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By: Evin Davis

Top 10 Odoo Apps In 2023

Functional Odoo Apps

Odoo is the one-stop business solution to manage your organization from production to sales and services. The operation strategy of Odoo is interlinked with the various modules present, and the use of applications, which could perform precise tasks can be helpful. Since Odoo is an open platform there have been numerous developments in the support as well as the mode of operation. In a way, the partners and associates in Odoo have been keen on developing various applications to interface a business in a much better manner with the ongoing world. These Odoo apps came to the surface due to their applicability and helpfulness in managing a module in Odoo. We at Cybrosys Technologies develop various Odoo apps that can be used in various aspects of the Odoo platform, most of which are customized for certain tasks. With solid design and applicability, these applications are helpful in reducing the work and moreover increasing the productivity of your business.

Here is the list of Top 10 Odoo Apps

  • Export Product Stock in Excel
  • Biometric Device Integration
  • Payroll Advanced Features
  • Automatic Developer Mode
  • Employee Documents
  • Point of Sale Logo
  • Employee Checklist
  • Sales Incentives
  • Project Gantt View
  • Dynamic Financial Reports

  • 1. Export Product Stock in Excel

    Exporting documents from Odoo can be an important aspect of business when the user wants to use the file on another platform or make a hard copy of the file for external use. The Odoo platform has the feature to export data in various platforms ranging from the accounting module to the manufacturing module, but in the case of the product stock, it lacked certain features. This is where the new Odoo app Export product stock in Excel application by Cybrosys Technologies comes as a handy tool. The application allows the user to export data via Excel files to external sources. With this application, the user can select a category for products, do a stock valuation, and mark the necessary cells with visual aids to depict the importance of the information. The application is available in the Odoo Apps list for versions v16.0,v15.0,v14,0,v13.0, v12.0, v11.0,v10.0, v9.0, and v8.0.

    Download App:

    2. Biometric Device Integration

    In the present age of modernization, automation is considered a necessary tool in any industry or business. Recently the use of biometric scanners and devices has been widely used in the business for various applications. The Odoo platform supports these biometric devices with the help of the IoT module. The new Odoo app Biometric Device integration from Cybrosys Technologies allows the user to integrate biometric scanners such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition systems. The tool can come in handy to the human resources department since these scanners can be used to verify the attendance of the company's employees. The module helps the Odoo platform to be integrated with devices featuring the ZKteco model 'uFace 202', and ZKteco model 'iFace990'.The application is available in the Odoo apps list for versions v16.0,v15.0,v14.0,v13.0,v12.0,v11.0, and v10.0.

    Download App:

    3. Payroll Advanced Features

    Payroll and payslips are the terms allocated to the HR department of a company. It's the department's liability to inform its employees about the payroll generation and provide them with a payslip for every month. The new Odoo app Payroll advance feature by Cybrosys Technologies allows the user to generate the payroll and send the payslip to its employees automatically via email. The application also has the feature to generate payroll reports and send the payslip automatically upon the confirmation of a payroll. The application is available in Odoo apps lit for versions v15.0, v14.0, v13.0, v12.0, v11.0, and v10.0.

    Download App:

    4. Automatic Developer Mode

    Activating the developer mode in any software application would come as an optional feature in various software. But the Odoo platform enables the user to switch to developer mode upon enabling certain options. The procedure to enable the developer mode is simplified by the new Odoo app Automatic developer mode by Cybrosys Technologies. When the developer logins to the Odoo platform with his unique ID he/ she is directly routed to open the platform in the developer mode by this application. The developer can upgrade the modules easily without going to the module list. The application is available in the Odoo apps list for versions v16.0, v15.0, v14.0, v13.0, v12.0, v11.0, v10.0, v9.0, and v8.0.

    Download App:

    5. Employee Documents

    Employee documents are valuable to any company and it's the liability of the HR department to store and manage them. Since the Odoo platform has the ability to store the documents needed the new Odoo app Employee documents by Cybrosys Technologies come in handy as it can avail many features to the storage of these documents. This tool allows the user to store and manage all the documents related to their employees. The application allows the user to send alert messages via email to the user or the employee about the expiration date of certain documents that have been stored such as passport, driving license, visa, etc. The application is available in the Odoo apps list for versions v16.0, v15.0, v14.0, v13.0, v12.0, v11.0, and v10.0.

    Download App:

    6. Point of Sale Logo

    Advertising and establishing the company's name in public can be helpful in boosting the business. The Odoo platform enables the use of the logo of the company in the invoice and other related documents, but the new Odoo app Point of Sales logo by Cybrosys Technologies allows the user to showcase the company's logo. The application allows the user to depict a log for every Point of sale, point of sale screens, and the receipt delivered at the point of sale. This helps the user to advertise the company in an elite manner without much investment. The application is available in the Odoo apps list for versions v16.0, v15.0, v14.0, v13.0, v12.0, v11.0, and v10.0.

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    7. Employee Checklist

    The employees in an organization will be joining and resigning as per their needs. The company can only ensure that they don't do so all of a sudden and create issues that cause trouble for the company. The only way the company can act upon this is by providing a to-do list before entering officially the company or exiting. The new Odoo app Employee Checklist by Cybrosys Technologies allows the user to create a checklist for the employees entering and exiting the company. The application allows the user to manage documents related to the process, and provide progress reports in chart models. The user can also enable the Gauge widget for employee Kanban. The application is available in the Odoo apps list for versions v16.0, v15.0, v13.0, v12.0, v11.0, and v10.0.

    Download App:

    8. Sales Incentives

    Providing incentives based on the sales or fixed increments to the companies sales team can be a studious task since the user should analyze the details of all the sales of the employees and do manual calculations on them to obtain a value The new Odoo app Sales incentives by the Cybrosys Technologies allows the user to do the task with ease based on the achieved target by each salesperson or employee. The user has the provision to set up the incentive payment based on the invoiced amount or received amount. The sales incentives can be generated based on the linear plan or on a commission basis. The incentive calculation could be done on fixed percentages or fixed amounts. The accounting team will also have the provision to check for the approved incentives and confirm payment based on them. The application is available in the Odoo apps list for versions v16.0, v15.0, v13.0, v12.0, and v11.0. 

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    9. Project Gantt View

    The generation of reports in Odoo can differ from various views and modules. Certain information will be specific to some modes of view. Projects in an Odoo platform is the module that would depict and track the continuous operations related to a project. The project Gantt View the new Odoo app by Cybrosys Technologies allows the user to view the progress chart of each project and the child projects associated with it. In the Gantt view, the project progress is depicted along with the parent record. The change of date and duration can be done with the simple operation of drag and drop. All the operations done in the project are also depicted in the backend as well. The view in the Gantt view can be adjusted based on  Quarter Day, Half Day, Day, Week, and Month. The application is available in the Odoo apps list for versions v16.0, v15.0, v14.0, v13.0, v12.0, and v11.0. 

    Download App:

    10. Dynamic Financial Reports

    Financial reports of a company are important documents that would describe the status and the stage of operation of the firm. Reports such as profit and loss are the ones that are more important to an organization and these should be customizable as per the need. The new Odoo app Dynamic financial reports by Cybrosys Technologies allows the user to derive the reports in the formats needed. The user can choose the style i.e. portrait or landscape and can configure the parameters which should appear in the table of the reports. The user is also provided with the provision to attain journal entries allocated with each account from the main report. The application is available in the Odoo apps list for versions  v12.0, v11.0, and v10.0.

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