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By: Hasna VP

How to Manage Employee Contracts with Odoo?

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When a new employee has been recruited into a company, a contract is made between the employee and the employer that specifies the terms and conditions regarding the employment. It highlights the duties and responsibilities of both parties and they have to legally ensure that they will each perform their part of the agreement. These contracts are crucial documents for both the employee and the company to legally establish a working relationship between them. This will provide a clear insight into all rights and obligations designated for the employee within the organization.

Management of the employment contract is a significant task as important as signing the contract. Proper monitoring is needed in the procedures of creating a new contract to manage until it expires. This demands a powerful and automated management system to effortlessly handle all the activities about employee contracts. An adequate contract management system can ultimately build effective relationships with employees only when maintained perfectly. The Odoo ERP system will efficiently help you in managing all employee contracts documented in your database. 

The Employee module in Odoo will keep track of employee’s work information, contact details, salary structure, and work schedule. It allows you to create your own contract type according to the workflow of your organization. Odoo makes the procedures of creating and handling contracts easier for a user or HR management of a company. In order to facilitate all these functions, the Odoo employee contract management has many attractive features that modernize your workflow. 

This blog discusses the essential features of the Odoo employee contract management and how it helps a user to create and manage employee contracts hassle-free.

Employee contract management comes along as integrated with the Employee module in Odoo. Using Odoo for contract management is an easy task and it benefits you in many ways by ensuring consistent monitoring of the agreements and their expiry period. The employee module automates and documents contracts just with a few clicks. Let’s take a look into the attractive features of Odoo employee contract management. 

Easy to Use Dashboard

Having an easily understandable dashboard will help a user to quickly adapt to the feature available in a module. The characters shown in the dashboard of the Employee contracts in the Employee module will help you to grasp the idea about new and ongoing contracts. An employee can make use of the ‘Create’ button to create new contracts from the dashboard itself. You will get an overview of the important information regarding all contracts made in this module. 

Different views in the dashboard - the dashboard of Odoo employee contracts contains three default views for the list of contacts saved in the Employee module.


In the ‘kanban’ view you can see all available contracts on the dashboard. The ‘list’ view contains a more detailed overview of the contracts than the kanban view. It shows all of the important information concerning a contract in its preview such as Contract Reference, Employee Name, Job position, Working Schedule, Contract Period, and the Company.


This includes the status of a contract like new, running, expired, and canceled list separately. You can easily get access to each of them by simply clicking on the respective contract. 

Filters - Just like in any other modules in Odoo the Employee contract management also contains an advanced filter option to ease the searching process.


If you are searching for a specific employment contract you can apply filters to the available documents and Odoo will sort the required contract according to the filter applied. Apart from the default filters, Odoo ensures many custom filters in order to execute the easy retrieval of data.

For example, if you want to get a list of the currently running contracts among all contracts available in the Employee module, you can apply ‘Running’ as the filter.


It will show all the ongoing contracts instantly and you can edit them by selecting the respective one.

Group By -  you can use this option to group different contracts according to the default and custom ‘Group By’ option available on the dashboard itself. For example, applying the ‘Job position’ group by option will get you a list of employee’s contracts grouped based on their job position in a company. 


The Odoo ERP system enables you to take these actions on a contract as per your requirement.

Ensure Timely Management of Contracts

It is very important to ensure the timely management of employment contracts in accordance with the change in job position, location, or the salary structure of an employee. Odoo makes it simpler for an organization to edit the necessary fields in a contract. After every appraisal activity, an employee can make use of the editing option to keep the document updated. As Odoo provides the option to view the status of a contract the HR management team of a company can easily renew the contract and forward the renewed agreement to the client.

Additional Actions on a Contract

A user can easily archive, make duplicate copies and delete a contract in the Odoo. 


At the top of the contract of a selected employee, an ‘Action’ button will be visible where the user can take Archive, Duplicate, or Delete actions on the contract.

Sending signature Request

The terms and conditions prescribed in a contract only come into effect when both parties sign the agreement. Odoo amazingly leads this process by integrating sending the request for the sign from the opposite party through the Sign module.


As you can see in the picture, clicking on the ‘Signature Request’ will lead you to a request mail.


You can configure the document to sign, responsible officer, employee role, and the subject of the mail in the respective fields. You can send this mail to the person whose sign you need in the document by clicking the ‘Send’ option

Generating Simulation Link

Using the ‘Generate Simulation link’, the button right next to the ‘Signature Request’, you can send an updated offer to the employee. 


A pop-up window will appear which contains essential information about the job such as job title, employee budget, and contract template of the respective employee.


Odoo will automatically generate a simulation link and you can send this offer to the employee.

Direct message and Schedule Activity

This feature of Odoo enables you to send direct messages and schedule appointments with the employee effortlessly.


You don’t need to open other modules to do these activities as Odoo provides these options under every contract. 

The features that we discussed in this blog will help you in managing contracts excellently using Odoo. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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