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By: Cirin C Baby

Why go for Odoo Migration and How to do it?

Functional Odoo 14

Odoo releases new versions of the ERP at their experience meet. The latest version is Odoo 14 released in October 2020. The newer version comes with many added or deleted features as found optimal by Odoo. This optimization of the ERP is necessary to keep it running at its best performance and also deliver maximum performance. Businesses are ever-changing. There is innovation in all areas, business included. As an ERP, Odoo cannot fail to meet these changing requirements. 
As you may or may not be familiar with, Odoo is available in two editions. The open-source edition is available named the Community edition. On the other hand, Enterprise is the licensed edition of Odoo. To know more you can always visit Cybrosys blogs about the community and enterprise editions. New versions of the two are released by the company in timely intervals. As you’ll learn, one feature that distinguishes Odoo Community from Enterprise is the applications available. Not all features accessible in the Enterprise edition are available in the  Community edition. This is one of the key differences you will have to consider while choosing between the two.
Now coming to the topic at hand, with version updates these applications that are free and open-source keep changing. As a new version is released, someone using the community edition might have to move to the enterprise edition. This shift is quite an easy process. Once the Enterprise edition license is bought, we can upgrade the community database to the Enterprise database. You can read more about this in our blog, How to Upgrade Odoo Community Database to Enterprise.
For someone using an Enterprise edition, upgrading to the newer version is a personal choice. This too is a decision to make after considering various factors. As we decide to avail the benefits of a newer version of the software, we will need to retain the database. We cannot lose the components of the earlier version that has been in use. For this, we use Odoo migration
Understanding Odoo Migration
Odoo migration has two parts to it, data migration and Odoo apps migration.  This involves transferring your company data as well the apps used in the older version. This migration process might require the expertise of an experienced Odoo partner. Optimizing your older data for the newer version is best done by an expert.  This is why it is a good idea to hire an expert in Odoo migration to help you with the process. 
Anything new needs adaptation and an expert can make this process smooth. Now that we have familiarised ourselves with the concept of Migration, let us go a little further.
Why Odoo migration?
We have grasped what Odoo Migration does. But when we look a little ahead, we need to consider if we need migration. As mentioned, migration is done when you move from a previously released version of the software to a newer update. So we must first understand if our business necessitates an upgrade to the newer version.
What to consider before migration
1. Performance
The newer version is designed to deliver more. Both in terms of performance and features. There sure would be additional features that can cater to the needs of the newly introduced businesses. The new features are developed to make the business processes as smooth as it can be. But we need to understand this in detail, especially the purposes and needs. It is important to know if what we avail with the update is in fact what we need.
2. Removal of features
As the new version makes additions to its features, some features might also get removed. It is necessary that we have an idea about what features will be lost in the newer update. This is quite significant as the loss of certain features may cause considerable functional failure to the company  
3. Cost of migration
The migration process comes with its own expense. We must consult with providers for the migration expense. This would help to decide if our company can afford the migration at the given time. Understanding the need for the newer features and knowing the expense is necessary to decide if it's the right investment for the company.
4. Downtime 
The version update would mean that the business operations would be affected in the meantime. We must be ready to combat this downtime if we opt for migration. The downtime can also be discussed with the experts in Odoo migration and decided accordingly. The platform can run in the pilot version with updates in the background. It is only that the live environment is not possible. All this can be discussed in detail with the migration expert of your choice. 
At Cybrosys, we provide expert help in Odoo Migration. With more than 12 years of experience, we have trained and certified developers to provide the necessary support for Odoo related services. You can contact us for any migration-related queries or migration services.    
Process of migration
The migration process is done in two parts,
1. Data migration and
2. Odoo apps migration.
Data Migration
The company data available in the Odoo platform is one of the major resources. We cannot afford to lose the operational data of a company in the process of migration. The data will require some adaptation for it to work in sync with the new version. The resource person would make all your data suited for migration. This would include the formulation of your information like contacts, charts, tables, and so on to suit the update. 
Odoo apps Migration 
The Odoo apps functional in the older versions cannot always be lost or compromised. The apps used for specific needs cannot be given away in the process of updating. An expert in Odoo Migration would make necessary changes to the existing applications or develop new ones to meet the needs of the company. The functionality is not compromised with the help of the Odoo migration service. 
The migration of applications and data will aid improved functionality without the loss of any company data.
For further information about all Odoo related services and functionality, you may refer to our blogs or contact us. Our consultants are ready to help with any questions and clarification regarding Odoo and our services.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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