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By: Evin Davis

Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy Amidst COVID 19 via Odoo

Functional Odoo 14 Marketing

The coronavirus has hit the world so hard that it has destroyed the way people function and operate in their personal as well as in their work life. With the social distancing measures as well as the self-sanitization strategies being adopted by individuals, organizations, and governmental bodies it has now been developed as the new normal to be functioning in this era. As our first responders and health departments are battling to control the spread and containing the virus along with the citizens, let's hope that the sun will shine upon us lately and would bring the things back to normal.

As the pandemic situations prevailing it has affected the operation of various organizations, industries, and even small shops. However, as the basic instinct among humans to look up for survival people have adapted to various strategies for operating the business even in this catastrophic situation. Developments in the field of online sales and shopping have boomed up with no contact delivery options and sanitized delivery options being provided by various companies. Marketing is an aspect in the present economy that has prevailed to function the same way, thanks to the developments in technology and online marketing the companies have been marketing their products.

Marketing is an inevitable part of a business organization that has changed its way of operation from using billboards, newspaper advertisements which prevail in certain parts of the world, and flyers to online marketing. Online marketing is an excellent methodology of doing the campaign and promotional operations but the difficulty arises in managing them. Thus the companies started to demand automated softwares which helps them in management and control of the various marketing operations of their company.

Odoo being one of the best Enterprise and resource planning software available in the market is the best option nowadays to manage the company. The software not only allows the users in the automated management of the marketing aspect of the company but also at the controlling of all the operations of the company. Odoo is often mentioned as the one-stop solution for all the business needs, which is mainly due to the manageability of the software allowing its users to control all the aspects of a business from a  single platform.

This blog will provide insight on how online marketing can be effectively performed even in the era of the pandemic situation via Odoo using various tools such as
Email marketing,
SMS marketing,
Pop up messages and Push notifications,
Social media postings and
Lead generation and enrichment,

Email marketing
Email communication is a formal way of passing information in a corporate set up. The development of emails has paved ways for effective cost-free communication both formal as well as informal methodologies. The Odoo platform allows the emails to be integrated to be with the marketing aspect of the business. The platform allows users to organize for the marketing campaigns on which a bulk amount of promotional emails can be sent to a group list of customers. These emails can contain the promotional content on the various products and services on which the company does the business. The user has the provision to send out “n” number of promotional emails in the group to customers which can be a cost-efficient marketing tool.

SMS marketing
SMS messages have more impact than emails in certain remote areas of business. Moreover, people find more interest in a text message rather than emails. Text messages are usually considered as a personal way of communication which people respect more than emails. In addition, the text messages services are usually used to send out promotional offers and marketing content to existing loyal customers. The Odoo platform allows the users to send out text messages to the contact available on various promotional events or offers and discounts available.

Pop up messages and Push notifications
In this new era of digitalization, marketing has paved the way for its developments in establishing new technologies in the field. Due to the expansion of internet services in the world marketing strategies have adapted to the digital ways of operation. Push notifications and pop up messages are a way of communicating the offers and discounts available in the company via their company website or eCommerce platform. The Odoo platform allows the users to create and describe customized push up messages and pop up advertisements of the company, describing its products and services.

Social media postings 
Social media is an inevitable part of people's lives in this era of digitalization, as people are spending countless hours on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. These can be an effective broadcasting platform for the marketing and promotion of various businesses. The Odoo platform allows its users to create custom made messages and postings for the social media and deploy it directly from the platform with respect to the company account on each. As there are increases in social media advertisements nowadays these can be effective Odoo platforms can be an effective tool in managing your companies social media advertisements.

Lead generation and enrichment
Another feature of the Odoo platform which tangles around the marketing of the company is lead generation. The platform allows users to get contact information by lead enrichment or any other company methodologies being practiced. The customer relationship module(CRM) of the Odoo platform allows the users to schedule activities with customers such as meetings, calls, emails, or visits. The online promotion of the products and services of the company can be done via emails directly from the CRM of the Odoo platform. The user also has the provision to schedule calls and online meetings with the customers on presenting the products and services of the company.

Marketing strategies can help the company business to be driven in the right direction to attain profits. The Odoo platform allows its users to conduct various online marketing campaigns and practice various methodologies in the promotion of the company business.

We can help you in attaining greater profits with Odoo. If you are interested in Odoo implementation for your company, drop an email to info@cybrosys.com.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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