflation aroused in mid-2022 you can refer to our blog, During this downturn of economic uncertainty to scale up your business you need to be aware of how the Odoo ERP solutions excel in this dry state.

As to be more specific know-how is Odoo considered the Best ERP in the Food Manufacturing Industry, You can also know how it is configured in the FMCG industry and how best it is by using it.

Cybrosys is the certified Odoo partner where you can invest for your FMCG business at the lowest cost of a package including the training session with $999 and start using the advanced options of Odoo. Similarly, you will not be worried if you spent the amount and it will make you worthy on you buy and makes your business profitable during the upcoming inflation. It can also sustain productivity and profitability by progressing your business.

Eliminates all the complexities in your business and initiates your production and manufacturing business and even the inventory flow and distribution processes. Odoo always initiates and streamlines your business functions from production to distribution.

In a nutshell, you can focus on Odoo ERP in your FMCG Business processes and find progress in future coming challenges faced by your business. And Odoo sustains your business even in all the circumstances faced by your business and optimizes your market. For more information on Odoo in the Food Processing IndustryFor more guidelines to invest in your FMCG business you can consult the Odoo consultants of Cybrosys through info@cybrosys.com.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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