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By: Evin Davis

How to Enrich your Leads in Odoo 14 CRM

Functional Odoo 14 CRM

Attracting new customers and attaining them is the only way a company can grow. The companies should be thriving in this aspect of attaining customer contacts who will be potential and turn them into a reliable one. Further to say the promotional and advertising championships conducted by the companies should be focusing on these aspects. Acquiring an opportunity for which the business can be conducted to be done in a systematic and precise manner without offending the clients.

Nowadays there are various mediums and ways of which the advertisements and the promotional programs can be conducted but the trickier part revolves around contacting the customers and clients who have shown interest in the company and its products and services. With the era of digitalization and using software for business management, the functionality of internet service and electronic applications has been improved the ability to track opportunities and attain business with them.

Odoo is one of the business management software which came to light in the mid two thousand and has been astonishing its users with the advancement and features it brings in on every new version. Odoo community releases regularly updated on the software which is useful to its uses, keeping up with the ongoings of the world and is so advanced to stand out in the crowd.

This blog will describe how you can enrich your leads in Odoo

Lead Enrichment in Odoo
Leads can be confined as the opportunities which a user in Odoo can pursue to transform them into a successful business. The Client relationship management module of Odoo described the lead in pipelines which can be pursued for them to successful customers of the company. The companies may be organized many promotional or advertising programs where the customer comes in or contacts you and you have only the chance to acquire their email address which won't be enough to pursue in the real-time environment. 

Considering the aspects of acquiring further contact information on their lead the Odoo platform has developed the advanced lead enrichment option which will help the user to attain the customer address and their information from social media and other reliable sources. These are obtained by auto-generated services by the platform which will provide you with the contacts available without interfering with the client's privacy.

The Process of Lead Enrichment
Lead enrichment options of the Odoo platform allows the user to search for customer information in other reliable sources. The leads can be enriched only with the emails available. This functionality will allow the user to obtain reliable contact information on potential customers. Furthermore, this would cut down the workload on the marketing as well as the promotions team of the company.

Another aspect to be noted while performing the lead enrichment is that ist operated based on the credits. Which can be purchased from the IAP section of the Odoo website thereby expensed for the lead enrichment.

To enrich the leads the user should initially enable the lead enrichment option available. Here, the user can either select the option of enrichment on-demand or can select it to be automated. Moreover, the operation is based on credits that can be purchased by selecting the buy credit option available.


As the lead enrichment options are being set up the user can now create leads and enrich them directly. The new leads can be created in the pipeline menu of the CRM module as the contacts email address is provided and the lead is saved, if the lead enrichment is enabled to be automatic the credits will be auto spend and the lead will be enriched. On the contrary, if the enrichment is set as manual the user can select the enrichment option available in each pipeline window.


On selecting the lead to be enriched the user will be depicted with the contact information after the search. As you can see from the below image the customer details such as email, phone, company name, the address will be auto-updated.


The user can create the customer to the platform straight from the lead where the contact details will be auto-updated and the customer can be saved for further action to make them a successful one.


The lead enrichment option in Odoo is one of the advanced features that the platform brings into the business operations which will simplify the tasks of the marketing team of the company.

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