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By: Sree

What’s New in Odoo 14 Expenses Module?

Functional Odoo 14

Success in expense management decides the financial success of a firm. For a small business, large-scale business, and other operations, the expenses for the business will be managed in different ways. Sometimes, the employees will have to purchase components or equipment for the company without getting the advance payment. The travel allowance and communication allowance will also have to be borne by the employees before getting reimbursed. Odoo 14 Expense management system gives a complete solution for all expense management worries of the employees and management. While the employees can be sure of getting all company-related expenses reimbursed, the management can be sure of avoiding any malpractices or manipulation in the expenses claimed by the employees.


In this blog, we can discuss the operations and uses of the Expenses management module in Odoo 14.


Create Expenses

The user can create an expense report by clicking the create tab. This can be done by Expenses-> My Expenses-> My Expenses to Report-> Create

On clicking the Create button a new window will be opened. This window will help you enter the product purchased, unit price, quantity, taxes if any, and the person who made the payment. Besides, bill reference, expense made date, and account details can be added using the Create window.


Expenses View 

The Expenses View enables the user to take a look at all expenses. The manager can view all requests for expense approvals. The date of submission of the request, accounting date, the product purchases, the detail of the employee, and the person who made the payment will be listed in an easy-to-understand pattern. Besides, it will have details like bill reference, account details, unit price, currency, and quantity.


What is new in Odoo 14 Expenses Module?

While Odoo3 gives only details like date, description, employee name, company details, amount, and status. The Odoo 14 version gives 15 features in the My expenses view. This makes it more beneficial for expense management.


My Reports

My Report feature helps to create a report on the expenses made by an employee. This helps to submit the report along with all details.


Create My Reports

Creating My Reports is simplified in Odoo 14. This helps to select the employee detail, manager detail, the detail of the paid person. This can be submitted directly to the manager by clicking Submit to Manager.


The action was taken by the manager on the Expense Report

The Manager can either approve or refuse the expense report of the employee. The manager will also be able to send messages to the employee.


Expense Report Management

Expense Report Management process requires report approval, report posting, and payment based on reports. All these operations can be done with the help of Odoo 14.


Reports to approve

Reports to approve will be listed under the report to approve the tab. The manager can approve or refuse it with a click


Report to post

Expense Report to post window will give the details of expenses to be reported, under validation and to be reimbursed

The employee details, account details, and other details will also be listed out. The list will show the status of the report. It will help to easily identify if the report is approved, posted, or paid. It will also show if the report is still in the draft.


Expense report to pay

Expense Report to pay also helps to review the status of the application and verify the receipts and make the payment.


Expense Analysis

Expense analysis features help to review the pattern of Expense. It will also help to review the expenses along with receipts.


Expense documentation

Odoo 14 helps to document all expenses and communicate expenses to different departments. A user can send expense details by mail to different departments. This can help the departments to document all expenses in an organized way. The documentation feature enables the calculation of expenses using emails.  The reimbursement requests can also be auto computed with the support of the module. 

Odoo helps to manage different types of expenses like general expenses, miscellaneous expenses, expenses incurred due to purchase, raw material purchase, and payroll management.


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