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Why Do We Need An ERP For Repair Management?

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The responsibility of a manufacturer or vendor will not end once the product is sold to a customer. The manufacturer or vendor has the responsibility to ensure after-sale service to the customer. Many types of products, especially those with long life, need to be repaired and maintained well for getting an assured lifetime. For example, a refrigerator that may continue its operations without failure for more than a decade with proper repair and maintenance support. 
Repair in simple words means the correction of a technical error. By repairing a product we can make it a usable or operational product. Repair is an important part of a business and the effectiveness of this operation helps the business to grow and ensure profitability. Though all the firms may be interested in ensuring 100% repair support to their customers, they may not be able to manage all the requests manually. Here comes the support of the ERP tool. An ERP tool can link repair activities with other activities and alert the repair team to carry out the task on time.
In the marker, we can find different ERP tools supporting Repair management. This tool can ensure comprehensive support to record all repair-related queries or requests and prioritize and manage these queries. This blog will discuss the importance of an ERP-assisted tool for managing repair-related activities. We can also find out the key benefits of ERP-based repair management software for ensuring customer support. 
Reasons to choose ERP for repair management
Easy to manage repair order
In a business, all the actions should be carried out in a proper way. It is always better to manage all the tasks by recording the tasks, prioritizing them, and managing them systematically. An ERP tool is the best option for all those who do not want to miss out on even a single repair request. With an ERP solution, you will easily be able to create a repair order the moment a customer raises a repair request for a product. Then all other activities can be tracked with the help of the software tool. The customer can also get frequent updates about the repair with this tool. The preparation and documentation of repair orders are also possible with ERP solutions.
Efficient tracking of product repair
A major difficulty faced by a business when they are handling a repair operation is the inefficiency to track repair. But if you are using an ERP tool for repair management, tracking becomes simple and effective. We can create the repair request by adding all the details to the e-platform. Then it becomes possible to confirm the task and track the progress. Once the repair team completes the repair work it also gets marked in the repair tool. The manager of the repair team can access all repair orders and the completion status with a click. Besides, we can also cancel the repair process with ease. 
Manage guarantee and warranty
There may be different types of products and the invoicing for repair depends on what type of repair service is offered by the company. Sometimes, the product may have a warranty and the company may be liable to carry out all repair operations without charging any fee. At the same time, a product without a warranty may allow you to collect a fee for repair. ERP-assisted Repair management will make it easier for the user to track the warranty of the product and calculate the payment accordingly.
Timely completion of the task
In an organized system the completion of repair tasks becomes more efficient. AS there will be a repair management team, the head of the team can easily track all repair requests and track the progress. The customer can get the products repaired in the shortest timespan with this facility. Product location tracing and price management are also possible with ERP-assisted tools. As the ERP tool will also enable the generation of reports in repair management the efficiency of the team will also improve considerably. The process from the request order generation to the completion of the repair can be traced to ensure speed.
Customer Satisfaction
Be it quality assessment, repair, or delivery of a product, customer satisfaction is the priority. With a business venture that can manage the tasks easily, we can ensure the satisfaction of the customers. After-sale repair plays a major role in ensuring customer retention. If a business is able to address all repair-related tasks of the customer on time the customer will surely be happy and is more likely to remain loyal. At the same time, if the repair request is not addressed by the business on time and is offered poor service the customer is more likely to end the relationship with the business.
Quick integration with other tools
ERPs come in different modules or as different applications. Repair is an operation that should go well with the manufacturing industry as well as sales. It should also support many other operations. So the majority of the repair tools are developed in a way to work well with the other tools, especially the manufacturing tool. Apart from carrying out repair tasks assigned by customers, the repair tool can be used to repair the products which are detected with defects in the manufacturing stage itself. This will ensure the business avoids the scrapping of manufactured products.
Easy invoicing
Every business needs invoicing support. Software systems enabling repair management will also support invoice generation. When it comes to repairing, the invoice can be of different types. The invoice can be generated before the repair, after the repair. In certain cases, there may not be any need to collect a fee for repair or generate an invoice. Such situations arise when the product is offered a warranty and free service. Invoice address management and payment gateway integration also make software ware assisted to repair the best choice for business ventures.
We have discussed the general perspective of repair tools. In the coming blogs, we can check the benefits of Odoo ERP for Repair management and the specific features and functionalities of the module. For more visit www.cybrosys.com

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